Nia Jax’s Ring Gear Evolution

Since her debut in October of 2015, Nia Jax began her takeover of the WWE and she has looked absolutely stunning doing it. Now almost a year after her NXT debut, and being drafted to Monday Night Raw, Nia Jax continues her WWE reign in flawless ring gear.

It’s pretty obvious that Nia Jax is “not like most girls” (get the shirt at WWEShop!) as a former plus size model, Jax came into WWE with a different look than most, but she quickly became a woman to look out for.

In her debut, Nia Jax sported a blue one piece with allover gold decals, and from that moment Jax made an impact in the wrestling world.tumblr_nw8mf6kda91u1ljrzo2_540

In November, Nia Jax formed an alliance with Eva Marie and the all-red everything look was born. The shoulder and hip armor complete Jax’s overall villainess look and since then, we’ve seen a couple variations of this gear, mostly in color.

After her rivalry with Bayley over the NXT Women’s Championship, Jax and Bayley went on to battle it out at NXT Takeover: London,  where Nia unveiled her special occasion gear which involved more armor and gave her the look of a stunning evil queen. nia_jax_bio-aaa243a69311873f8331ff857cf117e5

Mesh cutouts, lace up detailing and color combos that just make her gear pop, and not only that but her outfits have her looking fierce yet comfortable while she crushes her competition.

Most recently we saw Nia Jax in green and black gear as she broke Ann Esposito in half on Raw. From the powerslams, to the backbreakers, Nia Jax has her opponents trembling with fear, and her gear gives her the perfect look to go with her intimidating persona and she never has to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions while doing “the people’s” leg drop and this force of greatness is on her way to take over the WWE Women’s Division.

So which is your favorite gear that Nia Jax  has sported? 

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