Former World Champion Released From WWE

For the past couple of months there has been speculation that former world champion, Alberto Del Rio would be leaving the WWE soon. Del Rio was currently on suspension after his violation of the wellness policy.

WWE announced this morning that they have mutually agreed upon the terms of the release of former world champion, Alberto Del Rio. You can see the official statement from WWE below.

From WWE and Jose Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) have mutually agreed upon the terms of his release as of today, September 9, 2016

Alberto Del Rio took to his Twitter to state that his business relationship with WWE ended in good terms and thanks them for the opportunities given to him.

With Del Rio officially gone from WWE, his girlfriend, former Divas champion, Paige is speculated to have been searching out a lawyer because she wants out of her contract early which is not scheduled to end until 2019.

Where do you think Alberto Del Rio will end up? Will Paige be joining her boyfriend soon?

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