From Professional to Swiss Superman to Free Agent?

Cesaro’s WWE career can only be described as a roller coaster ride. When he first debuted back in 2012, his career skyrocketed by becoming the United States Champion in his rookie year. He later went on to win the the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and become tag team champions with Tyson Kidd. These are all great accomplishments, but many feel that Cesaro has always been destined for more.

For his entire career he has been living in the mid-card and upper-mid card of the program and has never been given a chance to show that he is a main event star. Fans have been demanding that Cesaro get a main event push, but has yet to receive it. Cesaro is currently in a Best of Seven series with Sheamus, and even though the matches have been pretty good, he deserves much better than this. If WWE is not careful this rumor might actually become a reality.

According to 411Mania there are two reasons why this Best of Seven series was booked. The first reason was WWE is planning a babyface come-from-behind angle. The second reason is that Cesaro is on his way out of WWE. Cesaro reportedly has 30 to 45 days left on his contract, and has yet to sign a new one.

It was also reported but cannot be confirmed that Cesaro is frustrated with management because he was promised by Vince McMahon himself that he was going to get a big push after Wrestlemania 32, but it never happened. It was also reported but again has not been confirmed that he got into a big argument backstage with some officials and that he has fallen from the good graces of management.

Cesaro has not exactly been shy about expressing his true feelings about management, as it can be seen here in this interview he had with JoJo after the WWE draft in July.

Do you think Cesaro will leave WWE? Where should he go if he does leave?

Let us know.

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