Top 10 Alexa Bliss Facial Expressions & Reactions

We all know good things come in small packages and Alexa Bliss is no exception to this.

We’re going to feature some of our favorite bliss and not so blissful expressions. 


Alexa Bliss was drafted to the blue brand this past July during the WWE Draft and is already becoming a force to be reckoned with. She successfully defeated the Irish lass kicker, Becky Lynch, in her debut match on SmackDown Live and is a part of the Six Pack Women’s Elimination Championship match to crown the inaugural SmackDown Live Women’s Championship Title this Sunday at Backlash.


We mentioned previously that we love the expression on Bliss’ face whether someone insults, praises or calls her out. She’s not just skilled in the ring, she’s also got one heck of a mouthpiece on her and if you thought words couldn’t hurt you, you might want to re-evaluate on that before blissing her off. Remember, she’s small but fierce. I think we could easily overpass 10 but for now, let’s just stick with that number.


Credit to Total Divas Episodes and to all owners.

10) Alexa Bliss disses the fans as a part of her entrance and gimmick (not as a person)



9) Alexa Bliss’ reaction to Blue Pants at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn


8) Alexa Bliss to Carmella during a backstage interview on NXT


7) Alexa Bliss against Tessa Blanchard


& Nikki Glencross


6) Alexa throws a tantrum



5) Alexa’s reaction to Becky Lynch’s theme music


4) The cry baby


3) Alexa decides to rethink her decision in the triple threat match against Nia Jax and Carmella to determine who would replace Bayley as Asuka’s opponent for NXT TakeOver The End



2) Carmella refers to Alexa as Polly Pocket on SmackDown Live during the opening forum for the six-pack women’s challenge elimination match at Backlash 



1) Alexa Bliss gets drafted to SmackDown Live


Not all were bad! The last reaction was number one because you just can’t fake that. We were happy for Bliss and believe that she will continue to do big things on the main roster.

Did we miss an epic Alexa Bliss reaction? Let us know which one or which expression was your favorite!

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