Was Sasha Banks’ Promo in Bad Taste?

This past Monday, the legit boss Sasha Banks shared on her Twitter account that she had some “bad” news and will be addressing it later on Raw that night.

She would go on to address her back injury she suffered from the hands of her SummerSlam opponent and fellow Horsewomen, Charlotte. Banks’ was unsuccessful in defending her Women’s Title that night and in the days following would continue to update her health status on Raw and social media.

Fortunately, the injury wasn’t as serious as it led on to be in Banks’ promo this past Monday night on Raw. During her address, she began to speak about the women’s revolution, “no more bra and panties match,” and be gone with the stupid butterfly belt. Just when we think Banks’ was going to announce a retirement, Charlotte’s protegee, Dana Brooke, comes out and tries to take advantage of a “broken” boss, which rewards herself with a bank statement.

It definitely gave off the same kind of emotion Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech had. The segment made a few, but not all, obvious comparisons to Mark Henry’s fake retirement speech 3 years ago.

Career-ending injuries forcing retirement is a sensitive subjects amongst talent and friends. It plays on emotion and can clearly be seen in bad taste. Note that the heat is not on Banks herself for cutting the promo because Banks did her job but more so on company officials and perhaps creative.

What do you think about the promo? Was it in bad taste? Are people just too sensitive? Should the company apologize for going too far?

Let us know!

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