#BROKEN Matt Hardy vs. Vince McMahon

#BROKEN Matt Hardy, while in search for the lost Senor Benjamin, and throughout the past couple of weeks has been “throwing shade” to WWE, specifically to a one “MeekMahan” and a new Twitter trend was born, but what could it all mean? Now you’ve either heard of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick and love it, hate it, maybe you’re slightly confused or you haven’t heard it because you probably live under a rock, (are you Patrick Star?) either way, Matt Hardy’s character on TNA has taken the internet by storm the past couple of months and while at first everyone seemed bewildered at this new persona, the #BROKEN family has been attracting wrestling fans and curious cats to TNA every Thursday. tumblr_oa8dlmjyyo1u1ljrzo3_500

For the past couple of weeks, Matt Hardy has been randomly tweeting/retweeting posts mentioning a “MeekMahan” character which at first, seemed like a one-time stab at Vince McMahon and WWE but Hardy has continuously brought up “MeekMahan” and it’s got everyone wondering if maybe we could see the #BROKEN Matt Hardy character in WWE sometime soon. In a Reddit AMA, Hardy was asked if he’d like to #DELETE Bray Wyatt to which he responded: “I have issued an open challenge to Brother Nero Wyatt. I will meet him on either Impact Wrestling, MEEKMaHan’s show, the Honorable Wrestling, The New Wrestling in Japan, The Battlefield or the Compound.”

Some WWE fans have even taken to bringing signs to Monday Night Raw & Smackdown Live that allude to Hardy’s storyline in TNA.


Matt Hardy himself also posted the tweet below that found him searching for Senor Benjamin at WWE headquarters in CT.

Hardy even called Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa “MeekMahan’s troops” and stated that “The #GreatWar must be fought everywhere.”

So what do you think of #BROKEN Matt Hardy vs. Vince McMahon?
Could this mean we may see Hardy back in WWE for a bit or is it a way to stir the pot between two of the biggest promotions in wrestling?
And what does McMahon think of all of this?

Let us know in the comments!

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