Former TNA World Champion rumored to have officially signed with WWE

Add another former TNA World Champion to the list of free agent wrestlers who have signed with WWE this year.

According to Dave Meltzer, he recently noted on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Eric Young has signed a deal with WWE and they are waiting for the right time to introduce him.

Last time we saw Young in a WWE ring was earlier this year when he debuted on NXT in a match against then NXT Champion Samoa Joe. Young lost his debut match and since then we have not see him.


WWE over the last year has signed many former TNA world champions. It started with Samoa Joe in 2015 and has continued with AJ Styles and Bobby Roode in 2016.

Do you think we will see the World Class Maniac anytime soon? Will he go back to NXT or jump straight to the main roster? Do you think he will be as successful as his former TNA predecessors?

Let us know.

Here is a video of Eric Young being interviewed by Cathy Kelley about him coming to NXT earlier this year.

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