ROH Results and Review 9/23/2016

With one week to go before All-Star Extravaganza, in what is shaping to be a very star studded event, what developments will we see on this week’s Ring of Honor. Continue reading and find out.

This week the show begins by promoting tonight’s main event. It will be Number One Contenderfor the ROH Title and current IWGP Intercontinental Champion “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and his partner Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Bullet Club members, “Hangman” Adam Page and current ROH World Champion Adam Cole.

“The Last Real Man of Pro Wrestling” Silas Young vs Taru Yano “GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Champion”

This match was filled of funny moments even before the match. Young sees a kid with a “It’s my birthday sign” and he tells him. “No one cares if it’s your birthday, I hope you have a terrible day.” I don’t know i always find it hilarious when heels yell at little kids. If you don’t know who Yano is, he is known for always doing some comedic schtick in the ring. He tries selling his DVD of the New Japan group he is a part of “Chaos”or always trying to cheat to pick up the win. This match was no different. Before the match Yano threw his water bottle at Young, and then when the match started he tries to shake Young’s hand, but tries to surprise Young by rolling him up. Yano says he’s sorry and that it was a joke. Yano might joke around, but he is a great and accomplished competitor. Yano at one point takes off the turnbuckle pad to try and get Young to run into the exposed turnbuckle. It doesn’t work, but Yano does hit Young with the turnbuckle pad. As the match went on Yano gets Young to run into the turnbuckle and low blows him when the ref isn’t looking, but Young kicks out. Young returns the favor and does the same to Yano, but Young is able to keep him down for the three count. Young starts to beat down Yano, but the Briscoe Brothers save their Six man tag team partner.

Result: Silas Young defeats Taru Yano via Pinfall

We then see a video package about Christopher Daniels and his thoughts on defending  his ROH Tag Team Titles in the Ladder War 6 with his partner Frankie Kazarian. In the video he mentions he has been wrestling for 23 years and that he knows that his career will soon be coming to an end. Daniels goes on to say that he never wants to let go of his title and that he and his best friend Frankie Kazarian will risk everything to keep the Tag Team belts. He also said if he lost everything, but was still able to keep the Tag team belts he would be fine. His final statement was that he will “spit in the face of clichés and tell time to F off” because his reign will last forever. The Addiction will end the Young Bucks and the Motor City Machine Guns according to Daniels. Man, I have seen Daniels wrestle for so many years that it didn’t dawn to me until I saw this package that he has been in the wrestling business for so long. I could feel his passion and how he doesn’t want his career to end. The Addiction may be straight up asses in story line, but after this package maybe they are sentimental favorites? Let me know down in the comments.

Cheeseburger vs “Punishment” Damien Martinez w/ BJ Whitmer and “The Father, The Prince of Darkness,” Kevin Sullivan

Now, I just started seeing ROH on a regular basis recently so sometime I might now understand certain story lines or know some of the wrestlers. This is one of those cases. This match was pretty much a squash match, Martinez picked up the win easily over Cheeseburger with a chokeslam, but this part of the show was mainly developing story line between Steve Corino, BJ Whitmer and Kevin Sullivan. From what I understood, Corino and Sullivan use to be associated, and during this match Sullivan joined Corino on commentary and Corino started asking Sullivan questions about why he gave the reincarnation of Purple haze to Whitmer and not him. Corino says to Sullivan that he did everything he asked of him, apparently Corino even left his family to follow Sullivan, but no matter what he did Sullivan always favored Whitmer. Sullivan tells Corino that Whitner brought him the reincarnation of the Purple Haze (Not sure who that is.) Sullivan also tells Corino that he is not “Steve Corino,” he tells him he is his son Muzar Mucan and that he is an evil spirit. After the match, Whitmer and Martinez attacked Cheeseburger after the match but Cheeseburger’s friend Will Ferrara comes to save him but, but instead he gets chokeslamed by Martinez for his efforts. Sullivan tells Corino if he wants this attack to stop then do something about it.

Martinez defeats Cheeseburger via Pinfall

The show returns from break and you can Steve Corrino with the golden spike he was impaled with at the Best in the World PPV a long time ago. Corino starts to ask himself all these questions and realizes he has to meet Sullivan in the desert. We also got to see during the break between Whitner and Sullivan and Corino. They tell Corino that all his questions will be revealed after he accepts “The Father’s” (Kevin Sullivan) guidance.

The entire All-Star Extravaganza card is announced as well as clips of some of the competitors talking about their opponents. I will also be giving my predictions.

Ladder War 6: (ROH World Tag Team Champions The Addiction) Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs (The Young Bucks) Nick and Matt Jackson vs (The Motor City Machine Guns) Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

Prediction: The Addiction retains.

If you haven’t seen any Ladder War matches I recommend you go online and search for these matches. My personal favorite is Kevin Steen (now known as Kevin Owens) vs El Generico (now known as Sami Zayn.) at Final Battle 12.Check out the highlights in this video.

Number one contenders 4 Corner Survival Tag Team Match: whoever wins gets to go for Tag titles at a later date.

The All Night Express vs Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana vs Shane Taylor and Keith Lee vs War Machine.

Prediction: Castle and Cabana win.

Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi

Prediction: Kamaitachi wins.

6 Man Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1 match

The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay) and Toru Yano vs Kushida, ACH and Jay White

Kushida replaced Lito Rush

Prediction: Briscoes and Yano win

ROH TV Title match

(ROH TV Champ) Bobby Fish vs Donavan Dijak

Fish tells Dijak in the video that after All-Star Extravaganza he will wake up a wiser man because he will understand that it doesn’t end well for him when standing across Bobby Fish in the ring.

Prediction: Fish retains.

Jay Lethal vs Tetsuya Naito

We cut to a video of Lethal explaining how the feud started when Naito and Evil walked out on Lethal as his tag team partners. Lethal says his climb back to the top spot starts with Naito and that he will whip his ass.

Prediction: Lethal Wins

ROH World Title Match (ROH Champ) Adam Cole vs “Unbreakable” IWGP Intercontinental Champ Michael Elgin

Elgin ended Cole’s first reign two years ago

It cuts to a video of Cole talking about how him and Elgin started together in 2010. He said at one point he respected Elgin and even admired him for his tenacity. That changed when Elgin beat him for the title and Cole says that is when Elgin showed his true colors. Mentioned that he barely held the ROH title for a cup of coffee before he left to Japan because he couldn’t hang. Cole talks about how he went through countless surgeries just to hold the ROH title again and to prove why he is the best wrestler in the world today. He also says Elgin was never in his league.

Prediction: Cole Retains.

We now get to the main event.

#1 Contender for ROH Title and IWGP Intercontinental Champ Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs “Hangman” Adam Page and ROH Champ Adam Cole

Kyle o’Reilly is on commentary for this match. Commentator Kevin White tells O’Reilly if he hits a wrestler while on commentary he will be suspended for a year. O’Reilly says they don’t need to worry because he got beating up Adam Cole out of his system. When asked who O’Reilly to win between Elgin and Cole at All-Star Extravaganza, he says he wants Cole to retain because he wants to rip Cole’s head off and because ever since they have been at ROH together their careers have intertwined. He says he HAS to fight Cole.

A nice spot in the match was Page hitting a shooting star press from the apron onto his opponents. The match consisted of Cole and Page working on Tanahashi. Once Elgin gets into the ring he does a pescada onto Page into the ring. Very impressive for a big man. There was a sequence where Adam Page was getting the hell beat out of him but he wouldn’t stay down. Page even kicked out of Elgin’s big clothesline that has finished off many opponents in the past. Elgin made sure Page stayed down after he bucklebombed him and then Powerbombed him.

Elgin and Tanahashi defeat Page and Cole via pinfall.

Elgin and Cole stare each other down at the end of the show.

Don’t Forget to catch All-Star Extravaganza viii Friday September 30 live on pay-per-view.


What do you think of the match ups? Who will win?

Let us know.

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