Lucha Underground Results and Review 9/28/2016

On this week’s episode we have a huge main event as Dragon Azteca Jr. will face Chavo Guerrero Jr. for the right to face Pentagon Dark. Prince Puma‘s feud with Mil Muertes escalates to another level, Johnny Mundo continues to pursuit his quest on becoming Lucha Underground Champion, and Dario exacts his revenge on one of his employees for double-crossing him. Continue reading to find out more on the events that took place in the temple.

The show begins by recapping everything that has been going on in the temple.

The first recap we see Dragon Azteca Jr remembering that Pentagon broke his arm at Ultima Lucha 2 and that he also tried to break Rey Mysterio’s arm a few weeks ago. It then cuts to Chavo Guererro confronting Azteca during his training with Rey Mysterio.

The second recap shows Johnny Mundo a week ago in Dario’s office trying to get a Lucha Underground title shot, but Dario says he doesn’t deserve a title shot, but does give him a chance to regain the Trios titles, Johnny refuses this offer and only cares about becoming Lucha Underground champion.

The third recap shows what has been going on between Dario and Joey Ryan, who is an undercover cop, and how they struck a deal to keep Dario from going to jail despite Ryan knowing that Dario killed Mr. Sisco at Ultima Lucha 2. Ryan also reveals that Cortez Castro is an undercover cop.

The fourth recap shows the interaction between Vampiro and Prince Puma at the end of the first episode of season three in the locker room. Vampiro feels Puma has been lost mentally since losing the Lucha Underground title to Mil Muertes all the way back at the first Ultima Lucha. Vampiro tells him if he wants to be Prince Puma again he has to beat Mil Muertes.

The last thing that is recapped is when Dario tells Rey Mysterio that his apprentice Dragon Azteca Jr has requested a match against Pentagon Dark, but Dario says instead of Pentagon, Azteca will face Chavo Guererro and the winner of that match will face Pentagon. Also Rey Mysterio will be the special guest referee.

The show starts with Dario confronting the Gift of the Gods Champion Sexy Star in the locker room.

Dario asks her how her friend the Mack is doing after he got destroyed by his “little brother,” I put quotes around this because his brother is not so little, Lucha Underground Champion, The Monster Matanza Cueto in last week’s title match they had Dario mentions that Sexy looks worried and asks if she is worried about her friend or herself. Sexy says she will never be afraid again. By “again” she is referring to the time she had to overcome being terrorized by Mariposa and Marty “The Moth” Martinez, which she did by defeating marioposa in a “No Mas” match last season and defeating Marty and 5 other competitors for the Gift of the Gods title at Ultima Lucha Dos. Check out the “No Mas” match here. This is when Sexy Star won me over as a fan.

Dario says she should be scared because she is in a bit of a predicament. Dario tells her she could keep defending the Gift of the Gods title and risk losing it or to show she really isn’t afraid.He tells her to give up the GOTG title and fight his “little brother” for his title and be destroyed. Dario suggest to her to keep defending her title, but tonight she will be teaming up with the Trios Champions Aerostar, Drago, and Fenix (Los Super Amigos) in an Atomicos tag team match against Worldwide Underground, Johnny Mundo, Taya, PJ Black and Jack Evans. Dario then leaves.

Mundo then comes through the locker room trying to find Taya, but runs into Sexy Star and formally introduces himself. They shake hands then Mundo looks her straight in the eyes and tells her he is the next Gift of the Gods Champion. Mundo is about to leave but Sexy doesn’t let go of his hand and stares him down. Mundo leaves and Sexy hits the locker out of frustration.

Sinestro de la Muerte vs Prince Puma

This is the first match of the night and Prince Puma means business. The match starts out with Puma and Sinestro exchanging punches. Puma dominated this match letting Sinestro get very little offense in. My top move I enjoyed from this match was seeing Puma hit a northern lights suplex into a brain buster on Sinestro. There was at one point an exchange of insecurities and knees between these two and you could hear these shots resonate in the temple. Mil Muertes comes rushing into the ring and tries to attack Puma, but fails. Sinestro tries to take advantage but can’t. Puma retakes the advantage and stares into Mil’s eyes and uses Mil’s finisher, the Flatliner to defeat Sinestro.Puma then all of a sudden suicide dives into Mil and attacks him. Catrina holds Mil back and tells him to wait for another time.

Prince Puma defeats Sinestro de la Muerte via pinfall

We head back to Dario’s office where Cortez Castro walks in to talk to Dario.

Dario, now knowing that Castro is a cop, goes up to him and surprisingly hugs him. He tells Cortez that he is sorry what happened to Mr.Sisco and that he promises that they will find the real killer. Dario then tells Castro that he has a match tonight, and tells him to dedicate this victory to Mr.Sisco.

Cortez heads to the ring to find out his opponent and finds out it is Pentagon Dark.

Cortez Castro vs Pentagon Dark

You can immediately tell that Dario made this match just get Castro injured so he will stay out of his business. During the match Pentagon keeps staring at Vampiro, so my guess this storyline between those two is far from over. If you don’t know what is going on between Pentagon and Vampiro, to sum it up, Vampiro was Pentagon’s master and the Pentagon betrayed him after he felt Vampiro didn’t do enough to help him win the Lucha Underground title from Matanza and Dario. Pentagon easily defeats Castro with a package piledriver. After the match Pentagon breaks Castro’s arm which is what Dario wanted all along.

Pentagon Dark defeats Cortez Castro via pinfall.

After the match, Pentagon gives his thoughts on the main event later on tonight.

He says he doesn’t care who wins between Azteca and Chavo because in the end he will break their bones, because he is Pentagon Dark y “Cero Miedo.”

(8 person Tag Team Atomicos match.) Trios Champs Aerostar, Drago and Fenix and the Gift of the Gods Champion Sexy Star vs (Worldwide Underground) Johnny Mundo, Taya, Jack Evans, and PJ Black. 

This was the second ever atomicos match at the temple ever. The first one was in season one, because Lucha goes by seasons. where Mundo pinned Sexy Star to pick up the win for his team.  Atomicos means unlikely pair and see if there is an explosive reaction. The match was mainly WWU dominating Sexy Star in their corner. Jack Evans at one point also starts doing flips in the ring for no apparent reason and even headbutts Sexy’s ass. The match eventually starts to break down with all competitors starting to attack each other and throw themselves all over the ring. Sexy looks like she is about to hit Evans with a move but Johnny Superkicks her and Evans rolls her up for the win. During the match there were a few injuries noted. Sexy had a messed up eye socket and Taya severely injured her ankle.

Check out the full length match here.

We then cut to Mil Muertes in his temple of worship with Catrina and Sinestro de la Muerte.

Sinestro is trying to apologize for his failures, Catrina cannot accept this and takes his soul energy and lick of death’s him. She then gives Sinestro’s soul energy to Mil Muertes. Catrina then tells Mil she wants him to kill Prince Puma. Oh and for those who don’t know, Catrina is a demon who is over a thousand years old and every time Mil Muertes beats someone, she licks his opponent’s face, which is known as the lick of death.

The Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Chavo Guerrero. Special guest referee Rey Mysterio Jr

This is the main event of the evening and the winner of this match will face Pentagon Jr at a later date. I like Azteca’s entrance gear, he actually comes out dressed like a dragon. During the match Chavo spends most of the time arguing with Rey about how fast he is counting. Chavo feels Rey is counting really slow. Chavo takes advantage after he throws Azteca into a steel fence. Chavo eventually becomes frustrated with Rey because he feels he is screwing him over and pushes him down. Rey retaliates and punches Guerrero which lets Azteca gain the advantage and catch him with a hurricanrana into a pinning combination to pick up the win. It didn’t hurt having Rey Mysterio do a fast count just to spite Chavo. After the match Rey 619s Chavo.

Dragon Azteca Jr will face Pentagon Dark.

Dragon Azteca Jr. defeats Chavo Guerrero via pinfall.

The show ends and cuts to a scene outside the temple somewhere in Boyle Heights, CA and shows the return of Black Lotus. She claims that she will send the entire Black Lotus Triad to destroy Pentagon for getting in the way of her finding who killed her master and for breaking her arm at Ultima Lucha 2.

Here is the link of what happened this week in Lucha Underground. Check it out.


Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode.

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