TNA Impact Results and Review 9/29/2016

With only 72 hours before TNA’s biggest event of the year Bound For Glory, read about what events transpired this week on Impact including a Lethal Lockdown four on four main event between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley‘s team and the team of number one contender Ethan Carter III.

Jeremy Borash starts the show by introducing the two captains for tonight’s Lethal Lockdown four on four tag team main event match between EC3’s team and TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley’s team.  The winner of this match chooses the stipulation for the World Title match at Bound for Glory.

For those who don’t know a Lethal Lockdown match is pretty much a six sides of steel match with weapons on the cage and competitors enter the match at different time intervals. The weapons cannot be used until every single person enters the match. Competitors may start going for pinfalls or submissions after all competitors enter the match. In this Lethal Lockdown match each team is required to have a Knockout on their team.

Jeremy  asks the Lashley and EC3 to introduce their teams. Lashley’s team is (Drew Galloway, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett,  and Maria Kanellis-Bennett.) EC3’s team is (Aron Rex, Moose, and Gail Kim)

Lashley says his team is going to slaughter EC3’s team and says EC3 will have no chance once he chooses the stipulation of their match at Bound for Glory. EC3 says that Lashley will not talk down to him, and he says he is the guy they call to kick Lashley’s ass, and that he has to win. Lashley says he can hurt EC3 and that he can end his career and for him to think about that. EC3 says he has thought of it and that he needs to win no matter what. EC3 tells Lashley before he leaves that he challenges him that when their match starts he wants Lashley to step into the cage one on one with him. Lashley tells EC3 to be careful what he wishes for and he gladly accepts. If i know Lashley he would have not accepted this if he didn’t have a plan. We will just have to wait and see what he has planned. Here is the video of Lashley and EC3 confronting each other after choosing their teams.

(X Division Title match) (X Division Champ) DJZ vs Eddie Edwards

To recap how we got here. DJZ won the X division title in an Ultimate X match a month ago. This is his second reign as champ. Four years after his first reign.

The match started off pretty even both guys reversing each other. A few highlights from this match wasDJZ with an over the top rope plancha, Eddie Edwards with a beautiful tupe suicida and a blue thunder bomb after catching DJZ from the second rope. Good back and forth match, but DJZ wins with ZDT after catching Eddie Edwards going for the Boston Knee Party.

DJZ defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

Both guys hug it out after the match but then are attacked by the Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett.) The Helms Dynasty is a stable led by Gregory “Shane” Helms or “Hurrihelms.” These two guys are clearly still interested in bringing back the title back to the Helms Dynasty.

Backstage segment between Allie and Maria 

For those who don’t know, Allie is the assistant of Knockout’s champion Maria Kanellis-Bennett and lately she has been screwing up and has not been doing her job right which has led Maria to treat her like crap. Here is the video of their backstage segment and who Allie has to assist now.

Earlier that day Josh Matthews had a sit down interview with Moose and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett who will be facing each other at Bound for Glory.

Here is the video of their interview but before we we get to that for those who don’t know why this match is taking place here is a recap of Moose’s history with “The Miracle.”

This rivalry started back when “The Miracle” threw Moose over the top rope of a battle royal to determine at the time, the number one contender for Lashley’s world title. Moose felt Bennett double crossed him at the time. Miracle tried to convince Moose that they were still friends and tried to make Moose help him win the world title. During the world title match between Lashley and Bennett, Moose came out with a lead pipe that “The Miracle” thought Moose was going to give him, Moose didn’t and Lashley was able to retain his world title. Bennett was irate and started to push Moose around, but Moose wouldn’t take this and took him out. Miracle then claimed since he brought Moose into the company he had the right to fire him, so he did. Dixie Carter came out and told ‘The Miracle” that they have signed someone to face him at Bound For Glory and that person was Moose.

Backstage Lashley is with his team, “The Miracle”, Maria and Drew Galloway.

He tells his team they are not friends but they are teammates tonight and if they win he promises that Bennett or Galloway will get a shot at his title. Miracle asks who will go for Lashley’s title. Lashley says whoever earns it, and the way to earn it is by taking out EC3.

Madison Raine vs Laurel Van Ness

Allie comes out to announce TNA’s newest knockout. Laurel Van Ness. Laurel wants Madison to kiss her hand, but Madison forearms her in the face. Laurel gets rattles and gets out of the ring and has Allie powder her face. Laurel does not impress me in the ring. Laurel dominated most of the match and picked up the win with the Curb stomp. JB was about to announce the winner but Allie says Maria told her to announce the winner. Allie declares the winner Laurel VanNess, but she said her name wrong and Laurel made her say it again. Laurel Van Ness.

Laurel Van Ness defeats Madison Rayne via pinfall.

Drew Galloway in ring segment with the Impact Grand Championship.

Galloway says that he wants to talk about the real main event of Bound For Glory,which is for the Impact Grand Championship between him and Aron Rex He calls out Aron Rex so he can talk to him.

This rivalry began when Rex was the special guest referee in a number one contender’s match between Galloway and EC3. Galloway feels Rex cost him and attacked him after the match. These two men were put into the Grand Championship tournament and now these two rivals happen to be the final two to determine the inaugural Grand Champion.

Galloway tells Rex that when he arrived here there were cracks in the foundation and negative reviews about Impact. Galloway says they needed a savior so he stepped up and tried to spread the word that Impact was better and that they were the best show on TV and it was all because of him. Galloway tells the wrestlers and the fans “Your Welcome” for everything he has done for this company.

Rex interrupts and tells Galloway to get his own tag line. “You’re Welcome was Rex’s thing in WWE.” Rex also can’t believe that Galloway thinks that he is the reason Impact is the place to be. He goes on to call Galloway a piece of crap.

Galloway starts to get angry and says he is the best wrestler in the world, he has won titles all over the world and he works small indie shows where big stars like him usually don’t wrestle because he is that damn good. He says he is going to make the Grand Championship prestigious and if Rex is going to talk to him he needs to call him “Sir.”

Rex tells Galloway at Bound For Glory the decision isn’t going to go to the judges because he is going to beat him in the ring. Galloway rebuttals and tells Rex he has proven to the world that he is funny. That he used to be one hell of a stunt guy, (If you don’t remember Aron rex who went by the name Damian Mizdow in WWE use to be Miz’s stunt double)

Rex and Galloway both grasp the Grand Championship and Galloway says “this Sunday there can only be one guy and that that guy is Drew Galloway.” Security separates them but, they start brawling and Galloway catches him in a piledriver. Galloway raises the title over his head.

We then cut to Decay’s backstage segment. Here is the entire segment.

Here is another clip that recaps the history between Decay (Rosemary and the TNA World Tag Team Champions Abyss and Crazzy Steve) and The Hardys (“Broken” Matt Hardy, Brother Nero and Reby Hardy)

Rosemary w/ TNA Tag Team Champs Abyss and Crazzy Steve vs Reby Hardy w/ Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. Here is the full match between Reby and Rosemary and the events that happened between Decay and Delete backstage.

We the head backstage backstage where Earl Hebner is with EC3 and Lashley about to do a coin toss to determine who will have the man advantage going into the main event.

Lashley chooses heads. Lashley wins the coin toss. His team will have a person advantage during the match.

We then transition into the Cody Rhodes signing with TNA video Package. Says he will arrive at Bound For Glory. Here is his package.

We then transition again to another interview recorded earlier today between Knockouts Champ Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Gail Kim. Check it out.

We then cut to a backstage segment between Tyrus and Eli Drake discussing about the “Bound for Gold” match they will be participating in at Bound For Glory.

For those who don’t know, the “Bound for Gold” match is a gauntlet match where the winner gets a World Title opportunity whenever they want, but they must give the champion a one week notice. It also has to take place before next year’s Bound for Glory.

Tyrus won last year.

The entire Bound For Glory card is set. Here is the card and my predictions. 

(TNA World Title match)

(TNA World Champ) Bobby Lashley vs Ethan Carter III

Prediction: EC3 wins. EC3 time champ.

(TNA World Tag Team Title match in “The Great War”)

(TNA Tag Team Champs) Decay: Crazzy Steve and Abyss w/ Rosemary vs Delete; “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero w/ Reby Hardy

Prediction: Hardys win. New Tag team champs.

(TNA Knockouts Title Match)

(TNA Knockouts Champ) Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Gail Kim

Gail looking to become a 6 time Knockouts Champ

Prediction: Gail Kim wins. New Knockouts champ.

Bound For Gold match (Winner gets future shot at world title)

Participants: Tyrus vs. Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Baron Dax vs. Grado vs. Mahabali Sheera vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Eli Drake vs. TBA

Prediction: Eli Drake wins.

(Impact Grand Championship match)

Drew Galloway vs Aron Rex

Prediction: Rex wins

Galloway is injured and may not compete.

Moose vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett

Prediction: Moose wins.

Cody debuts.

EC3 backstage segment giving Pep talk to his team.

EC3 says the stakes are high for the World Heavyweight title match and thanks everyone for being on his team. Tells Rex he is happy he is here in TNA, tells Gail Kim she will be the Knockouts champ at Bound for Glory after being inducted into the hall of fame, and tells Moose “You a big ass dude.” This team is pumped and ready.

It is main event time. Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage 4 on 4 Tag team match. (EC3, Gail Kim, Moose, and Aron Rex) vs (TNA World Champ Lashley, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, and Drew Galloway.)

EC3 to start match with Lashley or so he thinks. Lashley comes out and instead of heading to the cage, he brings out “The Miracle” and goes back on his word on starting the match with EC3.

It will by five minutes before the second person of Lashley’s team comes out. The next competitor after that will come out in three minutes. There are trash cans, chairs, Singapore canes, trash can lids and led pipes on the cage just ready to be used.

Five minutes pass, and Galloway enters the match it is 2 on 1 right now in favor of Lashley’s team. Miracle and Galloway team up on EC3. Three minutes pass and then Aron Rex enters the match. It is now two on two. Rex and Galloway go after each other. Another three minutes pass and Lashley finally enters.

The next entrant will be in two minutes it is three on two for now in favor of Lashley’s team. Two minutes later Moose comes in next and starts to take care of everyone. It is three on three. Two more minutes pass and the last person of Lashley’s team enters the match. Maria enters the match but she doesn’t enter the cage. Says she is not ready. Her husband Bennett tells her not to come into the cage. Gail Kim is the last to enter the match and goes right after Maria. Gail catches and throws Maria into the cage which officially starts the match. Maria gets out of the cage and runs backstage and Gail goes after her. Now the competitors can use the weapons and go for a pinfall or submission.

Lashley’s team is dominating the match right. They have the weapons and are beating the hell out of EC3’s team. EC3 flicks Lashley off and gets hit with a Kendo stick and a chair. They start to work on Rex, but Rex throws Galloway into a trash can and Moose takes out the rest of Lashley’s team.

Rex, Moose, and EC3 start to beat Lashley with the weapons. Miracle helps his team take control again. Moose takes out Miracle, then Galloway takes out Moose with a futureshock DDT, Rex takes out Galloway with a chair to the face. Lashley spears Rex. It is now Lashley and EC3 by themselves while everyone is down. EC3 starts beating Lashley with a Kendo Stick on his ribs, but Lashley puts EC3 in a submission choke and he passes out.

Here is the conclusion of the Lethal Lockdown match.

Lashley’s team has won, so now Lashley gets to choose the stipulation for the World title match at Bound for Glory. It will be No Holds Barred.

Bound For Glory can be seen Sunday October 2nd live on pay-per-view.

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode of Impact. Who will win at Bound for Glory?

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