ROH All-Star Extravaganza viii Results and Review

This All-Star Extravaganza was nothing short of extravagant. In this event, Adam Cole would defend his ROH World Title against “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal would take on Tetsuya Naito, Ladder War 6 between The Addiction, The Motor City Machine Guns and The Young Bucks and much more. Continue reading to find out who won on this night and read what I personally thought of this pay-per-view.

ROH TV Title Match (ROH TV Champ) Bobby Fish vs Donavan Dijak w/Prince Nana

This was the first match of the night and when I first saw Dijak make his entrance I immediately said to myself, why does this guy look like Drago from the Rocky Balboa movie, but I digress lets get to the match. Dijak became the number one contender at the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view by defeating Lito Rush.

Dijak in this match had huge fan support because this event was in his hometown of Worchester, Massachusetts. The one obvious thing that you could tell from the beginning of the match was that Dijak had a huge height advantage, but Fish had the experience.

Fish told Dijak that he was going to destroy his scrawny legs. During the match Dijak took control after he hit Fish with a diskus boot. Fish worked on Dijak’s knee during the match to set him up for his patented knee bar. Dijak at one point hit his finisher “Feast your eyes” but Dijak couldn’t capitalize because of his injured knee. When Dijak finally covers Fish, but Fish gets his foot on the rope. Prince Nana distracts Fish and Dijak goes for the “Feast Your Eyes” but Fish reverses it and gets Dijak in a rear naked choke until he passed out.

Bobby Fish defeats Donovan Dijak via submission. Fish retains.

Number one contenders 4-Corner Survival Tag Team match: The All Night Express (representing The Cabinet) vs War Machine (Hanson and Rowe) vs Shane Taylor and Keith Lee vs Colt cabana and Dalton Castle w/The Boys.

Before this match started Caprice Coleman, manager of The Cabinet, said that they are challenging the code of honor by taking a knee. They even have a letter from the senate allowing them to do this because apparently the Senate of the United States watches ROH. Maybe that’s why nothing gets done in Washington.

A few highlights from this match were War Machine and Lee and Taylor just destroying each other through out the match. At one point Castle and Cabana were both tagged in at the same time. They stare at each other and then Castle laid down for Cabana to cover him. So how would that work. They would lose, but they would win? Soemone explain this to me in the comments.

A few more highlights was when Lee, a 300 pound man, tupe Kohira’d himself on top of everyone. But not to be out done, Hanson Swanton Bombed himself onto everyone.  Castle at one point also German Suplexes the 300 pound Taylor.

In the end, Castle picks up the win for himself and Cabana and now they will challenge the winners of the Ladder war 6 match at a ladder date.

Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana win via pinfall.

Kamaitachi (NJPW) vs Dragon Lee (CMLL) CMLL World Lightweight Champ

This was the third match of the night and it is a longtime rivalry renewed. For those who don’t know Kamitachi used to wear a mask, but lost the right to wear it after he lost to Dragon Lee in a match at CMLL.

A few highlights from this match were mainly from Kamaitachi. From a sunset flip powerbomb to Dragon lee to the floor after he went over the top rope. He also ran through the crowd and jumped over the security rail and dropped kicked him. His bests in my opinion was a senton from the top rope onto Dragon Lee and a wheel barrel sunset flip into a pinning combination.

Despite how dominant Kamaitachi was Dragon Lee would not stay down. At one point these two guys kept reversing each other’s attempts at a Canadian destroyer.

In the end Dragon Lee picked up the win with a move that looked kind of nasty. Kamaitachi landed on his neck.

Dragon Lee defeats Kamaitachi via pinfall.

Kyle O’Reilly vs “Hangman” Adam Page

This was the fourth match of the night and Page’s mission was to make sure O’Reilly is taken out of the ROH World title picture in favor of his fellow Bullet Club member ROH Champ Adam Cole.

O’Reilly works on Page’s arm throughout the match, but Page took control of the match when he dumped O’Reilly on his shoulder.

O’Reilly eventually rallies and makes Page tap out to the arm bar. After the match Page attacked O’Reilly. He even but a chair on O’Reilly’s shoulder into the the steel post. Bobby Fish comes out to check on his partner. Page says that he did what he came to do.

The 6 man Tag Team Championship Tournament Teams are announced. (8 Teams)

(Briscoes and Yano), (ACH/Kushida/White), (Kincaid/LSG/Ali), (The Cabinet), (The Addiction and Kamaitachi), (Team CMLL), (The Kingdom), (The Bullet Club)

Silas Young Interview

If you don’t know, Young is next in line for an ROH World Title match later next month.To sum up his interview he says it doesn’t matter who wins between Cole and Elgin tonight, he will be walking into Final Battle as ROH World Champ.

6 Man Tag Team Title Tournament match Round 1: The Briscoes (IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions) and Yano (GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Champion) vs ACH, Kushida, and White.

Lio Rush was supposed to be teaming up with ACH and Jay White, but he is competing in Europe so Kushida replaced him.

During the match Yano continued his dirty tactics during the match including exposing the turnbuckle and the Briscoes and Yano used that to their advantage.This match was really exciting, you got to see triple teams on one person which is a pretty cool dynamic to see.

The match ended with Kushida taking out the Briscoes with a somersault plancha from the top rope, and ACH hit his Midnight Star (450 splash) on Yano.

ACH, Kushida and Jay White defeat The Briscoes and Yano via pinfall.

(IWGP Intercontinental Champion) Tetsuya Naito w/EVIL vs Jay Lethal

Other than the Ladder War 6 match this was the match I was looking forward to because Naito is one of my favorite wrestlers in the world. This guy is literally a Japanese guy who thinks he is Mexican. That is funny, but don’t let that fool you, he is one hell of a wrestler. This year alone he has held the IWGP World and intercontinental titles.

While Naito made his entrance he told the referee to open the ropes for him and then he went on to almost hitting the ref with his belt. Next Jay Lethal was making his entrance when randomly Naito hit the ring announcer. This led to Lethal to run into the ring and attack Naito.

This match started out fast and furious. Both these men were evenly matched. Both Naito and Lethal tried to go for their finishers but kept reversing each other. EVIL tried to get involved, he even pulled the ref out of the ring but Lethal took care of him. Lethal at one point hit a second rope cutter onto Naito, but he kicked out. Naito took control and tried to hit a sunset flip powerbomb from the second rope, but Lethal reversed it into a hurricanrana which led him to set Naito up for the Lethal Injection.

With this win Lethal might get a shot at Naito’s IWGP Intercontinental title.

Lethal defeat Naito via pinfall

ROH World Title match (ROH World Champ) Adam Cole vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Fun fact: ROH World Champ Adam Cole is the first ROH athlete featured on ESPN.

Throughout the match Elgin was using his power to dominate Cole, but during the match Elgin suffered a knee injury when his knee buckled while going for a maneuver. Cole noticed this and began working on Elgin’s knee, including applying the figure four leg lock on Elgin. Elgin retook control of the match after he hit Cole with a Canadian destroyer from the second rope. Elgin bucklebombed Cole and was about to set him up for his powerbomb finish, but Cole countered with a reverse hurricanrana and then hit Elgin with a Canadian destroyer. Cole then locks in the figure four, but Elgin got out of it. Elgin retakes control, but when he goes to get his hands on Cole, Cole puts the referee in front of him and kicks his knee and gets him on the ground. Cole then hits two shining wizards to the front and back of Elgin’s head and then hits “The Last Shot” (Brainbuster) and pins Elgin for the one, two, three.

Cole defeats Elgin via pinfall. Still ROH World Champion.

Ladder War 6 match for the ROH World Tag Team Titles: (ROH Tag Team Champs) The Addiction: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs The Motor City Machine Guns: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley vs (IWGP Jr and PWG Tag Team Champs) The Young Bucks: Nick and Matt Jackson

Fun fact: This is the first time three tag teams compete in this type of match.

This is the main event of the evening and all I can say is this match was insane. Of course it didn’t take long for the ladders and other weapons to come into play. Early in the match both Daniels and Kazarian were busted open, especially Daniels. His face was a crimson mask. The Bucks at one point invite everyone to their superkick party, and you can’t forget about the MCMGs. At one point Shelly spits mist into one of the Young Bucks’ face.

This truly was a spot fest but a very enjoyable spot fest. At one point all three teams were on top of ladders trying to grab the belts and of course everyone falls off. Also every single person one each team went through a table. I couldn’t even count how many tables were broken. During the match Kamaitachi comes to help The Addition, but Jay White comes to help The Guns and takes out Kamaitachi by putting him through a table, but eventually even he gets taken out.

The conclusion of the match was between The Addiction and The Young Bucks. Nick Jackson took out Daniels by backbody dropping him from the top of a ladder through another ladder. Matt has Kazarian in a piledriver position while Nick as at the top of the ladder. Instead of getting the belts, Nick jumps from the top of the ladder and helps Matt deliver a Meltzer driver to Kazarian through a table. The Young Bucks climb the ladder and grab the belts.

The Young Bucks win Ladder War 6 and become the new ROH Tag Team Champs

The Young Bucks made history by becoming the second team to hold the IWGP Jr Tag Team Titles, the PWG Tag Team Titles, and the ROH Tag Team titles. The first team: The Young Bucks.

The Addiction got a standing ovation for their efforts. Those guys truly deserved it.

To sum up this event, I really enjoyed it. The matches were all exciting and I just enjoyed seeing just pure wrestling. No backstage story lines, no drama, just wrestling. It is quite refreshing. I’m pretty sure all ROH pay-per-view specials are like this, but this one was my first in a long time. My favorite match, it was the Ladder War 6 match I mean it was just awesome. I leave you with highlights of Ladder War 6. Also ROH’s next pay-per-view is Final Battle and it takes place December 2nd.



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