Bound for Glory Results and Review

When Bound for Glory came on the air, we were not sure where the company stood. Would they be bought out? Would this be the last show? If it was, they were going to go out on top with a great pay-per-view and they did not disappoint. Who would come out on top in The Great War? Could EC3 become and EC3 time champ? Continue reading to find out.

The show opens with King Maxel and “Broken” Matt Hardy playing on their pianos “La Cucaracha.” Matt goes onto tell Maxel a bed time story about the Great War. Who would be Deleted and who will Delete at Bound for Glory? Matt proclaims that Decay is obsolete and its OVAH for them.

(X Division Title match) (X Division Champ) DJZ vs Trevor Lee

We open the night with an X Division title match. This match came about after Trevor Lee and fellow Helms Dynasty member Andrew Everett attacked DJZ and Eddie Edwards after their X Division match last Thursday on Impact.

Both guys pretty even at the start, but Lee leaves the ring after the first sequence of events. DJZ hit a springboard armdrag leading Lee to take a breather. DJZ Follows it up with a wrecking ball drop kick. Lee takes control after he catches DJZ with a boot while he was going for a springboard plancha. Lee then penalty kicks DJZ and him at one point.

DJZ regains the advantage with a springboard hurricanrana and hit a couple of elbows including a springboard elbow. DJZ tried to hit the DDZ but, Lee gets out of the ring. They both exchange tupe suicidas and tupe kohiras at one point as well. DJZ hits a reverse hurricanrana and then goes for the DDZ but, gets caught in a deadlift German suplex by Lee for a near fall. DJZ goes for DDZ once again but gets caught by a double stomp. Lee gets frustrated and grabs the ref from his shirt. DJZ catches Lee with a Canadian destroyer and then hits the DDZ and retains his X Division title.

DJZ defeats Trevor Lee via pinfall to retain X Division title.

We then see a video of Backstage Lashley and EC3 walking into the arena earlier that day.

Mckinzie Mitchell interview with Galloway.

Galloway says he is not cleared to wrestle. He begins to his story and the journey of how he ended on Impact. Disappointed he can’t wrestle, but wants to wrestle. Galloway says he even went to management to have them postpone until he was cleared but they told him no and that they replaced him. Galloway says the only reason Corgan is buying this company is because he gets Drew Galloway. Galloway says he won’t recognize the winner of the Grand Championship match as champ.

Bound for Gold Match (Jessie Godderz, Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Braxton Sutter, Grado, Eli Drake, Mahabili Sheera, Tyrus, Basille Baracka, Baron Dax)

For those who don’t know this is a ten man Gauntlet match. 2 men start the match and every 90 seconds a new entrant comes in. The winner gets a future title world title shot but has to declare a week in advance when they want their world title shot. Combatants are eliminated by getting thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. Fun fact: Tyrus won last year.

Here is the full length match.

Eli Drake wins Bound for Gold.

Jeremy Borash interview with Gail Kim’s husband, Robert Irving.

Robert is talking about how proud he is of his wife Gail, and how she deserves this moment. Maria and “The Miracle”walk in and tell Robert to leave.  Maria says she is the greatest female wrestler of all time and that Gail will lose tonight on her special night. Robert tells them they are both going to have bad nights and walks off. Maria and Miracle are confident that they will both come out victorious tonight. Miracle says Moose will be defeated and instead of the Moose Chants the Impact fans will chant YES WE DO.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Moose

Before the match we see a video backage about how the friendship between Moose and The Miracle deteriorated. Mooses’ entrance starts off with an entire football team doing his MOOSE chant.

As the match starts, Bennett spits on Moose. Moose begins to chase him around the ring, but Miracle takes control when he starts stomping on him when trying to get into the ring. Miracle takes control after he hits Moose with a somersault plancha. Moose catches Miracle when he tries to jump onto him from the apron. Moose throws him hip first into the ring post.

Moose charges at Miracle and Miracle back body drops him onto the steel steps. Miracle takes retakes control. Both men begin to exchange body chops but, Miracle starts to work on Moose’s knee. Moose recovers and does a flurry of power moves onto the Miracle, finishes it up for a powerbomb and a wicked clothes line.

Moose goes for the “Go To Hell” but Miracle rakes his eyes and hits Moose with a Tornado DDT and then hits a Piledriver on him,but Moose is able to kick out.

Also random thing I noticed, on Miracle’s gear he has pinapples on it. He really likes pineapples and you can tell if you go and check out his Instagram

Moose goes for the Moose crossing (springboard crossbody) but gets hit with a cutter by the Miracle. Moose recovers quickly from this and hits the “Go To Hell” on Miracle and finishes him off with the Game Changer (Big Clothesline).

Moose defeats “The Miracle” Mike Bennett via pinfall.

We then head backstage with Jeremy Borash where he interviews Aron Rex about his upcoming Grand Championship match.

Rex says he is ready and someone tonight will make history. He came to Impact here an opportunity and to become a champion.

Rex will face Eddie Edwards for the Grand Championship.

(Impact Grand Championship match) Aron Rex vs Eddie Edwards

Here is the full length match and the post match interview with the winner.

Aron Rex defeats Eddie Edwards via Judges decision

Gail Kim Hall of Fame induction

Gail Kim is next inducted into the TNA hall of fame in front of the Impact fans. Here is the full ceremony with a few special guests you may recognize. A great honor for an amazing wrestler.

(The Great War for the TNA World Tag Team Titles): (TNA World Tag Team Champs) Decay: Crazzy Steve and Abyss w/Rosemary vs Delete: “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero w/Reby Hardy

We then arrive to the match that I as well as many other fans were anticipating for the longest. “The Great War” for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Delete vs Decay. Now I could explain everything that happened in this match, but this match was so crazzy and bizarre, the only thing I can do is give the readers the link to this match. Enjoy.

Delete: Brother Nero and “Broken” Matt defeat Decay via pinfall to win the World Tag Team Titles.

We then head backstage where JB interviews Lashley. Lashley says that EC3 is just another guy he has to beat. EC3’s year long quest for the title for a year is going end by getting his ass whopped.

(TNA Knockout’s Title match) (TNA Knockouts Champ) Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Gail Kim

Again, instead of talking about this match here is the full length match. Keep watching after the end of the match because HE finally arrives.

Gail Kim defeats Maria-Kanellis Bennett via pinfall new Knockouts champion.

Gail Kim is now a 6 time Knockouts champion.

After the match, Miracle and Maria are upset that they both were defeated. Miracle says he is going to shut down Bound for Glory.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes come out to confront Miracle and Maria and take them out. Cody and Brandi stand tall in the Impact Zone on the night of their debut.

(No Holds Barred Match for TNA World Heavyweight Title) (TNA World Champ) Bobby Lashley vs EC3

It is now the main event time. Lashley defends the World title against Ethan Carter III. Can EC3 end his year long pursuit of the World title or will Lashley prove why he is the most dominant champion in Impact. Here is the full length match.

Lashley defeats EC3 via pinfall to retain.

To sum up Bound for Glory we would say this was a pretty good show. At the time some of the wrestlers weren’t sure if TNA would survive after this night, so they did what they do best, perform. They gave it their all and gave us a memorable show. Our favorite match by far was “The Great War.” The few things we were disappointed in was that if this was the last show, we didn’t get to see Jade, Sienna or Drew Galloway perform, but this honestly is nickpicking we still enjoyed the show very much.  We now know that TNA is still going to be on the air so we will be able to see may of our favorite TNA wrestlers. Bound for Glory was a success and let’s hope TNA continues to stay alive because it will be a shame to see great wrestlers lose the opportunity to do what they love. Catch the next episode on Impact Wrestling Thursdays 8/7c on POP!



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