NXT Results and Review (10/05/16)

Read the results and our review of tonight’s WWE NXT.

Who advanced in the first round match ups of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic? The debut of Dan Matha. What’s on the minds of the newly formed team of Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger – the Glorious 10? Billie Kay finds herself an ally in Peyton Royce, who takes on newcomer Danielle Karmela. Did Samoa Joe continue to lay waste to the NXT roster? The shocking end to the main event and lastly…can you handle this?


Tonight WWE NXT began with the video tribute package with William Regal played last week about the second annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The first two matches of the first round of the classic will take place later on. Below are the revealed brackets of the tournament.


Who are your favorites to win the tournament? Which pair seems incompatible? Which two teams do you think it’ll come down to? 

First Round Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Bollywood Boyz Vs. Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering

The first contest began with the kick off of the tag team classic. We are introduced to Harv and Garv of the Bollywood Boyz and their motto of: “we told you so.” Everyone loves to have a good time and it was fun to see Harv and Garv dance. I mean we all certainly seem to favor No Way Jose and Rich Swann… However, the atmosphere made a complete turnaround just as Akam and Rezar of the Authors of Pain made their way down the ring. Akam quickly dominates Harv after receiving a few slaps to the face. The Authors of Pain specifically targeted Harv’s ribs and at one point were able to double knee him and within the first couple of minutes the Bollywood Boyz’ fates were sealed. We do see some form of hopeful retribution as Harv was able to reverse a body slam and plant a chin breaker to Akam but as Garv was tagged back in, he ran right into a mean clothesline. It soon ends by a double finish of the Last Chapter from the Authors of Pain allowing them to advance to the next round. As the bracket shows, their next opponents will be the winner of the match up between the team of No Way Jose and Rich Swann against Tony Nese and Drew Gulak.

Result: Authors of Pain via pin fall

Next, we’re shown the incredible physic of the new NXT Superstar Dan Matha, who debuts later tonight. Below is a video package shown last week.

Rich Swann Vs. Patrick Clark

The next contest soon re-lifted the spirit in the building as crowd favorite Rich Swann danced his way into the ring. His opponent, Patrick Clark, someone who we’ve seen in the Tough Enough competition last year, has seemed to re-brand himself. He definitely got a contrasting reaction from the Full Sail crowd. Clark managed to gain a few upper hands such as a headlock and shoulder block but the quickness and likeliness of the crowd helped boast Swann and only made you want to root for Swann as well. There was real competition going on in this match though! Clark even got a two-count in the mix and a few more locks in. The real question tonight was: can you handle this? To answer that question Clark couldn’t as he was pinned for the three count with a kick and handspring moonsault by Swann.

Result: Rich Swann via pin fall.

A replay of last week’s match up of Andrade “Cien” Almas against Cedric Alexander was shown. They recount the moments when the two first hit the scene in NXT; Almas in NXT TakeOver: The End and Alexander, who participated in this past CWC tournament and who also stole the hearts of the Universe, debuting two weeks prior. Their close match against each other and great sportsmanship shown by the two athletes concocted an idea in NXT – to pair the two up in another first round match between the top dogs of the tag team division of NXT, The Revival. The match was set to take place later that night.

After a quick preview of the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game, we are reminded of a match up last week between Liv Morgan and the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. We were reminded of Asuka’s short but strong statement from the champion herself, “nobody is ready for Asuka.” It cuts to an exclusive video footage via WWE.com of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. The two were seen mocking Morgan after the match while she was being treated by a medic. Notably, Royce said the words, “can you even call her Liv anymore? She barely survived.” The two Australian athletes both debuted in NXT around the same time.

Peyton Royce accompanied by Billie Kay Vs. Danielle Karmela

A more recent recruit, Karmela, who previously trained with WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, a former dancer/cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals and a former broadcaster for FOX sports in Arizona made her way to the ring set to take on the Venus Fly Trap of NXT. As Graves pointed out, “it’s not about what you did before you got to NXT, it is about what you do in NXT.” Karmela showed great early signs of her ability in the ring as she was able to knock Royce for a brief moment until Royce was able to regain the upper hand even pinning her for a two count quick into the match before doing more damage. A Fisher Man Suplex by Royce gets her the win. In another note, Royce definitely gave me a Poison Ivy vibe and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her and Billie Kay together. The mean streak and nastiness between the two could certainly bring the best in each other and become a force to reckon with in the NXT women’s division.

Result: Peyton Royce via pin fall.

We’re then taken backstage in an interview with the newly formed team of Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger, who will debut in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic next week. They were asked about the status of their training but before Dillinger can actually answer the question, his partner, Roode goes on the talk about how they are THE team to beat and how Dillinger will take the next big step of getting in the ring and teaming with “yours truly.” As Dillinger tries to regain the mic and answer the question, Roode does his signature Glorious pose behind him distracting the perfect 10. He asks if he’s ok but is soon hushed by his partner asking if he can see and feel the gloriousness…when they become victorious. Dillinger tries once more to speak but gets whisked away by Roode. Their opponents were announced to the upcoming stable of Sanity. We’re still not sure on which 2 of the stable will be competing in the tournament but I’m putting my money where my mouth is on Glorious 10 to win it all.

Dan Matha’s Debut

Alas, the debut of Dan Matha. Most notably, other than his background with playing for the Cincinnati Bengals and wrestling in high school, was his 6’8” stature. Personally, on a random note, his song didn’t really suit him. Unfortunately, before we can see any more of Matha, former NXT Champion, Samoa Joe charges out to the ring and attacks Matha. Last week we saw Joe take out both the Ealy Brothers. He recites a short poem-like threat after the beating. An impatient Joe calls out to Regal and for him to make a decision, either giving him Nakamura or the NXT tile, quick before he endangers more of the NXT roster. As he walks back he announces that he will give Regal one more week until his actions escalate.

Result: No Contest

Backstage we see No Way Jose and Rich Swann talking about why they both enlisted in each other to become partners in the tag team classic. It was simple: they both like to dance and have a good time. They both definitely give off a good vibe wherever and whenever they are around but they are more similar as we thought. So, Universe: can you handle this? No way…Jose.

First Round Match: Andrade “Cien” Almas & Cedric Alexander Vs. The Revival

The match begins with Alexander and Dash, who quickly tags in Dawson. The outstanding agility and quickness of Almas and Alexander allowed them to momentarily take out both members of the Revival. The duo seemed to be able to work impressively together but the Revival aren’t two-time tag team champions for no reason.  They execute the Shatter Machine to Alexander and advancing to the next round.

I think we all sensed some sort of tension between Almas and Alexander. What seemed to be almost another good sign of sportsmanship, Almas snapped and attacked his partner. I believe, in a way, we also sensed frustration on Almas’ part. I know it’s not a lot to go off by but hearing the reaction from the crowd gave off a certain vibe. Throughout the match, even before it, we heard collective boo’s and inappreciative towards Almas. This may be a personal thing but for now we’re just going to have to accept this expected heel turn. The episode fades away to Almas at the top of the ramp on his knees in a dignified posture.

Result: The Revival via pin fall

What did you think about this week’s NXT? Which match up are you looking forward to in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic? How do you think Alexander will response to Almas betrayal? Who will win in that feud? What decision will William Regal make, if he does make one in time, be regarding Joe and Nakamura? Is anyone ready for Asuka?

Let us know in the comments or via social media platforms on Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page. We’ll see you next Wednesday!

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