Lucha Underground Results and Review 10/5/2016

This week Dario’s Dial of Doom returns. Who will be the next victim of Lucha Undergound Champion “The Monster” Matanza Cueto as a lucky person gets an opportunity for his title. Texano and Cage continue the Best of 5 Series for the Ultimate Opportunity. Ivelisse returns to the temple, Johnny Mundo continues his pursuit of the Lucha Underground title and a new face enters the temple for the first time. Continue reading to find out what else happened this week at the temple.

The show begins with a recap of what has been going on in the temple.

At the beginning of Season 3 Dario Cueto presented his new concept called “Dario’s Dial of Doom.” This is like a fortune wheel and if it lands on a wrestler’s name they get to face his little brother, Lucha Underground Champion “The Monster” Matanza Cueto for his title. Over the past few weeks Matanza has successfully defended his title against Son of Havoc and The Mack.

The next clip that is shown is the conversation between Vampiro and Prince Puma from the first episode of the season. Vampiro tells Puma that if he wants be himself again and not feel lost then he has to beat Mil Muertes to redeem himself. It also showed clips of Mil trying to take out Puma during his matches and not succeeding, and Catrina telling Mil that she wants him to kill Puma.

The last recap is about the match between Texano and “The Machine” Cage. They are in a Best of 5 series and the winner, according to Dario, gets “The Ultimate Opportunity.” Cage currently leads the series 1-0.

The show starts with Dario and his “Dial of Doom.” He spins the wheel and it lands on Prince Puma’s name. He will now get an opportunity at Matanza’s Lucha Underground Title and the chance of becoming the first ever two time champ. Puma was the inaugural champion.

This was the main event of the evening. Dario stares into the camera and has a meesage for Puma.

“You may have been the first Lucha Underground champion, but Matanza is the greatest champion. Tonight he will be another of Matanza’s casualties.”

Ivelisse vs Mariposa w/Marty “The Moth” Martinez.

This was the first match of the evening. Something I noticed about Ivelisse was she had dyed her hair red. It looked good. For those who don’t know Ivelisse is, she goes by the nickname “The Baddest Bitch in the Building.” She was also a former two time Trios champion with Son of Havoc and Angelico. She is considered one of the Lucha Underground originals. She also has an upcoming match with Catrina at Ultima Lucha 3.

When Mariposa came out I was shocked to see him here after his brutal Weapons of Mass Destruction match with Killshot a couple of weeks ago.

During the match Marty gets by grabbing Iveliesse’s leg which helps his sister Mariposa take control.  Mariposa at one point applies a modified Congo Clutch on her trying to make her tap. Iveliesse eventually regains the momentum. Marty tries to interfere again, but she slaps him off the apron. That distraction did help Mariposa retake control. Marty even starts to choke Ivelisse while Mariposa distracts the referee. Mariposa goes for her finisher “The Butterfly effect,” which is known as the vertebreaker if we are getting technical, but Ivelisse counters into a sunset flip powerbomb and pins her.

After the match, Marty and Mariposa attack Ivelisse after the match.

Ivelisse defeats Mariposa via pinfall.

We then see Dario in his office on the phone when Johnny Mundo walks in. Mundo finds it ridiculous that Prince Puma has a title shot and not him. Dario tells it was fate that Puma got the title match. Mundo says that he doesn’t believe in fate and says that divine intervention didn’t give him his abs. (Pulls up his shirt and shows off his abs.) Mundo demands a title shot.

Dario says he is a a man of fate and tells him that a title shot for Mundo isn’t fate. Mundo suggests to Dario to give him Sexy Star for her Gift of the God’s title since she did lose to him in last week’s 8 person Atomicos match.

Dario tells Mundo he is right, and if he remembers correctly she did take the pinfall from Jack Evans. Next week Sexy Star will take on Evans for the Gift of the God’s title. Dario thanks Mundo for the great idea. Mundo is angry and walks out.

We then see a video that keeps saying “Follow the White Rabbit.” The video ends with a caption that says. “They will be here soon.”

Texano vs Cage in the Best of 5 series Match 2. Cage leads 1-0.

This is the second match of the night and Texano tries to start out fast by trying to catch Cage with a dropkick. Cage avoids it and immediately takes control.

Fun fact, this is the second “Best of 5 series” in Lucha Underground history. The first one was between Drago and Aerostar.

During the match, Texano hit a somersault plancha on Cage to the outside. This where Texano dominated most of the match by ramming Cage’s head on the steel railing in the temple,the ring post and on the announce table. This sequence ended with Texano scoop powerslamming Cage on the floor.

Cage retakes control by hitting a jumping DDT after Texano missed a spring board crossbody. Texano takes control again, but Cage almost catches him in a small package. Cage hits a neckbreaker on Texano and both men are at a stand still.

Cage starts to build momentum by hitting a scoop powerslam and a second rope moonsault combination on Texano but kicks out. Texano then catches Cage with an Oshi Karoshi.  Both men keep exchanging moves on each other. Cage then hits an Alabama slam and goes for the pin, but Texano kicks out again. Texano then recovers and superkicks Cage. While fighting near the ropes, Cage hangs up Texano’s head on the the top rop and then suplex’s him back into the ring. Cage hits his finisher’ The Luchador Destroyer,” which is pretty much the F-5, and pins Texano.

Cage defeats Texano via pinfall. Cage leads series 2-0.

We then head backstage and see Ivelisse nursing her injuries from her attack earlier that night. We then see a new person walk into the locker room where she is at. It is Sami Callihan. This is the first time Sami is in the temple.

Sami tells Ivelisse that he came to see her match. She tells him that he is late. The match already happened. Sidenote: Ivelisse and Sami Callihan are dating in this storyline.

Sami says that he thought his girl would be in the main event. He then notices that Ivelisse is hurt and asks if she lost. She says no but she did get jumped after the match. Sami asked who jumped her so that he can break that person’s face. Sami says that no one touches his girl.

Ivelisse tells him to sit down and that she can take care of herself. Sami tells her she could use backup. Sidenote: During this conversation we find out Sami’s name in this storyline is Jerimiah.

Ivelisse tells Jerimiah that they need to keep their relationship and wrestling separate. Mentions that she use to have a work relationship and that it didn’t end well. (She dated Son of Havoc.)

Jerimiah says that what they have is much stronger than she and “Son of Chaos” had. Ivelisse corrects Jerimiah by telling him “Its’s Son of Havoc.” Jerimiah says “whatever.”

Ivelisse tells Jerimiah to grab her bags and to take her home.

(Lucha Underground title match.) (Lucha Underground Champ) “The Monster” Matanza Cueto w/Dario Cueto vs Prince Puma.

Puma comes out dressed as a puma just like he did at Ultima Lucha 2.

Vampiro on commentary says that Puma needs more guidance to reach his full potential. My gut feeling tells me that Vampiro wants to make Puma his apprentice.  Vampiro says that Puma needs to go to the dark side.

During the match Matanza uses his power to dominate Prince Puma. Puma gains a little momentum when he gets Matanza outside of the ring. Puma hits a wrecking ball dropkick on him and then hits a penalty kick right on the button. Puma finishes this sequence with a shooting star press off the apron onto Matanza.

Matanza takes control after ramming Puma’s head into the announce table. Puma tries to regain control after Matanza runs into the steel railing outside the ring, but Matanza recovers quickly and throws Puma into the steel railing.

The action returns to the ring, where Puma recovers and hits a 619 and springboard crossbody to stun the champion. Puma tries to pick up Matanza, but can’t. Matanza counters him and whips him to the ring ropes but Puma counters as well by hitting a springboard double knees to his face and knocks him down. Puma quickly hits a standing shooting star press and goes for then pin, but Matanza kicks out.

Both men pretty even at this point in the match. Matanza takes control and begins to stinger splash him in the corner. Puma tells Matanza to come at him. Matanza charges at Puma but gets caught in a Northern Lights Suplex into a brainbuster combination. Matanza kicks out again.

Puma goes for a kick, but Matanza catches him with an exploder suplex and then hits Puma with a sitdown powerbomb. Puma kicks out again.

Puma catches Matanza with superkick which only makes Matanza stagger. Puma goes for another move, but Matanza catches him in his arms and is setting him up for the “Wrath of the Gods'” slam. Puma quickly counters into a spike DDT. Matanza is down on the mat near the corner.

Puma heads to the top of the rope and hits his finisher the 630 splash. Puma is about to win, but Mil Muertes comes out of nowhere and interferes and takes out Puma. The referee is about to call for the bell to DQ Matanza, but Dario tells him the match will continue as no DQ.

Catrina then comes out to see the destruction Mil has caused. Mil gets Puma and Flatliner’s him. Mil and Matanza lock eyes. Matanza sees what just transpired and takes advantage of the situation. Matanza hits the “Wrath of the Gods” slam and pins Puma to retain.

Here is the full match between Matanza and Puma. Check it out.

Matanza defeats Prince Puma via pinfall to retain Lucha Underground title.

We then transition to a scene in the temple where Killshot is training. Joey Ryan enters and confronts him. Killshot asks “Can I help you.”

Ryan says “No, but I can help you.” Ryan hands him an envelope.

Killshot asks what it is. Ryan asks him he doesn’t know. Some guy gave it to him and told him to give it Killshot.

Killshot opens the envelope and inside it is a note that says. “You left me for dead.” On the note there is blood smeared on it. Killshot wonders who this could be.

The show ends.

I leave you this clip of the highlights of this week’s episode. Tell us what you thought of it.

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