New WWE Ringside Collectibles Series

In our recent episode we talked about multiple new WWE series being released within the next two months on Ringside Collectibles. See all what we were ranting and raving about in this post!

Toys are as important to the fandom as anything else. It’s a major factor in sales. I can’t tell you how many Triple H figures we have at my house. My own father and brothers are avid toy collectors that they’re particularly picky about the condition of the box and the toys. They even spot the tiniest mistakes from wrong facts, grammar errors and figure details. Being in the same household, I tend to pick up the same habits as them or just happen to get informed on these things…nevertheless, here is what we mentioned on this week’s episode.

Let’s start with the popular Funko! Pop figures. They’re the neatest things! The collections are endless! They made ones for Superstars such as Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, AJ Lee, Paige, Eva Marie, Bray Wyatt, The Undertaker, the Bella Twins, CM Punk and even legends such as Ric Flair and Andre the Giant. You can find a bunch of WWE pop figures almost everywhere from Hot Topic, Think Geek, Target and even Walmart. However, the man, Seth Rollins, is exclusive to Ringside Collectibles and the white suited one at F.Y.E.


WWE Mutant Series


Personally, I think they’re pretty cool! I mean I wasn’t a fan of the Zombies series but these look so sick! Notably, they have Brock Lesnar with 4 arms, a blue alien looking Stardust (or as Norma mentioned…Osmosis Joe) and my favorite mutant Finn Balor. It looks like his body paint coming to life…but not really…you get what I mean! Below are the listed values for each figure. Pre-orders will become available mid-November.


WWE Elite Series 46 


This series includes John Cena, Stevie Ray and Booker T during their Harlem Heat days, Sheamus, Rusev and Demon Finn Balor. The pre-order date will be early November. I’m not sure how many John Cena figures they could possibly make but Finn Balor in demon mode is always cool!

Demon Finn Balor
Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray)

WWE Elite Series 47 


Featuring the current NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, AJ Styles, Tatanka and Big Boss Man. They did a great job on Asuka’s figure. It captured her real well.


I can’t say the same for AJ Styles though…mostly because the chest hair is actually bothersome. He is in his Royal Rumble 2016 ring gear but the chest hair is too hard to overlook! The series will be available for pre-order mid-December.


Below are the listed figures and their prices.


WWE Series 68


I was surprised they decided to make one for Dana Brooke. I’m glad there’s one now and it looks legit!


I think they could’ve updated Bo Dallas a little bit even though he still wears Social Outcasts gear to the ring. However, that gimmick is long gone…


In this series it includes Finn Balor (normal), Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), Neville, Kalisto, Dana Brook and Bo Dallas. Pre-orders will be available early December.


WWE Series 68.5


I was so happy when I heard they were planning on making a figure for Alexa Bliss. It’s always a hit or miss and it could’ve been better but the fact they gave her the “resting bliss face” was kind of neat. They gave her a more prominent purple at the end of her red dyed ends.


The series includes The Rock, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Sting and Alexa Bliss. Pre-orders will be available mid-December.


WWE Series 69 


This includes John Cena (again), Bray Wyatt, Triple H, Sami Zayn, Sergeant Slaughter and Tamina (I know, surprising.)


Unfortunately, none of these figures had a preview photo yet. I was kind of looking forward to seeing the Sami Zayn figure and wondered if they were going to mess this up bad. Anyways, pre-orders will be available mid-December.

WWE Battle Pack Series 43.5


Ok, not gonna lie. The John Cena and Seth Rollins pack is amusing. It was during one of their feuds when Rollins mocked Cena’s motto ‘Never Give Up’ to ‘Never Shuts Up.’


This battle pack will be available for pre-order mid-December. It includes Sheamus and Roman Reigns, John Cena and Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar and Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.


WWE Battle Pack 44


I got stoked that American Alpha were getting figures of their own but I was rather disappointed in what I saw. I think the skin tones were off and I’m pretty sure Gable’s facial hair is not correct…


Pre-orders will be available mid-December. The other packs include Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens and The Usos.

wwe-battle-pack-44-2Remember, there is an option to purchase the entire series. A ton more are on their way, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with these. You can check out all of these toys and more on Ringside Collectibles.

What did you think of the featured items? Were you impressed with the accuracy or appalled by the atrocity? Which one would you want to buy? What’s your favorite? What’s the worst? 

Let us know!

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