TNA Impact Wrestling Review and Results 10/6/2016

Four days after the biggest event of the year Bound for Glory, what fallout would we see this week on Impact Wrestling. Continue reading to find out.

The show starts with a recap of Bound for Glory. Here is video showing what transpired that night.

We head back to the Impact Zone where Bobby Lashley walks to the ring still as TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Lashley defeated EC3 at Bound for Glory.

Lashley immediately insults the crowd and says it doesn’t matter who comes out here, he is the realest man in the wrestling business. Goes on to say that he is the number one guy in this company because he has the world title. Lashley says he keeps proving that no matter who you put in front of him he will destroy them. What he did to EC3 at BFG was just a warning and claims that he is the greatest wrestler on the entire planet.

Impact Grand Champion Aron Rex comes out to confront Lashley and to congratulate him for retaining.

Rex says at BFG he changed the game in his Impact Grand Championship match and that only title that truly matters now is the one that he has over his shoulder. Rex claims that he is now that man around here. Lashley tells Rex that his Grand Championship title means nothing and that his Heavyweight title is the only one that matters.

New Knockouts champ Gail Kim comes out to confront Rex and Lashley. Gail says that the women are changing the business and that they are on the same level as the men, so they better get used to it.

“Broken” Matt Hardy comes out with both Tag Team titles and his wife and son, Reby and Maxel. I noticed that Maxel is dressed like his dad. That is funny.  Matt says they all live in a Broken Universe and that he is always ready to DELETE.

X Division Champ DJZ comes out and says to look around this ring surrounded by great champions. He also mentions that tonight the X Division will introduce a new concept called Team X Gold.

Lashley has had enough of people interrupting him and says that he will not stand in the same ring as second rate title holders. Has an MMA fight to prepare for so he is going to go take a few weeks off.

Before Lashley leaves Billy Corgan comes out with Aiden Oshea. Corgan tells all his champions will defend their titles except for DJZ since he will be participating in the debut match of Team X Gold. Corgan thanks DJZ for coming up with this new type of match. Corgan tells Lashley that out of respect for him being a dominant champion he can choose his opponent tonight out of three men.

Team X Gold match: (X Division Champ) DJZ, Mandrews and Braxton Sutters vs Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marshea Rocket.

We return from the commercial break to for the debut Team X Gold match. These are tag team matches where the rules will be extremely enforced. If a competitor doesn’t leave the ring by the five count after the tag or comes in when they are not legal they risk being DQ’ed. Marshea Rocket new talent signed to TNA. Not typical X Division guy because he is a powerhouse. Typical high flying X-Division match but in the end. Mandrews picks up the win for his team with a shooting star press on Everett.

(X-Division Champ) DJZ, Mandrews and Braxton Sutters defeat Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marshea Rocket via pinfall.

After the Team X Gold match, Jeremy Borash is on stage to present and interview one of Lashley’s potential opponents for his world title. We find out that Moose is one of the possible challengers. Moose says he  has been waiting for this match since he got to Impact Wrestling. Moose also claims that Lashley is afraid to face him.

Eli Drake Fact of Life segment.

The show returns return from commercial and we have another installment of Eli Drake’s talk show, “Fact of Life.” Something that was quite obvious that I noticed was that his talk show is actually on a real set now. Looks like an actual talk show that you see on TV. There is even a couch and a plant, so it is legit.

Eli Drake keeps boasting about this after win in the Bound for Gold Gauntlet match at BFG. “I am bound for gold.” This means that with his win in the gauntlet match last Sunday, he gets to challenge the world champion anytime he wants for the World Title. The only catch is that Drake has to inform the champion one week in advance before the title match.

Drake then presents his guest EC3, and makes sure the audience knows he choked last Sunday in his championship match against Lashley.

EC3 is about to speak, but Drake keeps pressing the Dummy button and keeps mentioning that EC3 lost and choked during his title match. EC3 has had enough of Drake and his Dummy button and stops him from pressing it.

EC3 then goes on to says that over the last year he has been wrestling with passion to get the world title back, now that passion is gone and replaced with anger. EC3 says if Drake presses that Dummy button again he will destroy him and begins to beg Drake to press it so that he can kick his ass.

Drake goes on to tell EC3 that when he arrived here to Impact, he was brought here just to be the third member of a group of idiots called The Rising with Galloway and some dude named Micah, who isn’t even there anymore by the way. Drake says now he is “Bound for Gold” and  hat he was never supposed to be here challenging for world titles. At point people on the internet were saying that Drake wasn’t even in EC3’s league.

Drake tells EC3 that he has done a lot of stuff with what he has been given, but that’s the thing he has been given those opportunity because he is a Carter. Drake claims that he had to scratch and claw to get to the top and that he still isn’t there. The last thing he tells EC3 that if he thinks he has scratched and clawed as much as he has in this company ,in regards to that,  Drake says that EC3 isn’t in his league and that is not an insult that is a fact of life and walks off the set.

Here is the video of the end of this highly intense interview.

The show cuts to the backstage area and it shows Maria scolding Allie. Along with Sienna and Laurel Van Ness, Maria is trying to figure out why Allie opened her mouth when she told Gail Kim that she was medically cleared to compete at Bound for Glory. Maria blames Allie for costing her the Knockouts title. Allie says she was taught to be honest. Maria threatens to fire Allie, but Laurel tells Maria to not fire Allie or who is going to hold her bag. Sienna promises Maria she is going to get their championship back from Gail tonight and threatens Allie if she screws this up for her.

We then head back to the ring where Eddie Edwards is interviewed. Edwards is a potential opponent for Lashley’s World title tonight. Edwards says that he can’t sleep at night after letting his chance at Lashley’s title slip away earlier in the year. Edwards says he knows Lashley will pick to face him because feels Lashley thinks he is the easy match up. Edwards begs Lashley to pick him, but deep down he knows he can beat Lashley.

Before tonight’s Knockouts title match, a recap of Gail Kim’s Hall of Fame induction is shown.

(Knockouts title match) Sienna w/Allie vs (Knockouts Champ) Gail Kim

Madison Rayne is on commentary for this match.

Before the match even starts, Sienna pushes Allie into Gail Kim during her entrance and knocks her to the ground. Sienna in full control of this match. It looks like Sienna is about to win the title for the second time, but Gail rolls up Sienna for the win. Sienna is incensed attacks Gail from behind Laurel Van Ness comes out to help gang up on Gail. Maria comes out as well. Maria tells Gail that her contractual rematch is a no DQ match. Maria tells Allie to slap Gail, but Allie refuses. Maria slaps Gail instead. Here is the video of the post match assault.

We then head backstage where Jeremy Borash presents the third potential opponent for Lashley’s World title tonight. It is EC3. Borash is about to interview him, but EC3 takes the mic from him and sends a direct message to Lashley. EC3 says as long as Lashley holds the title this feud between them will never be over. Tells Lashley if he just wants to pad his stats in the win column choose Moose or Eddie Edwards as his opponent, but if he wants a fight, choose him.

Wolf Creek Cage Match (TNA World Tag Team Titles) (World Tag Team Champs) “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero vs Decay (Crazzy Steve and Abyss)

A Wolf Creek Cage match is a 6 sides of steel match with weapons on the cage. The weapons were used to torture the victims Mick Taylor, Australia’s most feared serial killer.

When Decay comes out I noticed that Rosemary is not with them. Matt also notices this and tells Reby to go to the back to go protect King Maxel.

During the match Abyss tries to staple Nero’s head like at BFG, but Nero reverses and staples Abyss’ head and bottom exterior.. Abyss uses a trash can lid to attack Nero, while Steve uses a grappling hook on Matt’s mouth. Singapore canes and trash cans come in to play as well. Matt at one point grabs a chainsaw and tries to crank it on, but does not succeed. Brother Nero was about to climb out of the cage, but Rosemary comes out from the crowd and sprays him with the mist and falls back in. Reby comes back from backstage and takes Rosemary out. Rosemary had a rabbit’s head staff.  Reby saw this so she took it from her. Abyss wanted to get out of the cage through the door, but Reby closed shut right into Abyss’ face.

TNA experiences technical difficulties during the match and had to go to break. We don’t see the conclusion of the match during the program, but TNA put the end of the match on its youtube channel. Here is the clip.

“Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero defeat Decay to retain TNA World Tag Team Titles.

The show returns from commercial break and Cody Rhodes with his wife Brandi Rhodes come out to the ring.

According to Cody, his arrival to Impact is a “Game Changer.” He also eludes to WWE when says “he didn’t wait to get kicked out of his old house, he left on his own terms.”

Cody then goes on to talk about the list of wrestlers he has wanted to face since he left WWE. One of these men is “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. Brandi whispers something into Cody’s ear. Cody tells the fans that instead of Bennett being on the list he should have put the TNA World Championship. He wants to be champ.

“The Miracle” comes out with his wife Maria. Miracle says that he doesn’t understand why Cody gets a title shot. Miracle says  when he arrived here, he was told that he had to earn his title shot.

Cody tells Miracle that they should fight. Miracle is about to tell Cody straight up no, but Cody punches him and they start brawling. Cody attempts the Crossroads, but Miracle escapes.

Cody wants his first match to be against ‘The Miracle”next week.

Here is the clip of the brawl that took place between Cody and “The Miracle.”

The show returns fro another commercial break and we see Maria is about to walk into Billy Corgan’s office, but Aiden Oshea stops herAiden tells Maria that Billy doesn’t like the actions she has been doing lately. Aiden tells Maria that Billy says that she has her No DQ match for the title against Gail Kim with a catch. If Maria wins she is the champ, but if she loses she will no longer be the leader of the Knockouts division. Maria says she won’t lose.

Grand Championship match: (Impact Grand Champ) Aron Rex vs Baron Dax.

We then head back to the ring for the Grand Championship Match. This match will be three three minute rounds since it is not a special event. Five minutes for special events only.

In a stunner Baron Dax wins Round 1. His dominance didn’t last long. Rex retains after making Dax tap to the reverse Sharpshooter. Rex says after the match that they are changing the game and the Grand Championship represents opportunity and proves why he is the best.

Next Week Cody Rhodes will take on the “The Miracle” Mike Bennett for the first time ever.

(TNA World Title match) (TNA World Champ) Bobby Lashley vs Moose, Eddie Edwards, or EC3

This is the main event of the night. Lashley gets to choose his opponent. It is between Moose, Eddie Edwards or EC3. Lashley chooses Eddie Edwards.

Lashley goes for a quick spear but misses and Edwards almost catches him with a roll up. Lashley quickly takes control with his power. During the match Lashley is clearly overconfident throughout the match. He was smiling throughout the match.

Edwards goes for a crossbody but Lashley catches him and powerbombs him. During Lashley’s dominace of him Edwards tells to hit him and proceeds to slap Lashley right in the face. Lashley gets angry and goes after Edwards. Lashley puts Edwards on the top rope and is going for a move, but Edwards catches him in the face with a kick which stuns Lashley.  Edwards clims up to the top rope and hits a frankensteiner on Lashley.

Edwards has momentum, but gets stopped immediately by Lashley with a clothesline. Lashley then hits a dominator on Edwards and is setting him up for the spear. Edwards avoids spears and makes Lashley go over the top rope. Edwards sees that Lashley is vulnerable and hits two tupe suicidas on Lashley. Edwards goes for a third one, but misses and hits the guardrail. Lashley is back in control and is looking to hit the spear, but Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party and pins Lashley to win the TNA World Title.

With this win Eddie Edwards becomes a triple crown winner, which means he has held the TNA World Tag Team title, the X Division title, and now the TNA World Heavyweight title.

Here is the clip to the end of the World Title match where Eddie Edwards reaches the top of the mountain in TNA.

Eddie Edwards defeats Bobby Lashley via pinfall to win World Heavyweight Championship

Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of Impact. How do you feel that Eddie Edwards is the new TNA World Champion. Let us know.

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