Scheduled For One Fall Episode #6

The One Where They Have Guests

Guess who’s back back back, back again. Actually I guess that doesn’t apply considering we haven’t really gone anywhere.. umm guess who’s still here, here, here? Maybe? no? ok.

This week we have a whole 5 people in the studio as we brought in some awesome Coog Radio peeps into the recording to chat with us and recap the top wrestling happenings over the past week. Coog Radio Sports Director John Bourdreaux (@John_Bourdreaux_ on Twitter!) and Promotions Director Cedric Mathis, both huge wrestling fans sat down to chat with us and even helped us with our website plug chant *queue SF1FPODCAST.COM*

So check it out ladies and gentlemen, and let us know what you think but be nice or you’ll MAKE THE LIST. Have a nice day!


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About NormaBecerra

Norma Becerra is a 24-year-old Public Relations major from Houston, TX. She ran her own online music publication for years covering numerous events as a writer and photographer. Now she focuses her efforts on covering wrestling events and running a crafty business. You can find her traveling for music events regularly, changing her hair color constantly and living the DIY lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @normslovesit

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