Lucha Underground Results and Review 10/12/2016

This week in the temple Dragon Azteca Jr will finally get his chance at revenge against Pentagon Dark. Also this week Jack Evans challenges Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods Championship. Continue reading to find out what else happened this week on Lucha Underground.

The first minute of the show starts out with a couple of recaps of events that have taken place at the temple.

The first recap shows Pentagon Dark breaking Dragon Azteca Jr’s arm at Ultima Lucha 2. The video then cuts back to this season where Azteca demands a match against Pentagon. The show then cuts to the match between Azteca and Chavo Guererro Jr with Rey Mysterio Jr as special guest referee from two weeks ago. This match was to determine who would face Pentagon at a later date. Azteca won that match.

The second recap shows a flashback of Famous B recruiting Mascarita Sagrada to be his client a couple of seasons ago and how Famous B betrayed him to get a new client. Famous B returned at Ultima Lucha 2 with a new client, Dr. Wagner Jr. We then cut back to earlier this season where it shows the match between Mascarita and Wagner. Wagner completely dominated Mascarita to defeat him.

The third recap is from last week where Dario Cueto tells Johnny Mundo a title shot for him was highly unlikely. Mundo demands a match with Sexy Star for her Gift of the Gods title since she did take the pinfall in that Atomicos match from a couple of weeks ago.  Dario says Jack Evans pinned her, so he will get a title shot against Sexy and not Mundo.  Mundo storms out of Dario’s office infuriated.

The last clip is from a couple of weeks ago where it shows Son of Havoc with Mascarita Sagrada at Havoc’s house devising a plan to get back at Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr.

The show starts out with Dragon Azteca Jr. getting ready in the locker room for his match against Pentagon Dark tonight. Azteca tells himself that “he will fight with honor even though his opponent does not.”

A voice tells Azteca, “Tonight you don’t fight at all.”

It is Chavo Guererro and he tells Aztec that Pentagon almost ended his career and that he will be damned if he lets some damn kid take his chance at revenge.

Chavo begins to beat Azteca down with a steel chair and eventually takes him out. Chavo begins to leave the locker room when he and Rey Mysterio cross paths. They stare each other down and then just walk past each other. Rey finds Azteca beaten down and unconscious. Rey calls for help and tries to ask Azteca if Pentagon did this to him. Azteca moves his head to say no. Rey realizes that this was done by Chavo.

The main event is announced to be Pentagon Dark vs Dragon Azteca Jr, but it is unsure if Azteca will compete now.

Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr. w/The Beautiful Brenda vs Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada.

This is the first match of the evening. Havoc and Mascarita enter the temple in a motorcycle.

Famous B and Wagner try to go after Havoc and Mascarita, but Havoc and Mascarita rush into the ring, get a full head of steam, and then hit stereo Tupe Suicidas on Famous B and Wagner. Havoc and Mascarita take control. At one point Mascarita hits a hurricanrana on Famous B on the floor.

Back in the ring Havoc and Wagner are squabbing it out in the ring. Havoc gains the upperhand and tags in Mascarita and begins to take it to Wagner, but Wagner takes control after hitting a big boot on Mascarita and followed it up with a powerbomb.

Famous B tags in and starts to beat down Mascarita. Famous B and Wagner work on Mascarita throughout the match, but Mascarita eventually is able to tag in Havoc. Havoc begins his attack on Wagner. He even hit a handspring back elbow and went into a springboard crossbody onto Wagner. Havoc goes for the pin, but Famous B breaks it up.

Famous B begins to beg for mercy from Havoc after he broke up the pin. Havoc shows no mercy and hits Famous B with a belly to back suplex. Havoc then tags in Mascarita and he begins to beat down Famous B. At one point Mascarita hits and airplane spin on him.

Wagner recovers and takes out Havoc. Famous B takes advantage of the distraction and kicks Mascarita in the face.  He then feeds Mascarita to Wagner where he hits his Wagner Driver. Famous B tags and pins Mascarita while checking Mascarita’s heartbeat. This is Famous B’s first win in the temple

Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr defeat Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada via pinfall.

We then see the same promo from a week ago of a forest and a white rabbit. The video closes with words on the screen that say. “Tick Tock, they’re coming soon.”

It is then announced that next week a luchador will have an opportunity to face Matanza for the Lucha Underground title thanks to Dario’s Dial of Doom. Last week Prince Puma challenged Matanza, but Mil Muertes cost him the title.

Because of Mil’s actions next week Mil will face Puma in an Ultima Lucha 1 rematch.

(Gift of the Gods Title match) (Gift of the God’s Champion) Sexy Star vs Jack Evans

Evans grabs a mic and tells Sexy that he is a fair man and that tonight will be her last match and he will leave her bloodied, bruised, beaten and gasping to inhale the last breath of her life. He also tells her that not only will she have to hear Lucha Underground announcer Melissa Santos announce him as the new Gift of the Gods champ, but announce him as the Dragon Slayer and the Star destroyer. Sexy slaps the taste out of Evan’s mouth.

The match starts and Sexy begins to beat up Evans, but Evans takes advantage after a rope break and goes on to drop kick her.

Sexy then regains the advantage after she hits an armdrag on Evans to the outside and then follows up by hitting a seated senton from the apron onto him. On the outside of the ring. Sexy begins to drag Evans by the hair like a rag doll. She even throws him into the ring post.

Back in the ring Evans flapjacks Sexy into the turnbuckle. Evans gets her in a camel clutch and asks her who the best wrestler in the world is. He puts his hands on her mouth and makes her say Jack Evans and then stomps on her.

Sexy retakes control by hitting a hurricanrana and then kicks him right in the face. Sexy is about to go for a move, but Evans grabs her be the hair and then hits her with some high knees. He then goes on to ram her head on the turnbuckle several times. Evans then does several flips before hitting a splash onto Sexy in the corner. Sexy counters and gets Evans in the corner on his ass. Sexy goes on to hit three broncobusters on him in the corner.

Sexy then gets Evans in the middle of the ring and hits a modified Gory special. Sexy has momentum and runs at Evans who is in the corner, but Evans gets a big boot in her face. He then goes to the top rope and hits a nasty blockbuster. Evans thinks he has won, but Sexy kicks out. Evans begins to get frustrated at the referee.

Evans goes to the top rope, but Sexy knocks him off the top rope to the outside. Sexy then climbs the top rope and hits a crossbody on Evans. Sexy throws him back into the ring and is about to go for the win, when PJ Black comes to the ring with a kendo stick to distract the referee.

Sexy gets out of the ring, but Johnny Mundo is outside the ring hiding and he spears Sexy. Mundo throws her back into the ring and Evans goes to cover her, but she kicks out.

Two of the Trios Chanps Aerostar and Drago come out to even the odds for Sexy by taking out Black and Mundo. The third Trios Champ Fenix comes out to distract the referee. Sexy grabs the kendo stick and hits Evans down low and hits a neckbreaker to pick up the win to retain her title.

(Gift of the Gods Champ) Sexy Star defeats Jack Evans via pinfall to retain.

We come back from commercial break and we see Dario in his office with Chavo and finds out that Azteca cannot compete. Dario tells Chavo that he will replace Azteca in the main event against Pentagon. Chavo is happy about this but, Rey walks in and say that it will be him against Chavo.

Chavo asks Rey whatsup. Rey says that Chavo is the one who sent Azteca to the hospital and that he is going to do the same to him. Chavo tries to sneak attack Rey, but Rey catches him and begins to beat him up. Dario is enjoying this.

Dario then tells both men he has an idea. Tonight it will be a triple threat match. Chavo gets a chance at revenge at Pentagon and Rey gets a chance at revenge on Chavo.

Pentagon Dark vs Chavo Guererro vs Rey Mysterio.

Dario comes out of his office and tells Pentagon that Azteca is in the hospital and that the match is now a triple threat match. Dario tells Melissa who Pentagon’s opponents are. Pentagon’s opponents are announced to be Chavo and Rey.

The match starts with a shoving match between Pentagon and Chavo. Rey tells them to fight and then they both go after him. Rey hits a hurricanrana on both Chavo and Pentagon each.

Pentagon then hits a superkick on Rey, but Chavo then gets the upperhand on Pentagon and tells him he will break his arm. Rey come back into the ring and sends Chavo outside the the ring. Rey then hits a head scissors on Pentagon. Rey then takes both men out by hitting a corkscrew plancha.

Chavo then grabs a chair, but first he pulls Rey to the outside of the ring. Chavo is about to hit Rey in the head with the chair when Pentagon baseball slides the chair into Chavos head. Pentagon then starts to kick the living hell out of both men.

It is just Chavo and Pentagon in the ring at this point. Pentagon gains the upperhand by hitting a reverse monkey flip on Chavo. Pentagon goes for the pin, but Chavo kicks out. Pentagon begins to get frustrated.

Chavo then regains the advantage by hitting his uncle Eddie’s three amigos (three vertical suplexes) Rey gets back up and hurricanrana’s Chavo to the outside. Pentagon tries to attack Rey but is able to set Pentagon and Chavo for a 619. Rey hits Chavo, but Pentagon gets out of the way.

Rey goes to the top rope and is setting Pentagon up for a move, but Chavo makes Rey trip on the top rope and makes him hang upside down. Pentagon takes out Chavo and grabs Rey while he is upside down from the top rope and hits a package piledriver on Rey for the win

Pentagon Dark defeats Chavo Guererro Jr and Rey Mysterio Jr via pinfall.

Here is the video of this match.

After the match Pentagon is about to break Rey’s arm, but Rey counters Pentagon and gets out of it. Rey goes for a tupe suicida on Pentagon, but Chavo takes Rey out.

Chavo grabs the chair and throws it at Rey’s face. Chavo then grabs Rey and starts to hit his knee with the chair. Chavo takes out the referee for trying to help Rey and then continues to destroy Rey’s knee.

The show ends with Chavo standing tall with his chair.

Here are the highlights of this week’s episode.

Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode.

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