TNA Impact Wrestling Results and Review 10/13/2016

A new era begins in Impact Wrestling. Eddie Edwards is the new TNA World Heavyweight champion. Tonight “The Miracle” Mike Bennett faces Cody Rhodes for the first time ever. Also Maria faces Gail Kim in a rematch for the Knockouts title. If Maria loses she will not longer be the leader of the Knockouts Division. Continue reading to find out what else happened this week on Impact.

The show starts with a recap of last week’s show and how all the champions had to defend their titles. Lashley had the option to choose his opponent that night between Eddie Edwards, Moose, and EC3. Lashley chose Edwards and gave him a shot at his world title. The night ended with Edwards defeating Lashley for the title and crowning a new World Champion.

The show starts with the new TNA World Champ Eddie Edwards. Edwards still  can’t believe that he won the title. The fans chant “You deserve it” towards the new champion. Edwards goes on to thanks his family, friends and Wolves Nation.

Edwards then looks into the camera and tells Lashley that he knew in his heart he could beat him and he finally did. Edwards goes on to say that he is here because he never gives up and he will be a fighting champ.

Lashley comes out and they start brawling. Lashley gets the upperhand with a spear. Lashley wants his rematch now. He even starts demanding for a referee to come out to start the match.  Lashley goes to the outside to grab a chair to beat down the champ, but Moose and EC3 come out to protect Edwards.

We see in the backstage area that The Tribunal (Basille Baracka and Baron Dax) confront Aiden Oshea and demand to talk to Billy Corgan.  Oshea tells The Tribunal to make an appointment. Also he Oshea delivers a message to them by saying that Corgan hasn’t been impressed by them.  Oshea tells them to do something impressive.

We then go backstage where Jeremy Borash interviews Billy Corgan to discuss the actions of Bobby Lashley earlier in the night. Corgan says he has a problem with Lashley attacking Edwards, so because of his actions Lashley’s automatic rematch clause is gone. Corgan then says that Lashley will be facing the winner of tonight’s main event next week to determine the new number one contender. Jeremy asks who is going to be in the main event. Corgan says he will figure it out now.

(Impact Grand Championship match) (Grand Champion) Aron Rex vs Jessie Godderz

This is the first match of the night. For this title match it will be three three minute rounds. We see that Godderz has a taped up hamstring which will be a big bullseye in this match.

The match is domintaed by Godderz who easily wins the first 2 round unanimously. During the second round Godderz was even able to lock in the Adonis lock. We can see that Rex is frustrated.

The third and final round begins. In the early goings of this round. Rex gets frustrated and goes to the outside. Godderz tells him to get back in the ring and actually opens the ropes for Rex.

Rex throws Godderz outside the ring then opens the ropes for him as well to let him back in the ring. Godderz starts to come into the ring when Rex cheap shots him with a kick and then hits the Revelator and picks up the win to retain his Grand Championship.

Aron Rex defeats Jessie Godderz via pinfall to retain Impact Grand Championship.

Is Rex slowly turning heel because in my opinion I saw some heel-ish tendencies from him in this match.

We head backstage and see Lashley walking out of Corgan’s office. Oshea asks what he and Corgan talked about. Lashley tells Oshea about he how he was angry that Corgan took his rematch away, but they came to a compromise and now he isn’t angry. Two people are getting a surprise tonight.

We then cut to the Hardys backstage. “Broken”Matt Hardy talks about winning The Great War and about ushering in the Broken Era. Brother Nero says he has finally paid off his debt to Matt by helping win the Tag titles. A year ago he broke his leg, then he broke Matt, now they are the champs.

Matt tells Nero he enjoyed seeing him Swanton Loco Steve from the top of the ladder through the table. It was tatalizing. I dont think that’s a word, but it’s “Broken” Matt so whatever. Nero says now that his debt has been paid off, he can start climbing ladders again. Matt tells him to get down of the ladder that happened to be next to them during this segment, and that he could only indulge in his addiction for one night.

Matt asks everyone to indulge in the Broken Era.

Here is the video of the Hardys backstage segment.

We then see Maria and Allie backstage. Maria is telling Allie that she is going to end Gail Kim. Allie is texting and is not listening. Maria asks where Laurel Van Ness and Sienna are at. Allie tells Maria she has an email that she needs to read. The email says that Laurel, Allie, and Sienna are banned from ringside Maria asks why she is just hearing about this now. Allie says she gets a lot of emails and it’s hard to keep up with them. Maria is trying to figure out a solution. Allie says she has an idea. What if she wins the match all on her own. Maria is not happy and calls her stupid.

Here is the video of their backstage segment.

Moose and EC3 are backstage when they are confronted by Lashley. He tells Moose and EC3 they will be facing each other tonight in the main event. That is the compromise that he and Corgan came to. Lashley says he got to choose the two guys for tonight’s main event. The winner of that match faces Lashley next week to determine the number one contender for the world title.

He head back to inside the Impact Zone where the TNA World Tag Team Champs “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero come out to the ring.

Matt says tonight is a celebration and that he will delete together with the fans later. Matt tells the tale of how he made Brother Nero go for the tag team titles and how at the Great War at Bound for Glory he repaid his debt to him by helping win the Tag Team Titles of the world..

Matt says they are the best tag team in space and time and that includes false champs like The Bucks of Youth and The Day of New. The Hardys rule the world. Both Matt and Nero start saying aGain back and forth. Matt then asks ssks if Nero can sing a song to in remembrance of Decay and their title run. Nero, Matt and the fans start singing “I fade away and classify myself as OBSOLETE.”

Matt then has a premoNItion. The next challengers for their tag titles will be determined tonight. Matt says it doesn’t matter who the challengers are because they will face the best one two punch in wrestling. Delete and Obsolete.

Here is Matt’s premoNItion.

Basille Baracka and Baron Dax sneak attack The Hardys making their intentions known that they want the Tag Team Titles.

Here is the clip of The Tribunal sneak attacking the Hardys.

We then see a video package of “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Cody Rhodes talking about what they think of each other.

Miracle says Cody stole his moment at Bound for Glory and he doesn’t care who his family is because when you step into the ring with the Miracle he always comes out on top. Cody is surprised that Mike and Maria were surprised that he went after them. Miracle knew he was on Cody’s list of wrestlers he wanted to wrestle. Cody and and Brandi picked the moment to confront them. Miracle says the only reason Cody is getting a TNA title shot is because of who his family is, Cody responds by saying that may be part of it, but he can say that Miracle has been riding Maria’s coattails to get where he is.

Miracle says that it will take a miracle to win the world title for Cody and the way to get there is to beat the Miracle. Cody calls The Miracle smoke and mirrors, all talk but can’t back it up. Miracle tells Cody that all “Rhodes” for him lead nowhere and leaves the interview. Cody says he will see Miracle in the ring.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes

Something I noticed was that Miracle’s song doesn’t play WTF. Well I couldn’t hear it on my TV. Also this is the first time ever these two men face off.

Both guys pretty even at first. Cody goes for Beautiful Disaster Kick, but Miracle ducks out of the ring. Cody then goes to the top rope and hits a double knees onto him to the outside of the ring.

Miracle takes control of the match after hits a hangman’s DDT on Cody on the floor. Miracle rolls back in the ring and makes the referee start the ten count.

Miracle is in control, but Cody starts to fight back and hits an Alabama slam on Miracle. Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster Kick on him, but couldn’t go for the pin. Cody goes for a moonsault but misses. Miracle hits a pedigree on Cody but kicks out. Cody then hits a superplex on Miracle.

Cody goes for his American Nightmare submission, but Maria distracts him and Miracle recovers. They start slugging it out, but Cody gains the upperhand and hits Miracle with Crossroads and picks up the win.

Cody w/Brandi Rhodes defeats “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria via pinfall.

Honestly, I wish this match could have gone longer. I felt that if they had more time they could have put an even better match on. Hopefully they face each other again soon.

Here is the full length match and tell me what you thought of the match and the video package I described earlier in the article.

We then cut to Moose backstage and he has a message for EC3 regarding their match later tonight. Moose says that he has been busting his ass to become a champion. Moose says that he and EC3 are friends, but in the ring he will do what he has to do to get to Lashley. That includes hitting EC3 with a game breaker.

(X Division Title match) Marshe Rockett vs (X Division Champ) DJZ

We start out with a video package of Rockett. Here is the package.

DJZ’s music is not working WTF. I can’t hear it on the TV. TNA needs to fix this problem because that is two entrances they have messed up.

During the match some of the action included Rockett throwing DJZ over the top rope with one arm. What a powerhouse. Rockett in control. DJZ goes for a crossbody, but Rockett catches him with a dropkick. DJZ quickly recovers and hits a somersault plancha . DJZ takes control and goes for the DDZ put Rockett hits a leg lariat. Rockett is in control, but DJZ makes him hit the turnbuckle and he hits the DDZ and picks up the win and retain his title.

DJZ defeats Marshe Rocket via pinfall to retain the X Division title.

We cut backstage and see Miracle, Maria and Allie. Miracle feels this place is out to get them. Miracle says that he will have Maria’s back by being out there with her for her match. Allie interrupts Mr. Mike Miracle and tells Maria he is banned as well. Miracle tells Maria she got this. Maria is panicking.

(TNA Knockouts Title match) Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs (Knockouts Champ) Gail Kim.

Maria comes out to the ring and starts to take out weapons. She has a trash can lid to protect her Madison Rayne is on commentary as well. Rayne wants Maria to lose.

When the match begins Maria starts to run away, but Kim catches her and takes her out. Kim rams her with a laundry cart and puts her in it and throws her into the ringpost while inside the cart. Kim brings a cookie sheet into the match, but Maria uses the trashcan lid to take advantage.

Maria hits a spinebuster and pins her, but Kim kicks out. Maria continues to use the trash can lid on Kim, but Kim gets the lid and starts beating Maria with it. Kim goes for a crossbody but misses. Maria grabs a kendo stick and starts beating Kim with it.

Kim hits eat defeet and covers Maria, but Kim picks Maria’s shoulders up. Kim hits another eat defeet with a trash can lid in Maria’s face.

Kim pins Maria to retain the Knockouts title and Maria loses control of the Knockouts division.

Gail Kim defeats Maria via pinfall to retain Knockouts title.

We then cut EC3 backstage. EC3 says that he wants to have the same moment Eddie Edwards had once again and to do that he has to go through Moose. EC3 is then interrupted by Eli Drake.  

Drake says of course EC3 get another title shot, but Drake says  like he does all the time he will choke. Drake tells EC3 that he knows that it doesn’t feel good to EC3 seeing Edwards have that moment. EC3 says it doesn’t, but what would feel good is if Drake hits that Dummy Button one more time so he can kick his ass. Drake tells him to not worry about his button and worry about not choking.

It is then announced that next week, it will be (TNA World Champ) Eddie Edwards vs Cody Rhodes for the TNA World title.

We cut backstage where we see doctors work on Edwards’ ribs. Cody walks in and asks him if he will be ready for next week. Cody doesn’t want to fight Edwards at less than 100 percent. Edwards says he is good. Cody mentions it took Edwards 14 years to get the world title, but now he wants the title. Edwards says he understands that Cody is trying to do the same thing. The road led them both to next week.  They both shake hands for a great match next week.

The show is then interrupted with a video with three men who will be making their debut soon and bring back clarity to Impact Wrestling according to them. They were wearing White masks and black suited hoodies.

Here is the video of these three men.

EC3 vs Moose (Winner of the match faces Lashley next week and the winner of that match becomes number one contender for World title.)

This is the main event of the night. Both guys looking for their finishers early. They exchange chops and dropkicks on each other. EC3 takes advantage after dropping Moose on the apron face first. Moose gets EC3 to come out to him on the outside. Hits a thrust kick on EC3 and then a death valley driver on the apron.

The action goes back into the ring where Moose puts EC3 ion the top rope. EC3 is able to fight off Moose in this position and drop kicks Moose from the second rope. EC3 has injured ribs.

Both men begin chopping and punching each other. Moose hits a pop up power bomb and a senton but EC3 kicks out. EC3 hits TK3 and takes control. EC3 then hits a combination of moves. Hit the EC3 splash into a flapjack. EC3 goes for the one percent er, but Moose counters into the Go to Hell(Skyfall.) EC3 is able to kick out.

Both men are up on their feet. EC3 goes for a backslide, but Moose counters into the Game Changer at the back of EC3’s head. Moose pins EC3 and picks up the win. Moose will be facing Lashley next week to determine the number one contender for the World title.

Moose defeats EC3 via pinfall.

Here is a video clip of the conclusion of the match.

Lashley comes out and confronts Moose. The show then ends.

Tell us what you thought of this week’s Impact. Let us know.

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