Lucha Underground Results and Review 10/19/2016

A huge main event between two Lucha Underground Originals. Mil Muertes goes against Prince Puma for the first time since Ultima Lucha Uno. Dario’s Dial of Doom returns to determine Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto‘s next opponent. Killshot and the Trios Champions Aerostar, Drago and Fenix also return to the temple. Check out what happened this week in the temple.

The show starts with a recap of the events that have taken place in the temple.

Vampiro and Prince Puma are shown a few weeks back talking in the locker room. Vampiro says that Puma hasn’t been the same since losing the Lucha Underground title to Mil Muertes.  He tells Puma that he needs to beat Mil if he wants to be himself again.

The show cuts to a scene between Catrina and Mil Muertes where she tells him that she wants him to take out Puma.

The show cuts to a scene between Joey Ryan and Killshot where Ryan gives Killshot a note from somebody. The note said, “You left me for dead,” written in blood. Killshot has a worried expression on his face.

The show cuts to two weeks ago where Johnny Mundo demanded a match against Sexy star for her Gift of the Gods title. Dario tells Mundo that a title match seems unlikely for him, but Jack Evans will receive a shot at Sexy’s title.

The show cuts to last week where Sexy Star defended her title against Jack Evans. Mundo and his fellow Worldwide Underground partner PJ Black tried to interfere in the match to help Evans win, but the Trios champs Aerostar, Drago and Fenix come out and help take out Mundo and Black. Sexy takes advantage of the situation and hits Evans with a neckbreaker to pick up the win and retain her title.

We then see a recap of Dario’s Dial of Doom where it showed all the wrestlers Matanza has defeated to retain the Lucha Underground title: Son of Havoc, The Mack and Prince Puma. Mil Muertes cost Puma the title in Matanza’s last title defense.

The show finally starts and we see Prince Puma getting ready for his match against Mil Muertes when Vampiro walks in. Vampiro wishes Puma good luck in his match. He also offers Puma help if he needs it, but he refuses it. Vampiro tells Puma his prediction is that Mil will die by his hands.

We cut to inside the temple where Dario is ready to spin his Dial of Doom to see who will fight his brother “The Monster” Matanza Cueto for his Lucha Underground title. Dario spins the wheel and it lands on Killshot.

Lucha Underground Title match (Lucha Underground Champ) “The Monster” Matanza Cueto vs Killshot

Matanza starts out fast by quickly overpowering Killshot. Killshot recovers and goes for a crossbody from the top rope, but Matanza catches him mid air and starts delivering several backbreakers to him.  Matanza goes for a powerslam. but Killshot starts bending Matanza’s fingers backwards which causes Matanza to let go of him. Killshot still has a hold of Matanza’s fingers and begins to chop and headbutt him.

Matanza has enough and headbutts Killshot and goes on to German suplex him. Matanza goes for a pin, but Killshots foot was on the rope. Matanza throws Killshot into the corner, but Killshot kicks the monster in the face and then insugguri’s him

Killshot goes to the top rope, but Matanza stops him. Matanza then climbs to the top rope and sets Killshot for a tombstone piledriver from the second rope. Killshot gets out of that predicament and dropkicks Matanza’s legs from right under him making Matanza get caught between the ropes. Killshot hits a mean kick to the monster’s head and then DDT’s him hard onto the mat.

Killshot sees Matanza is down and goes to the top rope. Killshot goes for his double stomp, but misses. Matanza uppercuts Killshot’s head of his body and then hits the Wrath of the Gods slam on Killshot and pins him for the one, two, three.

“The Monster” Matanza Cueto defeats Killshot via pinfall to retain Lucha Underground title.

After the match the audience applauds Killshot for his effort when we see a man walk to the ring to confront Killshot. The person who is walking to the ring is known on the independents as AR Fox, but in Lucha it seems that he is an old army buddy Killshot thought was dead. Killshot can’t believe its him and hugs him. Fox pushes him off and attacks Killshot viciously. Fox hits a Fisherman’s Buster on Killshot and stands over him. Fox takes off his dog tags and drops them on Killshot and tells him “You left me for dead.”

We then see another video of the white rabbit running throw a forest through the rabbit’s perspective. The voiceover says “They are coming, better late than never.”

We head back inside the temple where the Trios Champions Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago are set to find out who they will face tonight.

Dario comes out and says he will announce who they will face, but first some exciting news. Four weeks from tonight Aztec Warfare will happen. If you don’t know what Aztec Warfare is it is a 20 man battle royal where the only way to eliminate your opponents is by pinfall or submission. The last person who survives will become the Lucha Underground Champion. The first two winners were Prince Puma and “The Monster” Matanza Cueto.

Here are highlights of Aztec Warfare 1 and 2.

Dario goes on to say that no one has come close to defeating his brother and that he thinks no one on the roster can beat him. Because if this, Matanza will enter Aztec Warfare as the number one entrant to prove how dominant he is.

Dario then tells Fenix that he must be relieved that he doesn’t have to start as number one like the last two Aztec Warfare. Instead, Dario says Fenix will enter Aztec Warfare as the last entrant, number 20. Dario says he also wants to give Fenix’s partners that same opportunity, so he presents the Trios champs with a unique opportunity.  Tonight Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago will fight each other to determine who will be the last entrant in Aztec Warfare. Dario then says with every unique opportunity there is a twist. The losers of this match are out of Aztec Warfare.

(Trios Champs) Fenix vs Aerostar vs Drago (To determine who will be the the last entrant in Aztec Warfare and the only one of the three participating in the match.)

The match starts out with Fenix stepping out of the ring and lets Drago and Aerostar start the match. After a few sequences Fenix enters the match and Aerostar gets out of the match, but it doesn’t take long to see Aerostar back in the match to try and take advantage.

Drago then gets out of the ring and lets Aerostar and Fenix fight, but he doesn’t take long to get back into the action when he hits Fenix with a crossbody. Aerostar comes back in the ring and is about take out Drago when Fenix superkicks his head off. We can also see that Fenix has a bloodied nose that happened some time during the match.

Drago drags Fenix to the outside of the ring and they start fighting, when out of nowhere Aerostar hits a tupe suicida onto Fenix. Drago follows up by hitting a tupe suicida on Aerostar, and then Fenix hits one on both of them. All three men then roll back into the ring.

Fenix throws Aerostar into a corner and charges at him, but Aerostar gets his boot up and kicks Fenix’s bloody nose and follows that up with a second rope DDT on him. Aerostar goes for the pin, but Drago breaks it up. A spot in the match that I found pretty cool was when all three men where on the top rope in a corner, and Drago armdragged Aerostar off the top rope, but then Fenix hit a double stomp on Drago’s back from the top rope. Aerostar then quickly recovers and hits a lungblower on Fenix and all three men are down.

Aerostar puts Drago on his back and locks in a submission, but Fenix superkicks Aerostar and then locks him in a submission. All three men are locked in a submission, but Drago breaks it up.

Fenix hits a running boot on Drago, and then kicks Aerostar in the mouth. Drago recovers and takes out Fenix with a reverse spike hurricanrana. Drago and Aerostar are the only two men left in the ring. Drago hits a vicious blockbuster on Aerostar and picks up the win.

Drago will now enter Aztec Warfare at number 20, Aerostar and Fenix are out of Aztec Warfare.

Drago defeats Aerostar and Fenix via pinfall. 

We then see Drago in the locker room after his match when Kobra Moon comes in and tells Drago to bring back the Lucha Underground back to their tribe. Drago tells Moon he left their tribe a long time ago and he will never return. Drago leaves the locker room.

We then cut to Dario in his office when Johnny Mundo walks in with a briefcase. Mundo says he wants a Lucha Underground title and that it is the only thing that is important to him and that he is desperate. Mundo gives Dario the briefcase. Dario opens it and sees it is the $100,000 he gave Mundo a while back. Mundo says that it’s actually $94,373, he had to pay someone off. Mundo says he wants Sexy Star and a shot at the Gift of the Gods title for this money. Dario tells Mundo he has his title shot against Sexy next week.

Here is Sexy Star’s message regarding their upcoming match.

Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs Prince Puma

This is the main event and it is the first time these two have met one on one since the first Ultima Lucha. Puma doesn’t wait and comes out fast with some flashy moves, but Mil knees him in the stomach and starts to overpower him. Mil throws Puma onto the apron and goes after him, but Puma catches Mil with a kick to the head followed up with a springboard crossbody.

Mil throws Puma onto the apron again and charges at him again, but Puma springboards back into the ring and causes Mil to tumble to the outside. Puma hits a tupe suicida onto Mil and then hits and over the top rope plancha to finally bring Mil down. Puma begins to kick Mil, but he doesn’t feel it. Mil grabs Puma and is about to throw him into the steel railing, but Puma avoids it. Mil then hits a Reaper’s Trident (Spear) and cuts Puma in half.

Mil begins to throw Puma all over the outside and beating him with a chair. Mil at one point throws Puma into the crowd and starts to beat the hell out of him in the middle of the crowd. Mil leaves Puma in the crowd and starts to celebrate, but then Puma out of nowhere throws himself from the crowd onto Mil.

Both men return to the ring. Puma get up first and hits a springboard double knees to Mil’s face followed up with a standing Shooting Star Press. Puma goes for the pin, but Mil kicks out. Puma then goes for his 630 splash, but Mil gets out of the way. Puma begins to beat the hell out of Mil when Mil catches Puma with a powerslam. Puma recovers and goes for a spinning kick, but Mil punches him out. Mil then hits Puma with a chokeslam, but he kicks out.

Mil goes for his Flatliner finisher, but Puma gets out of it and then superkicks him. Mil retakes the advantage and throws Puma into the corner and begins to clothesline him several times. Mil charges at Puma in the corner, but Puma gets out of the way causing Mil to ram his shoulder into the post. Mil is down and Puma goes to the top rope and hits the 630 splash and pins Mil Muertes,  We then cut to a shot of Vampiro who is very happy.

Prince Puma defeats Mil Muertes via pinfall.

Here is the video of Prince Puma and Mil Muertes’ match on this week’s episode.

We then cut to Rey Mysterio talking to someone about Chavo Guerrero Jr. Rey mentions that this person knows Chavo well and how this rivalry with him has become very personal. Rey wants to know from this person where he will stand with the Guerrero family if he does what he has to do to take out Chavo.

It is then reveal the person he is talking to is Chavo’s dad, Chavo Guerrero Sr. Chavo Sr. tells Rey that even if he does take out Chavo his legacy will continue and asks Rey if he is sure he wants to do this. Rey says yes.

Here is a video of the highlights of this week’s Lucha Underground.

What did you think of this week’s Lucha Underground. We want to know.

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