Scheduled For One Fall Episode #7

The One Where They Have A lot of Time Left

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyooooo this is the one episode where Norma forgot to upload it on Friday because she was meeting Finn Balor on Saturday, then it was Sunday, then it was Monday night and she finally remembered that maybe she should post the episode. OOPS.


In this episode we talked about Raw, Smackdown, and we had John once again with an awesome quick NXT recap, (seriously, listen to it, he was awesome) then we showcased some incredible WWE theme song mashups that Gleann found when she went too deep into the YouTube hole. Enjoy!!

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About NormaBecerra

Norma Becerra is a 24-year-old Public Relations major from Houston, TX. She ran her own online music publication for years covering numerous events as a writer and photographer. Now she focuses her efforts on covering wrestling events and running a crafty business. You can find her traveling for music events regularly, changing her hair color constantly and living the DIY lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @normslovesit

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