TNA Impact Wrestling Results and Review 10/20/2016

The TNA World Heavyweight Title is on the line as current champion Eddie Edwards defends against Cody.  Lashley and Moose battle it out to determine the next number one contender for the World title. The World Tag Team titles are also on the line as The Hardys defend against The Tribunal. Continue reading to find out what happened in the Impact Zone.

The show starts with a recap of the EC3 vs Moose match that took place last week. The winner of this match will face Lashley for the number one contendership for the world title this week. Moose defeated EC3 and will be facing Lashley tonight.

We see a recap of Maria vs Gail Kim for the Knockouts title in a no disqualification match. If Maria loses she will no longer control the Knockouts division. Gail Kim defeated Maria to retain her title. As a result, Maria no longer is the leader of the Knockouts division.

We then see a video package hyping the World title match tonight between Eddie Edwards and Cody. Here is the package.

The show starts out with Cody coming out to the ring.

Cody talks about why he left his former employer. He says it was not because of the money, but because of the moments he wanted. Tonight is one of those moments where he gets to compete for the world title.

He then starts to tell the story about when he was 15 years old, and when he told his dad Dusty Rhodes that he wanted to be a pro wrestler. His dad said he could wrestle, but only if he became the best. He says he will fulfill this promise for his dad by becoming the world champion.

Eddie Edwards comes out and tells Cody that he respects him, and that the TNA fans accept him for who he is. Edwards then asks Cody if he truly knows who he is. Cody tells Edwards he will know who he is after he beats him for the world title. Edwards says he is going to prove that he is a worthy champion by defeating him tonight.

Lashley then comes out and tells both Cody and Edwards that he sees the future headline right in front of him. He says that it doesn’t matter who wins the world title tonight, he will eventually destroy whoever he has to face next week for the title. Before Lashley can say another word, Moose comes out for his match against him.

Moose vs Lashley (Number One Contenders match for world title)

Lashley starts out fast with a huge suplex, but Moose retaliates with jabs and a drop kick which takes Lashley to the outside. Moose goes to the outside, but Lashley throws him into the steel ringpost. Lashley suplexes Moose on the floor and then slams Mooses’ head on the ring post and throws him back in the ring where he continues to dominate him.

Moose drop kicks Lashley to the outside again and then throws himself over the top rope onto Lashley to the outside. Moose throws Lashley back into the ring where he continues begins to dominate Lashley. Moose even hits a huge senton on Lashley.

Lashley hits the dominator on Moose and goes for the pin, but Moose is able to kick out. Lashley takes Moose to the top rope for a superplex and hits it, but it doesn’t affect Moose and comes back at Lashley with a spear. Moose goes for the cover, but Lashley is able to kick out.

Both men continue to exchange devestating blows. Moose goes for the Game Changer, but Lashley reverses and hits a spear on him. Lashley goes for the pin and thinks he has come out victorious, but Moose somehow kicks out.

Moose then hits the Game Changer. Moose goes for the pin and thinks he’s won, but Lashley kicks out. Moose puts Lashley on the second rope and is about to hit the the Go to Hell, but Lashley hits a second rope spear on Moose and defeats him to become the new number one contender.

Lashley defeats Moose via pinfall to become the number one contender for the World title.

Here is the end of the match between Moose and Lashley.

We see a recap of The Tribunal attacking the Hardys last week.

We cut to the backstage area where Jeremy Borash interviews The Tribunal and asks them why they attacked the Hardys.

Basille Baracka addresses Billy Corgan and asks him if they got his attention now after attacking the Hardys last week. Baron Dax says “The Great War” is over and that they are going to take the gold from the Hardys and earn respect.

They are interrupted by the white masked figures from last week in a video segment. The men say that they will be there soon at the Impact Zone. They say no one is safe, and that chaos arrives tonight.

Here is the video of The Tribunal’s backstage interview.

After the interview we see a Tyrus Fixer video package.

We head back to the Impact Zone for the “Fact of Life” talk show with Eli Drake.

Drake of course mentions again he is Bound for Gold. He then brings out his guest Impact Grand Champ Aron Rex. Rex says that it took him a long time to compete for a world title or any title and how much it means to him that he is now a champion.

Drake tells Rex he didn’t like him when he first came here, but now he likes him because Rex did what he had to do to win the belt and did what he had to do to keep it. Especially when he defeated Jessie Godderz to retain the Grand Championship.

Rex agrees with Drake. Rex says he has put Drew Galloway in his rear view mirror. He also mentions that he defeated the current World Champ Eddie Edwards for the Grand Title, so that make him the guy here. When it comes Godderz he sends him this message that even Godderz can understand, “Bro please you serious.”

Rex asks Drake if he is Bound for Gold where does this leave EC3?  Drake says EC3 is bound for the toilet and trash. Drake starts to push the Dummy Button multiple times.  EC3 comes out and says if he hears that button one more time he will kick his ass. Drake sends the show to break and makes security take care of EC3.

We come back from break and EC3 is in the ring. Ec3 says that he would destroy Drake’s talk show set if his security team wasn’t there and take an EC2 on his face. EC3 also mentions he would nuke his set.Drake says EC3 shouldn’t even be here and that he should be arrested. Tells his security team to arrest EC3.

EC3 challenges Drake to a fight and if Drake doesn’t want to fight him, then EC3 will bring the fight to him all he has to do is push that  Dummy button. Drake presses the button several times and tells EC3 what he is going to do about it. EC3 storms the set and he and Drake start to brawl. Rex helps Drake double team EC3, and then Godderz comes out to help EC3 to even the odds.

(World Tag Team Title match) (Tag Team Champs) “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero vs The Tribunal: Basille Baracka and Baron Dax

Matt  and Brother Nero head to the ring and addresses the attack The Tribunal delivered to them. Matt says The Tribunal saw this attack on them as making an impact, but that is not how he saw it. Matt saw it as two wicked men trying to take food off of King Maxel’s plate and taking food off of Brother Nero’s daughter’s plates. Because of this crime has Matt sentenced The Tribunal to DELETION.

The match starts and Brother Nero and Matt start out fast by immediately jumping on The Tribunal. The Hardys take the advantage early on in the match by double teaming Dax. The Tribunal quickly take the advantage and start working on Matt in their corner. Dax misses an elbow drop and Matt tags in Brother Nero and begins to to take it to Dax.

Brother Nero is building momentum, but Baracka tries to get involved. Matt sees this and takes out Baracka to let Brother Nero head to the top rope. Brother Nero goes to the top rope, but gets dropped by The Tribunal and they start to work on him.

Brother Nero is able to escape and tags in Matt. Matt comes in and starts biting Baracka. Matt is bleeding from the mouth and is taking it to Baracka. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but, Dax saves Baracka.  Dax goes for a pin on Matt, but Brother Nero breaks up the count and Twist of Fate’s Dax. Baracka tries to take both the Hardys on, but they each hit a Twist of Fate on him. Matt pins Baracka to retain their tag team titles.

The lights go out and the three men with white masks start to attack the Tribunal and send a message to the Hardys. Matt welcomes it by laughing.

The Hardys defeat The Tribunal via pinfall to retain the Tag Team Titles.

Here is the end of the Tag Team Title match and the assault on the Tribunal by these masked figures after the match.

We cut to Allie backstage where she is rehearsing what she is going to say to Maria about how she has been treated lately. Braxton Sutter walks in and asks Allie if she is OK. Allie tells him she has been going through a tough time, but she’ll get past it.

Sutter says that he saw what happened out there last week and that it isn’t her fault. Laurel Van Ness walks in and tells Sutter he doesn’t have to be nice to her, and tells Allie to go to Maria because she has something to say to her. Laurel then starts to flirt with Sutter and tells him they should workout together soon.

Here is the backstage segment between Allie, Sutter and Laurel.

We see a recap of the three masked men attacking The Tribunal earlier tonight and then staring down The Hardys. The television screen goes black and white again and we see the three masked men again. They say this attack is just the beginning and that they are here to stay.

We cut to Cody backstage getting ready for his match when Lashley walks in.

Lashley tells Cody that both he and Edwards got a lot of pressure on them. He also mentions that Rex was supposed to be TNA’s savior but then poof he became irrelevant. Lashley says now it’s Cody that is supposed to be the savior, but says he is no savior. Lashley then wishes him good luck.

Cody says he doesn’t need his luck and neither does Eddie Edwards. Lashley says that Edwards is going to get what he deserves soon enough and if Cody keeps running his mouth he is not going to make it to the title match tonight. Cody says its not running your mouth if he can back it up.

Lashley says he might or might not see him next week for the world title, but their paths will cross sooner than later.

Here is the backstage interview between Cody and Lashley.

We then see a recap of Maria and Gail Kim’s match last week. Kim defeated Maria to retain her title and made Maria lose control of the Knockouts division.

Maria comes out to the ring with Laurel Van Ness and Allie.

Maria says she is not the leader of the Knockouts division because there is a conspiracy against her. Maria blames Allie for everything that has happened.

Allie says she has been loyal to her, but Maria won’t hear it. Maria considers getting rid of her, but Laurel says not to or who is going to carry their bags. Maria wants Allie to apologize and to accept the blame. Allie finally has enough and says no and that Maria can only blame herself.

Allie can’t believe she just said that and neither can Maria. Maria says she needs to be taught a lesson. Laurel attacks Allie from behind, and Maria tells Allie she will have a match with Laurel Van Ness.

Here is the video of the end of this segment.

We see Eddie Edwards is in the back getting ready for his world title match when Lashley walks in.

Edwards thinks Lashley is about to fight him, but instead Lashley just tells him that he is nothing more than a feel good story. Tells Edwards that it could all end for him tonight. Edwards says it could, but Lashley has to face the fact that he underestimated him and that he beat him for the World title. Edwards says he isn’t afraid of Lashley, but Lashley says he should be as well as Cody and everybody.

We see Tyrus and Mahabili Shera in the back and Tyrus is trying to fix him.

Tyrus tells Shera no more dancing to the ring. Tyrus also tells him that he is going to teach him how to fight and that if he listens to him, Shera will be a champion. Tyrus says he has hand picked an opponent for Shera to see how he matches up. Apparently he is one of the greatest in TNA history. Shera looks ready and heads to the ring. Tyrus says Shera is going to need a miracle.

Jessie Godderz and EC3 are interviewed backstage and they challenge Aron Rex and Eli Drake to a tag team match next week.

Mahabali Shera vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett

Miracle calls Shera a joke and begins to attack him. Miracle starts to chop Shera, but he doesn’t feel it and starts to take control. Miracle quickly retakes advantage and starts to beat down Shera. Shera starts to take control with his power, but Miracle rakes his eyes and hits the MIP and picks up the win.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett defeats Mahabali Shera via pinfall.

DJZ is interviewed about Team X Gold

DJZ says that these matches are about innovation and about combining styles with other wrestlers and to see which team of three is truly the best and who can carry the flag of the X Division. DJZ says his team of Mandrews and Braxton Sutter will set the bar in this style.

Rockstar Spud comes out and says he likes this Team X Gold concept, but asks why he hasn’t been asked to participate in Team X Gold. DJZ says it’s because nobody like him. Spud says he has assembled a team and that they will be here next week.

TNA World Title match (TNA World Champ) Eddie Edwards vs Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes

It is the main event. For the first time ever these two men face each other. At the start of the match both men shake hands and tie up. Both men are evenly matched and are countering each others moves.

Edwards takes control with a shining wizard, but Cody takes control with a kick to the face and then they both start to exchange chops. Edwards gets out of an armbar and starts to build momentum, but Cody also starts to build momentum and at one point goes for Crossrhodes, but Edwards gets out of it.

Edwards gets Cody outside the ring and Edwards hits a tupe suicida. Edwards tries to get Cody back in the ring, but Cody hits a Beautiful Disaster kick and then hits a springboard plancha on Edwards. Cody powerslams Edwards on the entrance ramp and is in complete control.

Cody sends Edwards back into the ring and goes for a springboard, but misses. Cody goes to the second rope, but Edwards hits him with a shot. Edwards hits a chairchecker on Cody and goes for the pin, but Cody kicks out.

Edwards goes for a move on the top rope but misses. Edwards goes to the the top rope again, but Cody gets a shot to the gut of Edwards and hits a musclebuster on him. Cody goes for the pin, but Edwards was able to kick out.

Cody goes for the American Nightmare, but Edwards gets out of it. Cody puts Edwards on the top rope, and sets him up for a superplex, Cody hits the superplex, but Edwards gets a small package on Cody after the superplex by hooking Cody’s legs and keeping Cody’s shoulders down on the mat for the three count.

Edwards retains and Cody is visibily disappointed. Edwards and Cody get face to face, but shake hands and show respect for each other.

Eddie Edwards defeats Cody via pinfall to retain TNA World Title.

Here is the ending sequence of the match.

Cody is soaking up the adoration of the fans after a tough loss. Brandi is about to enter the ring when, Maria drops her off the apron and throws her into the steel steps.

The Miracle and Maria are happy about what they did and claim they are the real power couple of Impact Wrestling.

Here is the video of the post match assault on Brandi Rhodes.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact. Let us know.

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