Lucha Underground Results and Review 10/26/2016

Tonight Sexy Star defends the Gift of the Gods title against Johnny Mundo. The Best of Five series continues as “The Machine” Cage looks to close out the series against Texano. Also Ivelisse vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez. Continue reading to find out what else happened this week on Lucha Underground.

The show starts with Dario Cueto in his office, when Sexy Star walks in. Sexy says she is not afraid of Dario or his brother, Lucha Underground Champion “The Monster” Matanza Cueto, and tells him that she wants to cash in her Gift od the Gods title for a shot at the Lucha Underground title.

Dario tells her that next week it will be her versus Matanza, but reminds her that tonight she has a match with Johhny Mundo for her Gift of the Gods title. Sexy says that this match with Mundo will be a good warm-up match for her. Dario likes her attitude, but also mentions a very important detail about her match. If her friends, Aerostar, Drago and Fenix interfere in her match, they will be banned from his temple. Sexy says she doesn’t need help and hopes Dario is ready to crown her the first ever female Lucha Underground Champion. Sexy leaves and Dario says that women don’t fare to well against his little brother.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez w/Mariposa vs Ivelisse.

This match is taking place because Ivelisse demanded it.  She wants to get even with Marty after he attacked her after she defeated Mariposa a few weeks ago.

Before the match starts, Marty is being the “creepy bastard” he is known to be by creeping on Melissa Santos while she is doing the introductions. He even throws his shirt at her.

Ivelisse starts the match fast by hitting some wicked leg strikes and getting a few shots to Marty’s head. Marty isn’t affected by her offense and starts choking her. Ivelisse gets out of this choke with an armdrag. She goes to the top rope for a crossbody, but Marty catches her in mid-air. He begins to bite her side and powerslams her. He goes for the pin, but she kicks out.

Marty starts choking Ivelisse again on the ropes. The referee pulls him off of her, but while he is holding Marty back, Mariposa starts to bite Ivelisse’s face. Marty gets Ivelisse in a full nelson lock, but she reverses into a roll up and almost gets the near fall. Ivelisse follows up with a shining wizard and goes for the pin, but Marty kicks out again.

Marty elbows Ivelisse in the face and drives her into the corner. Ivelisse gets out of the corner and starts to slap him. She then takes one leg from under him and starts to kick him. She then locks in a dragon sleeper and Marty starts to fade.

Marty drives Ivelisse into a turnbuckle and then hits her with a spinebuster. Marty picks her up and hits a full nelson reverse slam on her and pins her for the one, two, three.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez defeats Ivelisse via pinfall.

Marty rolls Ivelisse out of the ring and celebrates with Mariposa, but then Jerimiah (Sami Callihan) comes into the ring and takes them out. Marty recovers and takes down Jerimiah, and he and Mariposa start to beat him down. Ivelisse comes back into the ring, and takes down Mariposa. Marty and Mariposa are able to escape, but Ivelisse is not happy that Jerimiah is here. He tries to make up with her, but she isn’t having any of it. He apologizes again, and they eventually make up.

We see another white rabbit video package, but this time we see a man in a white suit with an Aztec symbol on his back. The man says he has returned to his tribe, and that he will be arriving very soon.

We then cut to Ivelisse leaving the temple in anger. Jerimiah catches up to her and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she didn’t want him here. Jeremiah apologizes and tells Ivelisse that Dario offered him a deal to compete her and he said yes.

Jeremiah says it has always been his dream to hurt people for money. He tries to tell Ivelisse the benefits of him being here with her. Ivelisse is still not sold on the idea. Jeremiah says that it isn’t going to be the same like it was with her and Son of Havoc, Iveliesse’s ex-boyfriend. She eventually comes around with the idea, but tells him that Dario is a piece of crap. If he makes them fight each other, Ivelisse tells Jeremiah that she will kick his ass. They soon leave.

We then cut to a scene outside the temple getting into a limo. There is a man already inside the limo. The man says “his” descension is complete. Dario says soon “they” will be reunited and no one will be able to stop “them.” I am putting quotations on certain words because i do not know who Dario and the other guy are referring to.

The man asks Dario if he has chosen his host body. Dario says he has chosen two, and that either one are perfect. They are both big and strong, almost God like. The man then hands Dario a metal box. Dario says the timing of this is perfect because one of these two men will win his ultimate opportunity. We now figure out that he is talking about Cage and Texano.

“The Machine” Cage vs Texano. Best of Five Series. Cage leads (2-0)

Before the match starts Texano attacks Cage from behind. Cage recovers and they start to exchange blows. Texano hits a leg lariat to gain the upperhand. Texano gets Cage in the corner and starts to chop him on his chest. Texano follows up with a spinebuster, and then goes for the pin. Cage is able to kick out.

Texano goes for a suicide dive, but Cage catches him with a blow to the head. He pulls Texano from the ring, and throws him into the steel railing on the outside. Cage then drives Texano back first on the apron. Cage picks up Texano, but Texano escapes him and drives Cage into the steel railing. Texano follows that up by throwing Cage into the audience’s chairs. Texano goes for a suplex on the floor, but Cage reverses it into a suplex of his own.

Cage throws Texano into the ring and is about to springboard into the ring, but Texano catches him with a shot to the head and drops him to the outside. Texano gets a running start, and hits a sunset flip over the top rope powerbomb on Cage. Texano throw Cage back into the the ring and goes for the pin, but Cage is able to somehow kick out.

Cage recovers and goes for a powerbomb on Texano, but he escapes. Texano follows that up with a celtic cross on Cage. Texano goes for the pin, but cage is able to kick out. Cage rams Texano’s shoulder into the turnbuckle and then hits a pump handle inside out X factor on him. Cage goes for the pin, but Texano is able to kick out.

Cage goes to the top rope, but Texano recovers and charges at Cage. Cage is able to get his boot up and hits Texano in the face. Texano shakes it off, and hits an insegurri on Cage on the top rope. Texano goes to the top rope and hits a frakensteiner on Cage. Texano quickly goes back to the top rope, and hits a dropping leg lariat. Texano goes for another pin, but Cage kicks out again.

Cage immediately hits a discus clothesline, and goes for the pin. Texano still kicks out. Cage follows this up with a bucklebomb, and then hits his finisher the Luchador Destroyer. Cage thinks he has won when he goes for the pin, but again Texano will not stay down. He kicks out again.

Cage goes for a suplex, but Texano reverses it into a small package and rolls him up for the win. Texano stays alive in the series. The series is now 2-1, Cage still leads.

Texano defeats Cage via pinfall. Series is now 2-1. Cage leads.

We cut backstage and see Dario in his office staring at the contents that were inside the box he received earlier in the night, when someone knocks on Dario’s door. He hides the box, and tells the person to come in. It is Rey Mysterio. Rey teels Dario that there might not be much time left for him in the temple. Dario asks rey if he is going to give him his two week notice. Rey says no, but he does want Dario to give Chavo Guerrero his one week notice.

Rey wants Dario to make a match between himself and Chavo where the loser leaves Lucha Underground. Rey says he doesn’t want to leave Lucha, but he is willing to risk it if it means ending Chavo’s career. Dario agrees to make the match, and hopes Rey will enjoy the match. Rey says he won’t enjoy it, but says that sometimes its good to put a dog down for his own good.

Gift of the Gods Title match: (Gift of the Gods Champion) Sexy Star vs Johnny Mundo.

This is the main event of the evening. This is also the first time these two have met one on one. These two are Lucha Underground Originals as well.

Mundo goes for early pin attempts on Sexy, but she is able to kick out of all of them. Mundo hits a thumb to the eye on Sexy, and starts to kick her while she is down on the mat. Sexy starts to fight back, but Mundo takes her down easily and hits her with a knee to the face. Mundo goes for the pin, but Sexy kicks out.

Mundo gets Sexy on the ground in a submission hold, but Sexy gets out of it. Sexy begins to kick Mundo in the legs. Mundo catches one of her legs and muscles her onto the top rope. Mundo goes for a superplex, but Sexy fights out of it. Sexy goes for a sunset flip on the top rope, but Mundo back body drops her from the top rope. Mundo goes for a second rope moonsault, but Sexy is able to get her boots up and hits Mundo in the face.

Sexy begins to fight back, and throw whips Mundo into the corner. Sexy starts to slap him multiple times and then hits a monkey flip on him, but Mundo is able to land on his feet. Mundo goes for a roundhouse kick, but misses wildly. Sexy follows this up with a Codebreaker and Lungblower combination on Mundo. She goes for the pin, but Mundo is able to kick out.

Sexy goes for a crossbody, but Mundo catches her in mid-air. He starts to airplane spin her, but accidentally hits the referee with Sexy’s feet while he is spinning her. Sexy is able to get out of the airplane spin, and gets him in a jackknife cover for more than a three count. The referee recovers and goes for the count, but Mundo is able to kick out. Sexy argues with the referee. Mundo goes for a spear, but instead of hitting Sexy he accidentally spears the referee. Sexy takes advantage and get Mundo in a choke hold.

Mundo is fading, but then PJ Black and Jack Evans come into the ring to save Mundo. They grab Sexy and double superkick her.

Black, Evans and Mundo begin to triple team her, and put her down. A new referee enter the ring to count the fall. Mundo goes for the cover, but Sexy is able to kick out. Mundo is infuriated that the new referee didn’t count to three. Evans and Black pull out the new referee, and take him out.

Mundo gets a steel chair, and outs it around Sexy’s neck. Mundo is about to go for Starship pain when The Mack, Sexy’s friend, comes out and stunners all of Worldwide Underground. Sexy takes advantage and hits Mundo with a steel chair on the head. The original referee recovers, and begins to count the fall, but Mundo kicks out.

Black and Evans recover and begin to attack The Mack. Mundo recovers and begins to beat down Sexy. Mundo goes for Starship Pains again, but misses. Mundo starts to get frustrated, and grabs the chair so he can hit Sexy with it. The referee sees this, and takes the chair away from him. While the referee gets the chair out of the ring, Mundo grabs some brass knuckles from his pants. Mundo puts on the knuckles and hits Sexy in the head with the. Mundo hides the knuckles, and pins Sexy for the win.

Johnny Mundo defeats Sexy Star via pinfall. Mundo new Gift of the Gods Champion.

Here is the full length match between Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo for the Gift of the Gods title.

We then cut backstage where we see Prince Puma training, when Vampiro walks in. He asks Puma if he is proud of beating Mil Muertes. Vampiro says that he should be.

Puma asks what his point is. Vampiro tells Puma he isn’t done with Mil. He asks Puma if he has forgotten what Mil did to Konnan. Konnan was Puma’s old mentor. Puma says no, but he also hasn’t forgotten what Vampiro said about him. Vampiro says he hated Konnan, but it wasn’t him who stuffed Konnan in a casket. That was Mil. Vampiro tells Puma he has to do the same to Mil. Vampiro is about to take his leave, but before he leaves he tells Puma that he hated Konnan, but always respected him.

What did you think of this week’s Lucha Underground. Let us know.

Here are the highlights of this week’s Lucha Underground.

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