Scheduled For One Fall Episode #8

The One Where They Forget to Do Their Homework

Gleann now has a failing grade because she didn’t do her homework. Aka. Gleann didn’t watch wrestling this week and she knew nothing, so listen as we fill her in on what happened in one of the worst episode of Raw this year and a solid episode of Smackdown Live! then Steve, who’s totally making the Dean(Ambrose?)’s List fills both Gleann and myself in on what was an awesomeΒ episode of NXT. Plus we overwhelm you with all the wrestling news and rumors, PLUS we share our experience with meeting Finn Balor over the weekend and the lovely Becky Lynch. We also go completely off the track and talk about our entire year in cons to meet wrestlers and give you some tips on how to make the most out of meeting your favorite superstars and making friends along the way. Speaking of friends.. John is still here. Tune in to hear him make puns and randomly laugh and go “Really??” to things we say.

And because I messed it up last time, please go on Twitter and follow him @JOHN_BOUDREAUX_

I got it right this time. Go tell him, I didn’t mess up.


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