TNA Impact Results and Review 10/27/2016

This week on Impact, we see the Hardy platoon celebrating Halloween at their compound. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards and challenger Bobby Lashley sign their respective contracts for their title match next week. In the main event Brandi Rhodes finally has a chance to get her hands on Maria, as she and Cody take on Maria and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett in a tag team match.

The show starts at the Hardy Compound and “Broken”Matt Hardy getting ready to celebrate Halloween with his platoon: The loyal Brother Nero, The Queen Rebecca, King Maxel and the fantastic Senor Benjamin. Matt goes on to thank Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1 for creating the most amazing corn maze. Matt says it is “delightful.”

We see the Hardy platoon walking through the corn maze. Brother Nero gets lost and starts to eat corn. Matt compliments Senor Benjamin because for the third consecutive year he has gotten lost in the maze of corn. Matt looks for his family when suddenly he has a premonItion. He tells his fat assistant, that randomly happens to be right next to him, to write what he is about to tell him. He says that a trespasser will come to the Hardy compound and will deliver a message.

The Hardy family finally make their way out of the maze, and are going to return to their compound where they will indulge in Trick or Delete. They all start chanting Delete.

Here is the entire opening segment of The Hardy corn maze

We head back to the Impact Zone for the first match of the night.

EC3 and Jessie Godderz vs Eli Drake and (Impact Grand Champ) Aron Rex

This match is taking place after all four men got in a brawl on Eli Drake’s talkshow “Fact of Life” last week.

Godderz and Rex start the match. Ec3 quickly tags in, and starts to take control of Rex. Godderz tags back in and hits a slam, and goes for the first pin of the match. Ec3 tags back in, and they begin to double team Rex. Both men hit drop kicks on Rex at one point. EC3 goes for the pin, but Rex kicks out. Rex gets away from EC3 and tags in Drake. Drake starts to beat down Ec3, but EC3 quickly regains the advantage. Drake tries to run away from Ec3 by running around the ring. Both men return to the inside, but Drake tags in Rex to escape EC3.

Rex comes back in, and gets immediately hip tossed by EC3, and then tags in Godderz. Godderz takes Rex down, and tries to go for the Adonis lock. Rex gets out of it, and tags in Drake. Drake goes for an axhandle off the top rope, but Godderz catches him with a shot to the stomach. Godderz hits an insegurri, and followed it up with a tag to EC3.  They quickly double team Drake by hitting a double flapjack on him.

We return from break with Rex now in control of Godderz. Rex tags in Drake, and they start to beat down Godderz. Drake taunts EC3 during this sequence. EC3 tries to get in the ring, but the referee stops him. Godderz and Drake collide into each other which causes both men to go down. Rex and EC3 tag in. EC3 gets a shot on Drake, and then takes down Rex. EC3 is about to set up Rex for something, when Drake grabs EC3’s boot. EC3 gets out of it, but Rex takes advantage by hitting him with a blow to the back of the head.Rex begins to stomp a mudhole in EC3.

Drake tags in and starts to beat down EC3 in the corner. EC3 starts to fight back, but Drake regains control by hitting a powerslam and then dropping an elbow on EC3’s sternum. Drake goes for a pin, but EC3 kicks out. Rex and Drake start to beat down EC3 in their corner. Rex hits the “elbow of distinction” on EC3. Drake tags in and has EC3 grounded in a headlock. EC3 starts to get out of it, but Drake hits a neckbreaker on him . Drake goes for the pin again, but only gets a two count.

Rex and Drake continue to double team Ec3. EC3 gets a sleeper hold on Drake, but Drake reverses it into his own sleeper hold. EC3 is able to escape the sleeper, and makes the tag to Godderz and starts to take control of Drake. Godderz hits an Angle Slam on Drake and is in full control. Drake gets a thumb to the eye on Godderz, and tags in Rex. Godderz throws Rex out of the ring, and dropkicks Drake who is on the top rope.

Godderz is about to hit a move on Drake, but Drake throws him out of the ring. EC3 comes in, and starts to beat down Drake. Drake hits a jawbreaker on him. and takes him out. Godderz hits a springboard forearm. and takes out Drake. Rex gets back in and rakes Godderz’ eyes. Rex hits a knockout punch on Godderz and pins him for the win.

Josh Matthews, one of the commentators, says there is something on his knuckles of Rex. He mentions that Rex was wearing rings on his fingers last week, and that the tape on his knuckles is hiding them. That is what caused Godderz to get knocked out with one punch.

Aron Rex and Eli Drake defeat EC3 and Jessie Godderz via pinfall.

Here is the ending of this match.

We see a clip from last week where after Edwards defeated Cody to retain his title. Cody was drinking in the adoration from the crowd, and his wife Brandi was about to join him, when Maria attacked her from behind.

We then see Maria backstage bragging about what she did to Brandi and talks about how her husband “The Miracle” is a better wrestler. Brandi walks in and tries to chase down Maria, but Maria is able to escape.

Here is footage of their backstage confrontation.

The show cuts to the backstage area where Jeremy Borash interviews Grado, and they talk about Grado’s favorite holiday. Halloween. Tonight, Grado says he will dress up as someone he always wanted to. JB asks who, but Grado says he doesn’t want to reveal it yet. JB tells him to tell him in his ear and he does. JB is hyped about it.

Here is the clip of their backstage interview.

We go back to the Hardy compound where trick or treaters have arrived at his door. Matt opens the door and asks the kids “Trick or Delete.”

Rebecca is about to give the kids candy, but Matt stops her. He tells her he doesn’t want to poison the youth with candy, so instead he gives them green beans. One of the kids says he don’t like green beans. Matt tells him to try it. He hates it. We see more kids come trick or treat at the Hardy compound. Brother Nero opens the door the next time, and starts to sing to the kids the “obsolete” song. Matt continues to give the trick or treaters green beans. The kids start to sing obsolete. Matt tells the kids that they are all great soldiers in the “The Great War.”

Here is the video of Halloween at the Hardy compound.

We return to the Impact Zone where Rockstar Spud is backstage, and says he is tired of being overlooked especially in the X Division. Spud says that he has two allies, one of them a former X Division champion. He is going to teach DJZ and his buddies a lesson.

Here is Spud sending his message to DJZ’s team.

Grado comes out and says that he is living his dream being on TNA, but he wants more. Tonight he wants to bring out a guy, who has been an inspiration to him. He is a legend and a future TNA Hall of Famer. He is talking about Robbie E. Grado tells Robbie to come out. Robbie comes out and finds this a little weird. Grado says he wants to be a Broman for Halloween. Grado goes backstage to get something. Robbie tells him he can’t be a Broman because it takes years to be one. Grado comes out all oiled up, spray tan all over his face, wearing sunglasses indoors and in the tightest tights possible.Robbie is in shock. Here is the video of Grado’s great reveal.

They start to dance around the Impact Zone, and even do a Bromans first bump. This is interrupted by the three men in white masks and suits. They start to beat down Robbie and Grado to send a message. They are known as DCC.

Here is the footage of the DCC beating down Grado and Robbie.

We see footage from earlier today as Allie enters and empty Impact Zone. Billy Corgan and Aiden Oshea are sitting in the seats when Billy tells Aiden to call Allie to them. Allie starts to tell Billy the problems she has had with Laurel Van Ness and Maria. Billy tells her she doesn’t have to go through with the match.  Allie says that she probably is going to get her ass kicked, but she thinks it’s time to stand up for herself. Billy tells her what goes on in that ring can get tough. Allie says she knows, but sometimes in life she has to take a stand. Billy understands and books the match between Allie and Laurel.

Here the video of Allie and TNA President Billy Corgan having a moment.

Team X Gold match: Team Go For Broke: (X Division Champ) DJZ, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter vs Rockstar Spud, Crazzy Steve, and Abyss

Spud comes out and says, he is done being overlooked in the X Division. He is a former two time X division champ and a future World Champion, and is going to bring his team out right now. His partners are Decay. Crazzy Steve and Abyss. Abyss a former X Division Champ, and Crazzy Steve is a former X Division competitor.

Sutter and Spud begin the match, but Spud immediately tags in Abyss. Sutter starts out fast and begins to rain down punches on Abyss. Sutter goes to the top rope, and takes down Abyss. Steve tags in, but Sutter quickly puts him down. Sutter then makes the tag to Mandrews.

Mandrews hits a wheelbarrow into a bulldog on Steve and has all the momentum. Mandrews is about to attack Steve, but Steve takes him down with a clothesline. Steve starts to beat down Mandrews. Spud tags in and starts to beat down Mandrews. Mandrews hits a jawbreaker on Spud to get separation. Spud tags in Abyss. Abyss gets Mandrews before he can make the tag and starts to beat down Mandrews.

Steve tags in again, and tries to attack Mandrews in the corner, but Mandrews gets separation with a boot to the face. Mandrews goes for the tag again, but Steve stops him. Mandrews is able to get separation again with a double stomp to Steve’s sternum, and tags in DJZ.

DJZ starts to take control of the match, he even takes out Abyss on the apron. DJZ tries to go for the DDZ, but Steve counters it into a clothesline. Spud tags in, and tries to take out Mandrews and Sutter. This attack was not successful. DJZ hits the DDZ on Spud, and picks up the win for his team.

Team Go For Broke defeats Rockstar Spud and The Decay via pinfall.

Here is the ending sequence of the Team X Gold match.

We see Cody and Brandi Rhodes walking backstage, and they are asked about their upcoming match against The Bennetts. Cody says its personal, and that Maria took advantage of his title match to attack his wife. Cody says that every time a Bennett or a Rhodes are in the ring together. Rhodes win. Cody also says that Mike Bennett isn’t a Miracle, simply smoke and mirrors. Brandi says she is going to make Maria tap out.

We head back to the ring with JB where he will moderate the contract signing for World Title match next week. Edwards and Lashley come out to the ring to sign the contract. JB reminds them that they are not allowed to have any physicality before their match next week. Both men discuss why they each going to win the title. Edwards keeps remind Lashley he took him to lightly, which is why he lost the title to him. Lashley agrees, but says Edwards got lucky. Edwards is not backing down, and signs the contract for the world title match next week. Edwards asks Lashley what will happen if he loses. Edwards says Lashley will be “Eddie Edwards’ bitch.”

Lashley turns over the table, but they cannot touch. Lashley signs the contract, and tells Edwards he has just signed his fate. Here is the video of the contract signing.

We see a recap of last week and the confrontation between Maria, Allie and Laurel Van Ness. Laurel attacked Allie from behind and, and Maria told Allie she will face Laurel this week.

We cut to backstage and we see Laurel flirting Braxton Sutter.  Laurel says they can celebrate their victories together after tonight.

Here is video of their interaction.

We go back to the Hardy Compound, and a person rings their door bell. Possibly another “Trick or Deleter.” They open the door and it is The Hurricane. Brother Nero asks where who he supposed to be. Matt tells Hurricane that he is too old to be trick or treater. They promptly close the door on him. Hurricane is angry and leaves. Matt asks Nero where his costume is at. Nero says to pardon him, and that he will be right back. The door rings and it is Itchweeed. The name is spelled with three E’s.  He enters the house and starts rambling about stuff.

We come back from break and Itchweeed has a special Halloween message for everyone on his front yard. Here is the message.

Laurel Van Ness vs Allie.

We return to the Impact Zone for this match, and Allie looks frighten. Laurel starts to push Allie several times, but Allie pushes back. Laurel takes control in the corner by ramming her shoulder into Allie. She then throws her across the ring, and starts stepping on Allie’s hand and her hair. Laurel slaps Allie in the face. and starts to trash talk her. Allie slaps Laurel in the face, but Laurel clotheslines her. Laurel then dumps Allie to the outside of the ring. Laurel starts to beat down Allie on the outside. She slammed Allie’s face on the apron several time. Laurel tries to attack Allie, but she misses and rams herself in the steel stairs. Allie throws Laurel back in the ring, and starts to beat her down. Allie almost gets a near fall.  Laurel recovers, and hits a curbstomp on Allie. Laurel picks up the win.

Laurel Van Ness defeats Allie via pinfall.

Here is the video of Allie taking a stand against Laurel Van Ness.

We go back to the Hardy compound where we see two people dressed up as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Senor Benjamin opens the door and tazes Trump. Vanguard 1, dressed as a ghost, chases Hillary. Matt the declares to be president in 2016.

Here is video of Matt declaring for presidency.

We go backstage where Aron Rex and Jessie Godderz get in heated argument.. Godderz is tired of all the the underhanded tactics Rex has been pulling on him. Godderz says that is not what a champion is, and challenges him to a title match. Rex agrees.

We see the Hardys receive an iPad from a trick or treater, with a message for them. It is the DCC. They issue a challenge to The Hardys for the Tag Team Titles. Here is the video of Matt’s premonition coming true.

We go back to the Impact Zone where we see “The Miracle” and Maria backstage with a message for Cody and Brandi. Miracle says Cody is the legacy, but he is not The Miracle. Miracle also says that he has one thing that Cody does not, The First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Maria. Maria tells Brandi that tonight she will find out why they call her “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling.”

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Cody and Brandi Rhodes

This is the main event of the evening, and Brandi is done waiting. She goes straight to ring and wants Maria. Cody stops tells her, and tells her to calm down. Brandi and Maria start the match, Maria immediately tags in The Miracle.

It is now Cody and Miracle, and Miracle gains the early advantage. Miracle goes for a suplex, but Cody reverses it into one of his own. Maria slaps Cody, and Miracle is able to hit a cutter to regain the advantage. Miracle is taunting Brandi during the match, and follows that up by dumping Cody to the outside. throws Cody. While the referee tries to hold Miracle off, Maria attacks Cody on the outside. Brandi is infuriated.

Miracle begins to beat down Cody on the outside. Cody regains himself, and goes for a clothesline. Miracle gets out of the way, which causes Cody to hit the ring post.

The action returns to the ring. Cody tries to tag in Brandi, but Maria knocks her off the apron. Miracle and Maria are setting up Cody for a low blow. Cody gets out of it, and instead Maria hits Miracle in the crotch. Brandi tags in, and starts to beat up Maria. Maria tries to get away, but Cody stops her which lets Brandi get her hands on Maria. Maria regains the advantage, but Brandi drop toe holds Maria into Miracle’s region. Cody and Brandi lock in Miracle and Maria in submissions, which makes both of them tap out.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes defeat “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria.

Here is video of the last moments of the match.

After the match backstage, Lashley attacks Cody from behind. Tells Cody that no one comes into his house without his permission.

That was Impact. tells us what you thought about this episode. Let us know.

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