WWE Slam Crate Debut & Unboxing

The debut edition of WWE’s Slam Crate, powered by Loot Crate, has officially arrived! This week those who placed their orders and subscribed to the bi-monthly WWE edition crate were given a handful of exclusive WWE collectibles. Watch one of us unveil the first Slam Crate!


Hey SF1F friends!

This is Gleann and let me tell you a couple of things before you watch my poorly produced unboxing video. I don’t normally make these kind of videos but since creating SF1F I felt that it was necessary and another great way to get involved with other pro-wrestling fans out there. This was recorded by using my iPhone 6 and the basic video editor within a Windows PC. I probably should’ve used my amazing camera but I opted to be lazy. This video was an impromptu thing! I’ve never subscribed to a subscription box before so this was all new to me. Obviously, I spent my own hard earned money on it. I’m not that prominent to be endorsed by anyone. I like to think I’m a calm person or perhaps nothing in that box made me go, “HOLY SHIT!” Maybe the next one will be better. Lastly, I used Sami Zayn’s song in the background because his theme always makes me happy and clearly I didn’t miss anything on RAW tonight…alright so there’s that! Happy viewing!

You can order the next WWE Slam Crate here!

I will be subscribing to the next box so let’s just see how that one goes. In the meantime, please let me know via Twitter @gleannignacio or @sf1fpodcast what you thought about the items within the first edition of the WWE Slam Crate.

  • Was it worth my $30+ hard earned money?
  • Did they deliver?
  • Should I just cancel my subscriptio?
  • Which was your favorite or least favorite item?

Be sure to catch a live episode of SF1F this Thursday as one of my co-hosts and I travel to Arlington for a Ring of Honor event! It’ll be an early episode and all the details can be found via our social media.

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