Lucha Underground Results and Review 11/2/2016

This week in Lucha Underground, Dario’s Dial of Doom returns. Who will be next the next casualty in “The Monster” Matanza Cueto’s path of destruction? Son of Havoc faces off against Dr. Wagner Jr. with huge stipulations on the line. The main event features Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Chavo Guererro Jr. where the loser must leave the temple forever. Continue reading to find out the results in this week’s episode.

We start with a recap of the events that have occurred in the temple. We see from last season where Dario Cueto murdered Mr.Sisco after he found out that he was a spy for the police. We return to this season where Joey Ryan tells Dario that Cortez Castro is a cop. That leads to Dario beginning his revenge on Castro by putting him in a match against Pentagon Dark. Pentagon defeats Castro and after the match breaks his arm. Dario is pleased with what has happened to Castro.

We then cut to another recap from a few weeks ago where Chavo Guererro Jr. attacked Dragon Azteca Jr. in the locker room. Rey Mysterio Jr. finds Azteca on the ground unconscious and realizes it was Chavo who did this. We then cut to last week where Rey comes in to Dario’s office and tells Dario he wants a match against Chavo, and whoever loses leaves the temple forever.

The show starts with Dario and his Dial of Doom. Before the match starts Dario mentions that Matanza will defend his title in Aztec Warfare in two weeks as the number one entrant. Dario says he will spin the dial one last time before Matanza has to defend his title at Aztec Warfare.

Dario spins the dial, and it lands on “Dario’s Choice.” He now gets to pick who will fight Matanza tonight for the Lucha Underground title. Dario announces that Cortez Castro is his choice.

Lucha Underground Title Match. (Lucha Underground Champ) “The Monster” Matanza Cueto vs Cortez Castro.

When Castro is making his way to the ring we see him walking with a cast on his right arm, which is the one Pentagon broke, and a Singapore cane in his left hand.

Matanza goes after Castro, but Castro gets out of the way and tries to attack Matanza with the good arm. Castro goes for a kick, but Matanza catches leg and headbutts his broken arm. Matanza starts to stomp on Castro’s arm, and we can hear Castro scream in agony. Matanza breaks Castro’s cast and arm again. Matanza takes off the cast, and charges at Castro. Castro is able to dropkick Matanza’s knee, which leads to him hitting his head on the turnbuckle.

Castro starts to use his cast that was removed as a weapon. Begins to hit Matanza on the head with. Matanza has enough and takes Castro down with a running uppercut. Matanza hits “Wrath of the Gods” on Castro, and picks up the win to retain the title.

“The Monster” Matanza Cueto defeats Cortez Castro via pinfall to retain.

After the match, Dario enters the ring, and apologizes to Castro for not knowing he wasn’t able to compete. Dario then tells Castro to get some rest “under covers,” and calls him a rat.

We come back from commercial break where we see Dario in his office with Joey Ryan laughing about what just happened to Castro. Ryan leaves and we see Son of Havoc enter with Mascarita Sagrada. Havoc tells Dario that Mascarita wants Famous B one on one in a match. Dario says that Famous B is now pretty much retired, but Dario makes Havoc an offer. If Havoc defeats Dr. Wagner Jr. tonight, he will give Mascarita a match with Famous B. He will also let Havoc choose the stipulation of the match. If Wagner wins, Mascarita still gets his match, but Wagner gets to pick the stipulation. They agree.

We cut back to the ring where Prince Puma is about to speak. He mentions that he beat Mil Muertes two weeks ago, but beating him wasn’t enough. Puma says he hasn’t forgotten that Mil put his mentor Konnan in a coffin. Puma says he will not stop until he does the same to Mil. Puma challenges Mil to a Grave Consequences match, which is pretty much a casket match.

We see Catrina come out, and she says that Mil accepts. Mil comes from behind, and attacks Puma. Puma starts to fight back, and gains the upperhand. Puma stands tall tonight.

Dr. Wagner Jr. w/ The Beautiful Brenda and Famous B vs Son of Havoc w/ Mascarita Sagrada.

During the introductions, Famous B interrupts ring announcer Melissa Santos. Famous B says he can take it from here. Famous B does Wagner’s introduction.

Havoc starts with a bicycle kicks and throws Wagner to the outside. Havoc then hits two tupe suicidas onto Wagner. Havoc joins Wagner on the outside, and rams Wagner’s face into the steel ring post. Havoc is in complete control on the outside. He has rammed Wagner on the steel railing, the announce table, and to finish it off hit a moonsault on him after climbing the steel railing in the temple.

Both men return to ring where Wagner takes the advantage with a clothesline. Wagner hits a sit down powerbomb on Havoc, and goes for a pin. Havoc is able to kick out. Famous B starts to get involved in the match by getting in some cheap shots on Havoc while the referee is dealing with Wagner. Famous B is also able to take out Mascarita as well. Wagner hits a second buckle ace crusher on Havoc, and a belly to back suplex. Wagner goes for pins on both occasions, but Havoc kicks out.

Both men begin to exchange chops to the chest. Havoc creates space, and begins to rebuild momentum. Havoc hits a front flip elbow in the corner to Wagner, and follows it up with a springboard moonsault. Havoc goes for the pin, but Wagner kicks out. Havoc goes to the top rope, but Wagner stops him. Both men start to fight on the top rope, but Havoc knocks Wagner down to the ground. Havoc positions himself, and hits the shooting star press on Wagner to pick up the win.

Son of Havoc defeats Dr. Wagner Jr. via pinfall.

With this victory Havoc gets to choose the stipulation of the match between Mascarita Sagrada and Famous B for next week. Havoc asks Mascarita what stipulation he wants. Mascarita whispers into his ear the stipulation. Havoc says that Mascarita wants a Believers Backlash match. Mascarita then whispers something else to Havoc. Havoc says this Believers Backlash match will be different. Mascarita wants the believers/fans to bring any weapon they can get their hands on, for every weapon is legal.

We see another White Rabbit video package. We see the man in the white suit who we saw last week. He says that the rabbit told him to go to the temple, but did not tell him what he would find. He says the rabbit told him to open his eyes, and he will see his destiny. We then see two men appear next to the man in the white suit. It is a man in a checkered body suit head to toe, and a man with a Mohawk. The video ends with the message, “Tick Tock, They’ll be here soon.”

We find out that next week it will be Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes in a Grave Consequences match.

Here is what Mil Muertes has to say about their upcoming match.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Chavo Guererro Jr. (Loser leaves Lucha match)

The match begins, and Chavo gains the early advantage. Chavo trying to get a three count early on in the match. Rey reverses, and he takes the advantage by armdragging Chavo out of the ring. Rey doesn’t let Chavo breath, and follows it up with a wrecking ball dropkick on Chavo. Rey gets on the ring apron, and hits a hurricanrana on Chavo onto his father, Chavo Classic. Rey hits a springboard moonsault onto Chavo, but is able to kick out.

Rey begins to rain down punches on Chavo in the corner. Rey follows it up with a baseball slide onto Chavo’s thigh. Rey is about to hit a hurricanrana on Chavo, but is able to reverse him, and makes Rey land right on his face. Chavo gains the advantage, and has Rey on the defense. Chavo begins to work on Rey’s knee, which he injured a few weeks ago. Chavo charges at Rey, but instead gets a back body drop for his troubles to the outside. Rey follows this up with a pescada onto Chavo to the outside. Both men are down.

The action returns to the ring. Rey goes to the top rope, and is about to jump onto Chavo, but Chavo is able to dropkick Rey right in the abdomen. Chavo returns to the injured left knee by kicking it, and ramming it into the steel ring post. Chavo puts Rey on the top rope, but Rey is able to reverse it into a sunset flip. Both men begin to exchange forearms to the face. Rey regains the advantage by hitting a springboard crossbody pinning combination. Chavo is able to kick out.

Rey hits a seated senton, and goes for the pin. Chavo kicks out again. Rey uses the ropes for momentum, but Chavo catches him in a tilt awhirl backbreaker. Chavo then hits two out of the three amigos/vertical suplexes, but Rey gets out of the third. Rey hits a headscissors on Chavo, and has him set for the 619, but Chavo Classic enters the ring with a chair in his hands. Chavo Classic looks like he is about to hit Rey, but instead hits his son Chavo. The referee has no choice, but to call a disqualification. The disqualification is on Rey, since Chavo Classic attacked his son and not Rey. This means Rey is out of Lucha Underground. The Guererros are celebrating.

Dario comes out, and tells the referee if he has lost his mind. How dare he call a disqualification in his main event. Dario says this match is not over, and that the match will now be a No DQ match. The match is restarted.

Rey hits Chavo Classic in the head with a chair, and then drop toe hold’s Chavo into the ropes. Both Chavos are on the second rope, and Rey hits the 619. The move caught Chavo Classic, but not Chavo. Rey hits a seated senton, but Chavo reverses it into a single leg Boston crab submission. Rey is able to reach the bottom rope, but Chavo pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Rey is able finally to get out of the submission. Chavo hits two out of the three amigo vertical suplexes, and then hits Rey with a Gory special. Chavo goes for the pin, but Rey is able to kick out.

Chavo hits a sunset flip on Rey from the top rope. Rey is able to spin out, and hits a dropkick right in Chavo’s face. Rey hits a hurricanrana on Chavo, and hits the 619. Rey follows it up with a splash, and pins Chavo for the three count. Chavo Guererro Jr. must leave Lucha Underground forever.

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeats Chavo Guererro Jr. via pinfall.

Here is the entire full length match between these two Lucha legends.

Here are the highlights of this week’s Lucha Underground.

What did you think of this week’s Lucha Underground? We want to know.

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