TNA Impact Wrestling Results and Review 11/3/2016

This week on Impact, Lashley finally gets his rematch for the World Title against Eddie Edwards. The Hardys defend their World Tag Team titles against the mysterious DCC. Aron Rex defends his Impact Grand Championship, and EC3 calls out Eli Drake. Continue reading to find out what else took place in the Impact Zone.

We see a recap from last month where president Billy Corgan gave the TNA World Champion Lashley a choice on who he would defend his world title against. The choices were EC3, Moose, and Eddie Edwards. Lashley chose Edwards, and in the end Lashley’s overconfidence cost him the world title. Edwards became the new TNA World Champion. Tonight, Lashley finally gets his rematch.

Here is a video that recaps this rivalry.

We start the show with Brandi Rhodes without her husband Cody. Last week, Cody was attacked by Lashley after his match against Eddie Edwards for the World Title. Brandi thanks the fans for sending their support to Cody. Brandi mentions the tough decisions she and Cody have had to make in the three years they have been married, and is thankful to him and the fans for supporting her decision to come to Impact.

Brandi says how proud she is of Cody on almost becoming World Champion, but then Lashley happened. Brandi says that Lashley is going to regret attacking him, and that it isn’t the last time he will be seen here. Brandi starts to talk about her future here on Impact, when Maria and Sienna interrupt her.

Maria tells Brandi that she is all alone, and has a decision to make. Either go back home and take care of Cody, or swim among the sharks here on Impact. Maria offers Barndi and opportunity to join her lady squad which include Sienna and Laurel Van Ness. Brandi says that she is her own woman, and says she doesn’t need Maria’s help. Sienna and Brandi begin to brawl, and Sienna takes her out with the AK-47. Maria and Sienna stand tall over Brandi.

Here is the video of what took place between Maria, Sienna, and Brandi.

Tonight there will be three title matches.

The Hardys defend the World Tag Team Titles against the DCC.

Eddie Edwards defends his World Title against Lashley.

Aron Rex defends his Impact Grand Championship against Jessie Godderz.

We then see a video package of Eddie Edwards’ life and how he got here to Impact and all of his accomplishments on Impact.

Impact Grand Championship: (Grand Champion) Aron Rex vs Jessie Godderz.

Before the match starts, commentator Josh Matthews poses the question if Rex has two golden rings underneath his two taped up fingers on his right hand. Matthews thinks, maybe that is how Rex knocked out Godderz last week.

Round one Godderz completely dominated Rex. Rex got no offense in. Godderz wins Round one in a unanimous decision.

Round two Rex has the early advantage, grounding Godderz, and overpowering him. Godderz hits a few pinning combinations on Rex, but Rex continues to dominate him. Towards the end of the round Godderz starts to get some offense in, but Rex stops his momentum. Godderz locks in the Adonis lock towards the end of the round, but time expires. The judges determine that Godderz wins the round by split decision. Godderz is up two rounds to none on Rex.

Round three begins, and Rex gains the upperhand after racking the eyes of Godderz. Godderz can’t see a thing, and is stumbling all over the ring. Rex hits his big punch, and knocks Godderz out. Rex goes for the pin, and picks up the win.

Aron Rex defeats Jessie Godderz via pinfall to retain.

We see a video package of DJZ, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews talking about their partnership. They say they are making history, and that they have great chemistry because they are friends. They complement each other throughout the video, and say they have to set the standard for Team X Gold.

Team X Gold match: Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, and Marshee Rocket vs Rockstar Spud, Crazzy Steve, and Abyss vs (Team Go for Broke) (X Division Champ) DJZ, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter.

Three men start the match, with their partners on the outside. Lee, DJZ, and Steve start the match. Lee and Steve start to double team DJZ. DJZ takes control by arm dragging both men to the outside, and then hits a tupe kohira. Mandrews tags in, and start working on Lee. Steve comes back in, and gets a double stomp from Mandrews. Mandrews goes for a hurricanrana on Lee, but Lee catches him, and hits a bucklebomb.

Steve goes for the pin, but Mandrews kicks out. Lee tags in Everett, and starts to work on Mandrews. Steve gets in on the action as well. Spud tags in, and starts to work on Mandrews. Marshee Rockett tags in and starts to stomp all over Mandrews. Spud and Rocket get face to face, but Spud doesn’t like the situation. Spud goes to his corner to tag in Abyss. Abyss and Rocket start to hit each other with hard shots. Neither man is giving an inch, but Mandrews takes them out with a crossbody.

Sutter tags in, and starts to take out everyone. Abyss comes in, and chokeslams Sutter. Abyss then goes on to chokeslam, Steve onto Sutter as well. Spud is telling Abyss to get out of the ring or else they will be disqualified. In Team X Gold matches, if a team member doesn’t leave the ring after being tagged they will be disqualified or if they enter the ring illegally. Abyss doesn’t realize this, and he and Steve are ejected from the match. Spud is all alone. Sutter takes advantage of the situation, and hits a flatliner to pick up the win for his team.

Team Go for Broke wins the match via pinfall.

World Tag Team Title match: (World Tag Team Champs) “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero vs The DCC.

Matt talks about the DCC, and the fact that they wanted to challenge them for their tag team titles. Matt tells the “masked businessmen” to come to the ring now. The lights go out, and when the lights come back on, the DCC attack the Hardys from behind. After putting the Hardys down, one of the DCC members holds one of the World Tag Team titles up, and then drops it. It is clear the DCC want the titles the Hardys possess. The DCC leaves.

Here is the video of the pre match assault.

Brother Nero gets on the microphone, and tells the DCC to come back and fight. The match officially starts.

The DCC is completely dominating the match. Only two members of the DCC are in the match. The third member has disappeared. One of the DCC members is beating down Matt in the ring, but Matt fights back with a thumb to the eye. Nero tags, and starts to take control of the match. All men get into the ring, and start brawling. Referee Earl Hebner can’t control the match no more, so he calls for the bell. The Hardys and the DCC continue to brawl into the backstage area. The third member of the DCC reappears, and begins to beat down Earl Hebner.

The match ends in a No Contest.

We see the Hardys and DCC continue to brawl in the backstage area. During the brawl Nero is taken out, and two members of the DCC start to double team Matt. He is able to fight off one of them, and has another one of them all to himself. Matt tries to delete him by using a trash compartment, and slamming the lid on him several times.

Somewhere backstage Nero, and the other member of the DCC continue to brawl. During the brawl, Grado is getting interviewed, when Nero and the DCC member interrupt his interview. Grado asks Nero for a selfie, which he obliges to.

The brawl continues backstage, when suddenly Nero falls to the ground. Nero yells out, “Not Again.”

Matt sees this, and tells Nero he needs a refresher. Matt grabs the bucket that contains the water of the Lake of Reincarnation. He dumps the water on Nero, and when we see Nero again he returns as his heel persona. Nero takes out the DCC member and, puts a cigarette bud to his head.

Matt tells a crew member to use a forklift on the DCC member he has taken out. The man says no, but Matt bites him which changes the man’s mind. Matt misses him with the forklift, but continues to beat the member down. The DCC member fighting Nero puts him in a box, and closes it. Nero pops out, and hits a Twist of Fate on the DCC member. Matt is able to take off the mask of one of the DCC members, but in the process is knocked off the top of the forklift where they are fighting.

Nero comes to check on Matt, and asks him if he is OK. Matt says “Of course, but who are you.”

Matt has lost his memory.

Here is the video of the backstage brawl between DCC and The Hardys.

We cut to backstage where we see EC3. He says he has been going through some dark times since Bound for Glory, and that Eli Drake has been a constant thorn on his side. EC3 says he is going to call out Eli Drake in the ring.

We head back to the Impact Zone where we see EC3 in the ring. EC3 calls Eli Drake to the ring, and he eventually comes out. EC3 wants him to come to the ring, but Drake refuses. EC3 brings up the fact that Drake thinks that he has been given everything since he arrived on Impact. Drake says yes, and mentions that he has had to start from the bottom, and has had to climb all the way to the top. EC3 says it’s true he was given opportunities, but he has earned everything else like being undefeated for almost three years. EC3 says he is the man in Impact Wrestling.

EC3 says that Drake is scared to cash in his Bound for Gold opportunity. EC3 challenges Drake to show he really is Bound for Gold by putting up his title shot against him. Drake refuses the offer. EC3 presents Drake another offer. If Drake puts up his title shot against him, and Drake wins, EC3 will never challenge for a world title again. Drake likes this, and says the next week he face the winner of tonight’s world title match between Eddie Edwards and Lashley. Drake says he will become World Champion next week, and when he does he will never let EC3 challenge for the world title.

Here is the video of the confrontation between Eli Drake and EC3.

We head backstage where Jeremy Borash is set to interview Lashley. Before asking Lashley about his upcoming world title match, JB asks him why he attack Cody last week. Lashley says Cody was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lashley says his attack on Cody was a direct message to Edwards, and that tonight his family is going to watch him get slaughtered.

Here is the full backstage interview.

TNA World Heavyweight Title match: (TNA World Champ) Eddie Edwards vs Lashley

Lashley starts the match by overpowering Edwards. Edwards starts to get some offense in, but Lashley stops his momentum with a big back elbow. Lashley proceeds to throw Edwards to the outside. Lashley goes to the outside, but Edwards gets back in the ring, and hits a pescada on Lashley to the outside. Edwards looks like he taking control on the outside, but Lashley hits a big belly to belly overthrow on Edwards on the floor.

Lashley grabs Edwards, and rams his head on the steel steps. Lashley then goes on to belly to belly overthrow Edwards on the entrance ramp. Lashley then throws Edwards into the crowd. Lashley continues to break the referee’s count just so he can inflict more punishment onto Edwards. At one point, Lashley begins to choke Edwards with his wristband.

We return from break, and the action is back in the ring. Lashley has Edwards grounded on the mat. Edwards starts to fight back, but Lashley puts him down again. Lashley throws Edwards into a corner, and charges at him, but Edwards is able to put a big boot up to knock down Lashley.

Edwards starts to bulid momentum, but Lashley stops him with a big crossbody. Lashley begins to beat down Edwards again. Lashley gets Edwards up for a verticle suplex, but he reverses it into a Blue Thunder Bomb on Lashley. Both men are down.

Both men are up on their feet again, and Edwards has the momentum. Edwards is able to get avoid a spear by making Lashley go through the ropes to the outside. Edwards then hits a tupe suicida. Edwards throws Lashley back to the inside of the ring, and hits a shining wizard. Edwards goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out.

Lashley is able to recover and hits a huge reverse slam on Edwards. Lashley goes for the pin, but Edwards kicks out. Lashley goes to the top rope, but Edwards kicks him on the side of the head, and knocks him to the outside. Edwards then hits another tupe suicida.

Edwards gets Lashley back in the ring, but Lashley recovers and hits a huge spinebuster. Lashley puts Edwards on the tope rope, and is going for a superplex. Edwards fights out of it, and dumps Lashley face first on the mat. Edwards goes for a double stomp, but Lashley gets out of the way. Edwards charges at Lashley in the corner, but Lashley throws the referee into Edwards. The referee is down. Lashley hits a spear, but there is no referee to count the fall.

A new referee enters, and begins to count, but Edwards is able to kick out. Lashley loses his cool, and knocks out the second official. The first referee is back up, and is about to disqualify Lashley. Lashley is pleading his case, saying that he moved him into Edwards earlier in the match on accident. Edwards takes advantage of this distraction, and hits the Boston Knee Party. Edwards goes for the pin, and scores the three count to retain the world title.

Eddie Edwards defeats Lashley via pinfall to retain.

Here is the video of the conclusion of the match.

What did you think of this week’s Impact? We want to know.

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