Best of 2016: Top 10 Best Dressed in the Ring

The wonderful women in the wrestling industry have a lot on their plates, not only are they flying around the ring executing flawless moves but they also have to look pretty doing it, from the hair on their heads down to the shoes on their feet, all these women always manage to look spectacular while showcasing their athleticism inside the ring.

So here are my top 10 best dressed women inside the ring from this year. In no particular order because all of these women could be considered #1.

*Disclaimer: here at Scheduled For One Fall we care about the wrestling first and foremost, this post is an opinion piece on the women’s in ring fashion not their wrestling styles.*

Dana Brooke
Dana has sported a couple different outfits this year since her main roster debut back in May. From the red and black, pink, purple, and the glittered top one piece, Dana has looked flawless in her different array of in-ring gear.

Becky Lynch
Kicking lass, and taking names, not only did Becky Lynch conquer the Smackdown Women’s division to become the first ever SD Live Women’s Champion, this lady gave herself a look that sets her apart from the rest. In May of 2015 Lynch debuted her new steampunk look during her NXT title match against Sasha Banks and when she debuted on Raw last year that look came with her. She’s had a couple variations of outfits but they’ve all definitely held up to her straight fire persona.

Billie Kay
The femme fatale of NXT, Billie Kay kicked ass all of 2016 while looking incredible in her blue velvet ensemble that accentuates her long legs, especially when giving her opponents the final big boot to secure her more than a handful of wins.

Alexa Bliss
If you look back you can find Alexa Bliss dressed in head to toe white and blue sparkles, but these days, the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion has turned from sparkle bliss, to five feet of fury and we’ve gotten to see some awesome gear since her main roster debut. From Freddy Kruger to Harley Quinn inspired gear, Alexa Bliss has climbed the WWE women’s division and had all eyes glued to her in the ring.

The Queen of Harts, Nattie has always been fashion forward in the ring, from her heart embroidered capes to her new edgier look Natalya is able to catch everyone’s attention from the moment she steps into the ring. I’ll just say that nobody has ever looked better applying a sharpshooter that Natalya in her mesh and leather one-pieces.

Nia Jax
Talk about ring gear that matches someone’s persona! Nia Jax’s gear is something completely different from what we have seen before and she looks amazing while destroying her opponents in the ring.

Of course the adorable hugger would be in the top 10, streamers, headbands, slap bracelets, and all the colors imaginable, Bayley’s gear has always been an explosion of fun that sums up her character and her personality down to a T.

Sasha Banks
The self-proclaimed legit boss, both in and out of the ring has been making a name for herself and quickly climbed the ladder to become one of the top names in the wrestling industry. In 2016, she finally claimed the Raw Women’s Championship and competed in some incredible matches with her now signature pink locks and subtle homages to her idol Eddie Guerrero throughout the year, Banks has shown us that she is indeed the B O $ $.

Moonwalking,trash talking and forever fabulous in leopard print, Carmella’s ever changing gear accentuates her in ring talent. Whether shes in joggers or short shorts, Carmella always proves that she’s definitely the most f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s in WWE.

We’re gonna finish off this list with the ex-TNA Knockouts champion Sienna. Her ring gear is simple but sexy and showcases a softer side of her intimidating character.

Honorable Mentions
These ladies didn’t make the top 10, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t look absolutely stunning this year, each women in the wrestling industry has taken their own style and intertwined it with their in ring characters and have managed to showcase their incredible athleticism.
Gail Kim’s simple elegance, Naomi’s glow, Jessica Havok’s Harley Quinn and Joker inspired gear, Charlotte’s royal attire and more earned these honorable mentions. Check them out and let us know who your favorites were!


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