WWE Slam Crate: “The Road to Wrestlemania” – Unboxing

Gleann is back with a new video and that can only mean one thing…a new installment of the unboxing series for the third edition of the bi-monthly WWE Slam Crate powered by Loote Crate.

* MUSIC CREDIT: “The Second Coming” (Seth Rollins’ Theme Song) – CFO$

This month’s theme was “The Road To Wrestlemania” and featured exclusive items by WWE Superstars who’ve made an impact at the grandest stage of them all including The Rock, Charlotte Flair and Seth Rollins.

These video don’t gain any monetary value. It was made to share personal opinions and connect with other fans.

NOW…Gleann wants to know:
– What were your thoughts on this month’s Slam Crate?
– Which was your favorite item in the box? Least favorite?
– Did it deliver? Should Gleann go ahead and cancel before she reaches the fifth box?

Look out for her next video coming soon recapping the trip to San Antonio, TX during this year’s WWE Royal Rumble.


The WWE Slam Crate is a bi-monthly mystery subscription box that contains rare and exclusive items. Loote Crate has already revealed that the next Slam Crate’s theme as “Masters of the Mic” to feature Superstars who don’t only know how to walk the walk but talk the talk including a new figure of their Attitude Era series featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. Click here to order the crate today!

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