Scheduled For One Fall – Season 3 Tune Up

“The One Where They Rant About SummerSalm”

Listen to Steve and Gleann rant about the events that transpired after SummerSlam weekend and some stories from their trip to Brooklyn for the events.

Norma was out for this episode but we’ll be whole next month for the official first episode of the third season.

We have a lot of new ideas for this next chapter and can’t wait to share them with y’all. We want to do what we originally had planned for SF1F. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, we didn’t want to let our thoughts go wasted over the eventful last week of summer, so, without further ado here is SF1F’s season three “tune up” (as Steve called it…) The One Where They Rant About SummerSlam.


* SummerSlam logo is properly owned by the WWEΒ 
SF1F does not claim it as their own nor profits from it.Β 

*This episode was recorded on Thursday afternoon, so any news that surfaced after were not covered or up to date. Also, this was recorded via laptop and not in our usual setting in a studio at Coog Radio’s station.Β 


One thought on “Scheduled For One Fall – Season 3 Tune Up

  1. Ricky Guerra

    Just started listening to the podcast! I’m a student at UH and would love to help build a big strong wrestling community on campus. Enjoyed the podcast πŸ™‚



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