Scheduled For One Fall – Season 3 Episode 4

We shook things up a bit and ask the questions!

We’re two for two as for the second week in a row we’re all together to present the fourth episode of Scheduled For One Fall.

This week we quickly recap and dive into discussions on this past Sunday’s SmackDown! Live pay-per view Hell In A Cell, WWE weekly programming including RAW, SmackDown! and 205 Live, NXT and more.

Was The Shield’s reunion bad timing? Is your candy slogans on point? Is Sister Abigail’s resurrection Supernatural logical? What might’ve pushed Neville to walk out on Monday? What tag team name should Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable have? Who qualified next in the Fatal-4-Way for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship for NXT TakeOver: War Games? Why have the prices gone up on WWE Shop? So many questions and all are covered on this week’s episode!

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