RAW is WAR. WWE Versus Bullet Club.

October 13, 2017

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) can only be described by two words, salty and petty. The world’s largest wrestling company is currently in a legal feud with one of the most popular wrestling factions in the world, the Bullet Club.

This all started when WWE sent a cease and desist letter to Nick and Matt Jackson or better known as the Young Bucks, who are a part of the Bullet Club. The letter requested them to stop saying “Suck It.” WWE claim the catch phrase “Suck It,” is their legal property and that the Bucks cannot use it.

This isn’t the only thing WWE has taken from the Bullet Club. They also took the last name of Bullet Club member Cody Rhodes. The name “Rhodes,” according to WWE also belongs to them. WWE also “took” their friends Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows and Marty Scrull’s

The Bullet Club took all these cease and desist orders as a joke, so they decided on the September 25th episode of RAW to invade the arena. Bullet Club members Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Hangman Page Marty Scrull, Cody and Brandi Rhodes held a rally outside of Citizen’s Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. Their demands, to give them back the “Suck It “phrase, Cody’s last name back and their friends.

Here is a picture of the Bullet Club invading RAW

All in all, Bullet Club was just trolling the WWE and meant nothing by it. Unfortunately, the owner of WWE, Vince McMahon did not take this lightly. In fact, he was livid. The day after the “invasion” the Young Bucks claimed that WWE sent them another cease and desist order. This time WWE told them that they need to stop using the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, which they claim is also their property.

This is the “Too Sweet gesture”

Talk about salty. WWE is just proving that they can’t take a joke. WWE should be worried about how to get ratings up and increasing their attendance numbers, not suing Bullet Club. These guys are always trolling WWE.

In fact, WWE fired one of their producers, Jimmy Jacobs. The reason he was let go was because he took a picture with the Bullet Club outside the arena and posted it on Instagram. WWE saw this and that was it for Jacobs.

WWE’s petty attempt of taking the “Too Sweet” has backfired. Despite Bullet Club not being able to use certain gestures and names they are still making money off of this ordeal. The Young Bucks recently released a shirt that makes fun of the whole situation. Here is the picture of the shirt.

The Young Bucks on October 12th during the Global Wars tour finally addressed this whole situation, and once fans hear this, they are going to realize that WWE is a petty company with salty corporate stooges that just can’t take a harmless rib.

Here is the video of the promo the Young Bucks cut on WWE.

WWE needs to be careful. The Bullet Club/WWE fans are considered hardcore fans and if WWE drives these fans away, because they want to side with their favorite faction, it is going to cost them big time. Hardcore fans are the heart of WWE and if they go, you will start to see the company drop in numbers.

Whose side are you on? WWE or Bullet Club?

Let us know.


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