This Situation is on a Whole Neville Level.

October 14, 2017

The King has left the building, for good. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is known for treating excellent talent horribly and then letting them go. This week, they did it again. “The King of the Cruiserweights,” Neville is reportedly done with the company. The reason, horrible booking.

In January, Neville became the Cruiserweight Champion after defeating Rich Swann at the Royal Rumble. Over the span of this year, Neville held the title for 233 days over two reigns. Essentially, he carried the Cruiserweight division on his back, trying to legitimize it.


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Unfortunately, all his hard work went down the drain at the No Mercy pay-per-view. At the event, Neville lost the championship to Enzo Amore in a ridiculous conclusion to the match. A low blow. Amore who had just joined the division, is considered by many as a joke and not a serious competitor.

On the October 9 edition of Monday Night RAW, almost two weeks after Neville lost the title, he was scheduled to face Amore in a non-title lumberjack match and lose. This is where this whole situation escalated. Someone backstage told him about what would go down that night and that’s when Neville exploded.

Multiple reports say that Neville, once he was told what the result would be in his match, left either before or during RAW. After Neville left, the whole show had to be rewritten just hours before they went live on the air.

Eventually, the main event booked for that night was Amore vs Kalisto for the Cruiserweight title in a lumberjack match. At the end of the night, Kalisto became the new Cruiserweight Champion.

A few days have passed since these events happened and according to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, (h/t Marc Middleton of WrestlingINC) WWE denied that Neville quit, but a source informed him that the King of the Cruiserweights is “100 percent gone” from the company. Wednesday was the last update of the Neville situation.

There are still many conflicting reports if Neville has actually left the company, but if it is true, can you blame him? The way Neville has been booked since being called up from NXT would frustrate anyone.

Neville was a two time NXT Tag Team Champion and the second longest reigning NXT Champion in history. He was even endorsed by John Cena on NXT’s first network special. The future looked bright for him. Sadly it has not turned out that way.

Video of Neville at his highest point in WWE winning the NXT title.

The main roster has not been good to Neville. Other than losing almost every time he was on television, he never had direction. At one point he wasn’t on television for months in 2016. Neville made his on air return in December at the Roadblock pay-per-view and inserted in the cruiserweight division where he dominated all of 2017.

Despite everything Neville did to bring credibility to the division, WWE didn’t care. They disrespected this man to the point he had enough and decided to leave.

There are rumors going around that jobbing out to Amore wasn’t the only reason he left. Reports are stating that he was mad that his match wasn’t on the Wrestlemania DVD for this year’s event, that his merchandise was atrocious, and also because that he would be regulated to the Cruiserweight division moving forward.

Here is the tweet of what Neville thought of his new merch.

Before the cruiserweight division was created Neville was a heavyweight, but he was one of the smaller ones. When the division finally made its debut, officials asked him to be in the division. Rumors are saying he didn’t want to, but they promised him a lengthy title reign. Neville reluctantly agreed, and during his time in the division he worked his tail off.

If Neville is gone he won’t find it difficult to find work. He is a big name in the wrestling industry and has many fans around the world. In fact, the Young Bucks are already recruiting him to join the Bullet Club when they tagged him in a Bullet Club shirt on Twitter.

Neville will be just fine. He will make more money and fans on the indies. At the same time he will make WWE regret letting him go.

Is WWE idiotic for letting Neville go? Will they regret letting him go?

Let us know.


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