Monday Night RAW Meet Your Empress.

October 20,2017

This Sunday, the long awaited main roster debut of “The Empress of Tomorrow,” Asuka is finally here. Asuka will be taking on Emma at the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The WWE universe is in for a treat at the TLC, but there is one question that many fans want answered. Who is Asuka?

Before Asuka arrived to WWE, she went by the name KANA on the independent wrestling scene. She made her name by being one of the stiffest female wrestlers out there. WWE took notice of her work and in August 2015, she was signed to WWE’s developmental brand NXT.

In NXT, Asuka made her in ring debut on WWE network special NXT Takeover: Respect against Dana Brooke, where she absolutely destroyed her. That night, Asuka won the fans over with the way she wrestled. A hard hitting, submission based style that the fans had never seen from a female wrestler in WWE.

Over the next couple months she would keep racking up victories until finally at NXT Takeover: Dallas Asuka defeated Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship last year. This would be the beginning one of the most dominant title reigns in not just NXT history, but WWE history.


Photo Credit: WWE

For 523 days, Asuka was champion while at the same time being undefeated since she debuted. In fact, before her reign ended she passed Bill Goldberg’s record of most consecutive matches won without losing at 185. This streak is still active.

Asuka completely ran through everyone in the NXT Women’s division. She defeated women in one on ones, fatal four ways, and even triple threat matches. She was even a part of the first ever Last Women’s Standing match against SAnitY’s Nikki Cross.

Here is a highlight from that Last Women’s Standing match.

Asuka”s last NXT match came at this year’s NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 3 where she faced off against Ember Moon. She was able to retain, but unfortunately suffered a broken collarbone for her efforts.

On August 24, Asuka relinquished the NXT Women’s title and it was announced that she would be moving up to the main roster after she recovers from injury.

Here is the video of Asuka’s farewell from NXT.

In September, it was announced that Asuka would be coming to Monday Night RAW and that she would debut at TLC. The big question that is being asked in the wrestling community is how will going to the main roster affect Asuka?

WWE is known to ruin NXT talents with horrible booking when they are called up to either RAW or Smackdown. Some examples are The Ascension, Bayley, Shunsuke Nakamura and their latest casualty Bobby Roode.

The NXT/Asuka fans are worried that WWE will ruin the undefeated streak that she has going on. Asuka was undefeated for 2 years and usually WWE has a new talent losing within the first two months of their main roster run.

If WWE ends the undefeated streak, it would be one of the most idiotic things they have done in recent memory. But if somehow they can get this right, WWE could have something very special in their hands.

With Asuka on RAW, the WWE universe could potentially witness some of the best women’s match ups real soon. She could revamp her feuds against Bayley and Nia Jax from their NXT days, or she could start new never seen feuds with Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks.

The possibilities are endless and that doesn’t even include the matches she could have with some of the women on Smackdown one day.

WWE has a real opportunity to make Asuka a larger than life female character on their show. If booked correctly she could possibly be the most dominant female wrestler to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring.

All they have to do is keep the undefeated streak going for at least another year, until someone worthy comes along to finally defeat the Empress.

This Sunday, the WWE fans who have never seen Asuka are in for a treat. They are going to realize what the NXT fans have known for over two years. “Nobody is ready for Asuka!”

How do you think Asuka will do on the main roster? Let us know.


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