The White Chocolate Champion of Sports Entertainment.

November 10, 2017

A Pirate Princess, an Icon, a Mythical Warrior. These are three out of the four women who will be in the NXT Women’s title match at NXT Takeover War Games. The fourth competitor in this match however, will be the X factor that could change the complexity of this match. That woman is the Psychotic Scot, Nikki Cross.

Nikki Cross, real name Nicola Glencross, was born in Glascow, Scotland, and at 10 years old Glencross knew she wanted to be a professional wrestler.

In 2008, Glencross began training and later had her in ring debut under the name Nikki Storm. From 2008-2015, she wrestled in many independent promotions such as Wonder of Stardom, EVE Women’s Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Shimmer, Shine and ICW. She also was on TNA’s British Boot Camp 2 where she tried to earn a contract, but was unsuccessful.


Photo Credit: SHIMMER

In the independents, Storm’s character was an arrogant, Best Wrestler in the Galaxy, larger than life personality. While this gimmick was really good at acquiring heel heat, we would see her character evolve later on in her career when she signed to WWE.

When Storm signed to WWE NXT in 2015, she would be given the name Nikki Cross. In 2016, she made her television debut as part of best gimmicks currently in NXT. Cross along with Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain would form the stable SAnitY.


Photo Credit: WWE

When Cross joined SAnitY her character had a complete overhaul. Cross went from the arrogant, cowardly, larger than life personality to a crazy, insane, banshee-like psychotic Scot.

Cross began to breakthrough as a star in 2017. Cross had several opportunities at the NXT Women’s title over the year. She was in fatal four ways, triple threats and one on ones for the title, but always came up short.

Despite being unsuccessful at capturing the title on several occasions, Cross always left a big impression on the fans. Cross would take really hard spots like going through tables, diving from the top rope, or simply just beating her opponent until they can’t defend themselves.

Cross even helped her stable members win the NXT Tag Team Titles by throwing herself at their opponent and then getting squashed between fellow SAnitY member Killian Dain and an Author of Pain through a table.


The match that got Cross so over with the fans was when she challenged Asuka for the NXT Women’s title in the first ever Last Woman Standing match in NXT history, which you can watch on the WWE Network for just $9.99.

Cross again wasn’t successful in capturing the title, but after that match it showed that she is a hard worker who will do anything to be the top woman in NXT.

On the October 25 episode of NXT, Cross qualified for the fatal four way for the vacant NXT Women’s title when she won a last chance battle royal. Cross will be facing Peyton Royce, Ember Moon and Kairi Sane at NXT Takeover War Games in Houston.

Out of the four women in this match, after looking at their work, I have come to the conclusion that Nikki Cross deserves to get the rub in this match and leave War Games as champion.


Photo Credit: WWE

NXT should give Cross the rub because of how far the character has come since we first saw her. She went from a disliked relentless heel who would attack the fans’ favorite superstars, to a beloved psycho who has proven that she is willing to do the hard work to become top woman in NXT.

I’ve known of Nikki Cross since her Nikki Storm and she has always been a great overall performer. From having amazing technically sound matches with many different women all over the world, to knowing how to get fans to hate or love her.

This is a no brainer Nikki Cross has earned the opportunity to be known as champion and as her old gimmick stated she was, “The Best Wrestler in the Galaxy.”

Do you think Nikki Cross should win the NXT Women’s title? Let us know.


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