Undisputely the most Painful, Insane Match Comes to Houston.

November 17, 2017

This Saturday at NXT Takeover War Games, for the first time in almost 20 years, the War Games match returns. The teams of The Undisputed Era, SAnitY, and The Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong will enter this demonic structure where only one team will be victorious. Let’s look at the history of this match and how these teams got here.


The War Games match first made its appearance for the National Wrestling Alliance’s (NWA) Great American Bash show in 1987. It later reappeared in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1991 at their Fall Brawl pay-per-view show.


Dusty Rhodes is cited as the one who came up with the concept. Rhodes came up with the idea after watching Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. He even competed in the very first War Games match in 1987 when he, The Road Warriors, Nikita Koloff and Paul Ellering defeated the Four Horsemen.

This Saturday will mark the 32nd War Games match in all of professional wrestling, first time in NXT History, but how did these teams get here?

Here is a brief history of War Games as told by WWE Hall of Famers.

The Teams

It started at NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 when SAnitY defeated the AOP for the NXT Tag Team titles. After the match, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly come from the crowd and attack both teams. Adam Cole later debuted that night as well when he, Fish and O’Reilly attacked the new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre. That night The Undisputed Era was born.

Over the next few weeks of NXT television, The Undisputed Era, SAnitY and the AOP were at each other’s throats. Sneak attacks, costing each other matches, and just flat out brutality all the time these teams got together.

Roderick Strong’s involvement in this match is quite interesting. Strong, at first, had nothing to do with these team. Strong was challenging Drew McIntyre for the NXT title, but failed. After the match, The Undisputed Era came to Strong and tried to recruit him to join them.

The Undisputed Era kept trying to recruit Strong, even offering his one of their armbands to make it official. Strong took it, but still had to think about it.

On the November 1 edition of NXT, SAnitY and the AOP were fighting each other for the NXT Tag Team titles, when the Undisputed Era interrupted the match by attack both teams.

Roderick Strong came down to the ring and was wearing the armband and seemed like he was going to join Cole, Fish and O’Reilly, but then he double crossed them and he and the AOP took them out.

General Manager William Regal had enough of all this chaos, and made the historic announcement that War Games would return at NXT Takeover Houston on November 18.


The Rules

During the buildup for War Games, fans have been wondering what the rules for this match would be. War Games has had variations of its rules over the years, but these are the official rules for this year’s match according to WWE.com.

  • The three-member teams of SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain), Undisputed ERA (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly), and The Authors of Pain (Akum and Rezar) and Roderick Strong will wage war inside a massive steel cage that surrounds TWO rings.
  • All three teams will be contained inside separate shark cages by the entranceway, with a member from each team (as chosen by his respective squad) starting the match.
  • After five minutes, the remaining members from one team will be released from their shark cage and allowed to enter the match.
  • When another three-minute period elapses, the remaining members from a second team are released from their shark cage and enter the match.
  • Following another three-minute period, the final team’s members are released from their shark cage and enter the match.
  • Once all three teams have entered the WarGames Match, a victory can be attained via pinfall or submission.

Three teams, two rings, one cage, who will walk out of War Games as the winners? According to WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson, “Nobody wins War Games, you’re lucky to survive.”

Who do you got winning War Games? Let us know.


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