Nothing “OVER” the Rainbow for this Irish Demon.

November 27, 2017

Finn Balor arguably is one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE. Men, women and children all seem to be drawn to him, but there is one man who doesn’t see all the hype and glamour of the Demon King. That person is WWE C.E.O., Vince McMahon.

According to a new report over the Thanksgiving weekend by Justin Barrasso of, he is claiming that Vince McMahon is not sold on Bálor is not a main event star.

Also, contrary to reports that Finn Balor was pulled from a potential Royal Rumble Universal title match against Lesnar, Sports Illustrated has learned that Balor was never even in the mix for the match. Balor is slowly transitioning into a newer version of Dolph Ziggler as a performer with a great series of matches but no reward atop the card or faith from the office.

A source close to WWE creative relayed that McMahon sees Bálor as bland when he is not portraying ‘The Demon’ character.”

Here is video of what supposedly is the only thing that makes Finn Bálor interesting. The Demon King.


How can Vince McMahon think that Bálor is not over? Does he not listen to the crowd and how loud they are when he makes his entrance? Does he not see how the fans put throw up the “too sweet” sign for him or when they throw their hands up during the high point of his entrance theme?

The Demon personna doesn’t make Bálor, he makes the Demon.

This piece of news infuriated many of the “Bálor Club” members (his fan club) during their Thanksgiving break. It had the whole wrestling community in a frenzy.

We think Bálor heard all these rumors about not being over and quickly took to social media and dropped innuendos about what he thinks about not being “over.”

Here is a picture of Bálor against Roman Reigns with a secret message in the tweet.

Here is a picture of Bálor during Thanksgiving.

Here is another picture of Bálor reposting a poll of how the fans chose him to be the next opponent for Brock Lesnar.

And lastly, a tweet of Bálor accepting a challenge against McMahon’s “Chosen One,” Intercontinental Champion, Roman Reigns.

We can see a pattern in these tweets Bálor sent out. The word “Over.”

From what I can tell, Bálor is subtly telling WWE that he is more over than McMahon’s guy Roman Reigns.

It’s hard to argue Bálor’s claim, every time I watch Monday Night RAW I hear nothing but cheers and adoration for this guy. I mean the picture of the poll says it all. Fans want to see Bálor more than anyone else on the main roster. Even more than Roman Reigns.

I hope McMahon can open his eyes and change his view on Bálor. He doesn’t need body paint and smoke every time to feel like a superstar, he is already a superstar. McMahon needs to listen to the crowd and push Bálor or he could risk losing a very excellent talent.

Do you think Bálor is “over” with the crowd? Let us know.


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