About us:

Scheduled For One Fall is a radio talk show and online podcast hosted by three friends who have a passion for professional wrestling. We discuss all things wrestling with an integration of pop culture including the music, the style, the merchandise designs, the movies and the local wrestling scene in town. There’s so much wrestling going on.

Wrestling Never Stops.

Gleann Ignacio

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Hey! My name is Gleann. It’s pronounced glee-ann but most people just call me Glee. I’m currently 24 years old and from Houston, TX. If you couldn’t already tell I love professional wrestling. I try to watch everything and anything that is related to it. Wrestling is my life. I figured if I love something so much why not make a career out of it and that’s what I hope to achieve with SF1F. My comments or opinions aren’t meant to intentionally hurt anyone. I just want to have fun and hope others can as well by tuning in. My other interests include photography, crafts, music, basketball, bad horror films, traveling and food. Oh and my favorite wrestler is Lita.

Twitter: @gleannignacio
Instagram: @gleannignacio

Norma Becerra
Untitled 1Hello! My name is Norma, I’m 24 from Houston, TX. I’ve been a fan of a wrestling since I was very little. Being the only girl with two older brothers, wrestling was the only thing I knew and grew to absolutely love. I am currently a PR major hoping to work in the wrestling industry because it’s a business that thrives on advertising/PR of companies that are constantly evolving and trying to reach new fans. I grew up loving the Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero is one of my all time favorites. Some of my other interests include concerts, cosplay and crafting. I hope to be able to grow this wrestling community to something GLORIOUS!

Twitter: @Normslovesit
Instagram: @Normslovesit

Steve Erazo
IMG_4413What up! My name is Steve. I am a 23 year old dude from the greatest city in the world, Houston, TX. There is one thing about me that has been consistent for the last 16 years of my life, and that is my love for wrestling. I joined SF1F because it incorporates two things I love, broadcast media and wrestling. A little warning I am very passionate about women’s wrestling and my favorite wrestler AJ Styles so I might rant about these topics and protect them with all my might. A few fun facts about me are I am a big Celtics and Seahawks fan, I like to work out, and I like free food.

Twitter: @itsMeStevie30
Instagram: @its_me_stevie30