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Scheduled For One Fall -S2EP5

The One Where TRUEche β„’ Becomes A Thing

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Scheduled For One Fall – S2 Ep(1)3

The One Where They Have Bad Luck 022217

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Best of 2016: Music

Believe it or not a big role in any promotion is music. Whether it’s a of a talent, show or big pay-per view event’s theme song, we all respond to it. Music can hold a lot of mysterious power in humans psychologically and at the same time stimulate more parts of the brain than any other human function. Around the world music is not only art but sends a message and to provoke any kind of human emotion at any time and place.

These are some of the top tracks of 2016 that have set the tone for an event, cemented a talent’s contagious yet lovable gimmick (Bayley…but she’s not going to be on this list – 2016 themes only) and was just overall a good jam! Let’s also look back on some of the matches that took place this year.

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WWE Slam Crate: “Dream Big” – Unboxing

The second edition of the WWE Slam Crate powered by Loote Crate is here! This month’s theme was “Dream Big” and featured exclusive items by some of the most influential and inspirational talent of the WWE including John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Bayley and AJ Styles.

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Why The Club will win the Tag Team titles at Clash of Champions

Want to know why we think this is the right time and moment for The Club to become tag team champions this Sunday? We gathered up all the facts, old and new, and have come up with a theory that may just seem bulletproof.

* WARNING: This is a post for amusement purposes only. Not to be taken literally. We’re just trying to have some fun.Β 

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