Scheduled For One Fall S2Ep10

Hello all and welcome to the season 2 finale of Scheduled For One Fall!!! We did it! and you guys are still listening to us so we really appreciate you sticking around!

In the finale we recap your weekly Raw, Smackdown Live and of course the most exciting hour on a network, 205 Live!
Plus check out our predictions for the Raw pay-per-view happening this Sunday; Payback.

A couple rumors, a couple headlines and a lot of going off topic on things.

Once again, thanks for sticking with us for two full seasons and hopefully we’ll see you back here next season!!

Big shoutout to Justin Roberts as always and a huge thanks to our bud Floyd for all the help this season!


WWE Slam Crate Debut & Unboxing

The debut edition of WWE’s Slam Crate, powered by Loot Crate, has officially arrived! This week those who placed their orders and subscribed to the bi-monthly WWE edition crate were given a handful of exclusive WWE collectibles. Watch one of us unveil the first Slam Crate!

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Why The Club will win the Tag Team titles at Clash of Champions

Want to know why we think this is the right time and moment for The Club to become tag team champions this Sunday? We gathered up all the facts, old and new, and have come up with a theory that may just seem bulletproof.

* WARNING: This is a post for amusement purposes only. Not to be taken literally. We’re just trying to have some fun. 

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