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An Eclipse Looms Over the Lone Star State.

November 5, 2017

The Moon looks to rise the night of NXT Takeover War Games in Houston, Texas. Ember Moon returns to her home state looking to have her career come full circle in the city it all began by defeating three other women for the vacant NXT Women’s title. Let’s take a deeper look into this Mythical Warrior.

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Reality of Wrestling Taping this Saturday

We’re all about showcasing the local wrestling scene here in Houston. Read more to find out how you can come out and support the scene.

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Reality of Wrestling: The Flagship of Texas Wrestling

Houston! Get involved and support your local wrestling scene. The city’s flagship promotion of wrestling is holding an event tonight and it’s not just any ordinary event. It’s Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling: Reloaded.

Find out more information on this special event and how you can make your dreams become a reality right here in Houston.

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