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The White Chocolate Champion of Sports Entertainment.

November 10, 2017

A Pirate Princess, an Icon, a Mythical Warrior. These are three out of the four women who will be in the NXT Women’s title match at NXT Takeover War Games. The fourth competitor in this match however, will be the X factor that could change the complexity of this match. That woman is the Psychotic Scot, Nikki Cross.

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Scheduled For One Fall – S2Ep8

“TheΒ One Where The Superstars Get Shaken Not Stirred (up)”

In this week’s episode the gang discusses everything that happens after Mr. McMahon decided it’s time for a little roster shake-up. Who stayed on Raw and Smackdown Live? Who jumped over? Who got called up?
All those questions answered on this week’s episode plus! the latest in the world of the Cruiserweights!

Best of 2016: Top 10 Best Dressed in the Ring

The wonderful women in the wrestling industry have a lot on their plates, not only are they flying around the ring executing flawless moves but they also have to look pretty doing it, from the hair on their heads down to the shoes on their feet, all these women always manage to look spectacular while showcasing their athleticism inside the ring.

So here are my top 10 best dressed women inside the ring from this year. In no particular order because all of these women could be considered #1. Continue reading

TNA Impact Wrestling Results and Review 11/3/2016

This week on Impact, Lashley finally gets his rematch for the World Title against Eddie Edwards. The Hardys defend their World Tag Team titles against the mysterious DCC. Aron Rex defends his Impact Grand Championship, and EC3 calls out Eli Drake. Continue reading to find out what else took place in the Impact Zone.

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TNA Impact Results and Review 10/27/2016

This week on Impact, we see the Hardy platoon celebrating Halloween at their compound. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards and challenger Bobby Lashley sign their respective contracts for their title match next week. In the main event Brandi Rhodes finally has a chance to get her hands on Maria, as she and Cody take on Maria and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett in a tag team match.

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